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“Forgive Me Father, For I Am Sin”
The Father thought he had heard him wrongly or perhaps, he made a mistake in his speech.
“Son, what is troubling you?”
“I Am Sin” He said again.
“We are all sinners and we have fallen short of the Glory of God, but He gives us a chance to repent from our sins”.
“SHUT UP FATHER!! I am Your Sin.. Your Sin Father!”
He felt a sharp pain in His belly. Butterflies.
His heart quickened.
“What do you mean by that son… My sin…” He tried to sound composed and unperturbed by the outburst of the person on the other end of the confession stand..

“Pastor, I see the way you look at me..” The voice coming from the other end had changed to that of a woman.
“… I know the way you look at me Pastor. Your lust…”
“What is this Madness! Who Are You??” His heart was beating so fast he thought he was gonna have a heart attack.
” I am your lust for Sister Rebecca. Your lust…”
He never told anyone about his attraction to Sister Rebecca but he had sexual fantasies of the Nun.
“Pastor, Pastor,… I know You want to fuck me don’t you Pastor! You want to fuck my wet pussy.. Don’t you Pastor..” The Pastor felt a feeling of shame and embarrassment within and tried to open the confession door to see who was on the other side but it was sealed shut.

The voice changed again, still feminine but this time, more assertive. He recognised the voice! It was from Helen… A supermodel that came to his church. She was always in a skirt that showed a bit of thigh, enough to get blood pumping in your crotch area.
“Pastor, you know you want me. You want to raise my skirt up, rip my panties apart and fuck me all night long.. Don’t you Pastor? I know you have magazines of me in your house and you have your way with your self when no one is watching. I know because I am your Sin!”

….Its time for offering. You are not giving to me but to God, your Father in Heaven so that He could bless you and reward you…
This time, It was his own voice reciting those words although coming from the other side.
“What is the meaning of this??” tear filling his eyes.
“I AM YOUR GREED Pastor! Your greed! You know and I know that God does not need anybody’s money. YOU DO! YOU FUCKING DO! You are a LIAR PASTOR.. ADMIT IT!”
“No! No! I’m Not! I am just following the protocol…”
This time, the voice had become deep; masculine; Evil.

The door barged open and he could feel heavy wind on his skin.
He couldn’t breathe because of the overwhelming fear in his heart. It felt like a hand was gripping tightly on his neck; suffocating him. He fell to the ground and was crawling out of the confession room, not having the courage to look at the facade of the evil tormenting him. Laughter was coming from behind him, transitioning from a man laughing to a woman,to a child, to a malevolent being.

Tears flowed down his cheeks as he urinated in his pants, still crawling on his hands and knees.
“I repent… I repent… Please…”

The wind stopped and everything seemed back to normal. It took him a while to gather the courage to look behind him.
It was empty. Nothing there.
His body was quivering like someone with Parkinson’s disease. He poured himself some Communion wine and took large gulps to calm his frayed nerves down. He took deep breaths and his racing heart lowered its rate. Before He could gather up his thoughts and rationalise what happened, he saw two women sitting near the entrance of the church making out. One, dressed as a nun and the other, a white sleeveless dress with red skirt.
They were kissing ferociously, squeezing each other, moaning as if possessed. They ripped each others clothes off and started ripping pieces of flesh from each other’s skins. They didn’t notice the Pastor transfixed by what he was seeing till he mistakenly kicked the bottle of wine and it shattered on the ground.
They paused then looked at each other then turned at the same time to look at the Pastor..

He was in complete shock when He saw their faces.
He recognised them!
It was Sister Rebecca and Helen.
Suddenly, He knew it wasn’t them; just the Evil around toying with him. This was not what shocked him. What shocked Him were their faces. Their eyes, pure black like the 8 ball of a Snooker game. They had already clawed pieces of flesh from each others faces and they had deep red marks. Tribal Marks like the Nigerians called it on their faces. Before he could react, the two demons disappeared and appeared right in front of him!
He fell on the shards of glass from the broken wine bottle, piercing his back in several places.
He screamed!
A force, not the girls ripped his robe off leaving only a crucifix on his neck. He couldn’t move.
“Pastor… Pastor…You want my wet hot pussy don’t you? DONT YOU??” Rebecca started sucking on his penis, his body stuck still to the ground.
Even with the fear and the commotion happening around him, he couldn’t resist the natural boner that came from stimulation of his member.
When he became less flaccid, Rebecca stopped sucking, and Helen sat on him.
“THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT PASTOR!! Ahhhhhh! Yes! Pastor! FUCK ME HARD! Yes!!. Aaaaa! ooooh Yes…”
“Noo!!!!!!” the Pastor yelled.
“God save me from this!!!!!!”
“GOD IS NOT HERE!! YOU CHASED HIM AWAY” Rebecca replied…with the evil masculine voice again.
“This is your lust! Your curse!”
“Noo!! Forgive Me Lord! Nooo!! I repent… Pleeassee…”
“Yes!! Yes!! I am a fraud!!! I am a sinner! Pleeaassee!! Oh Pleeasse!!”

With his admission, they both disappeared. The Pastor laid there, semen sliding down his erect phallus to his pubic hair.
A broken man.
He was in shock.
Unfortunately, the Pastor didn’t recover from the shock of what he experienced.
He was later transferred into the asylum.
All he says now is “I’m a Sinner..I’m a Sinner” repeatedly in a monotone with a blank face; Staring into space; mind forever locked on the scene on the rutting women.



Welcome to the family.

…Morning! Everyone bright and early!
Steve can’t you say good morning??
Some fine father you are.
I won’t expect a morning from you Elyssa.
Teenagers and their rudeness.
Ashley my darling boy how was your night?
Are you ok?
You’re looking sulky. Wanna tell mama something?
Very well stew in your silence then.
Wait…why are you guys this early?
Its a Saturday morning.
Shouldn’t you be asleep?
Well since you’re all down I guess I’d start breakfast.
Steve your usual right?
Great! Omelettes!
I’d just make that two omelettes.
And for you Ash, pancakes!
Come on Ash! You love pancakes…with maple syrup?
Fine keep sulking.
Well I had a lovely night thanks for asking Steve.
The most pleasant of dreams!
I was at a debutante and I was the belle of the ball!
Fancy clothes, pretty hair, the works.
Sort of like an older Elyssa.
Don’t scoff at me young lady!
I wasn’t always this careworn or dumpy.
2 kids and good living equals to a robust me!
Steve did I hear you mutter the word under your breath?
Yes you did!
Don’t lie!
Stupid fool!
I hate gyms!
And I hate you!
Go meet you ‘slim and svelte’ hooker of a secretary then will ya!

There’s your stupid breakfast and keep your thank you!
There is yours scoffing Elyssa!
You think you’re cool?
Well damn you lady!
I gave sixteen years nurturing you and you pay me back with insolence!
Back talks!
Don’t tell me to bring my voice down Steve!
You’re always supporting her.
Yes you are!
Turning my kids against me!
Even Ash now wouldn’t obey his mother because of you!
I hate all of you!
Breakfast’s served!
Stuff your fucking selves!
I’d swear infront of the kids if I fucking want you fucking cunting bastard!
Elyssa…did you just call me insane?
Sit back down Steve!
What? You think I’d hit her?
Would I hit you Elyssa? Have I hit you before??
Ok apart from that one time.
Ok so I have a little but you young lady need discipline!
My mother brought me up that way so I shall pass it on!
Your gran Ashley!
How dare you!
Who told you she’s in an asylum!
Oh Steve.
You know what, I’m goin out for a walk. You guys have spoilt my morning!
And it smells in here anyway!

She picks up her purse from the counter and leaves the house. Inside the dining room, three figures tied to chairs with heads taped to boards to keep them upright.

Steve is sporting a third eye on his forehead; White face looking green with decay. Black blood spotted in several places on his shirt. Stab wounds. A fly, black and big as a bee is rested in his left ear laying eggs.

Beside him is Elyssa. Unlike Steve, her blue eyes are open; shock still registered in them even though there’s no sign of life in her body. Her bleached blonde her dark and matted with old blood. A small creature with many eyelash legs crawls across the pallid landscape of her face;probably scouting for a proper nesting ground.

Sagging from his bondage is Ashley. Head loped; forward touching his chest. No visible sign of injuries but the tell tale odour of rotting putrid fresh and viscous discharge leaves no doubt in mind about his state.
Dead as a door nail.

Slowly, Steve’s head turned towards his two children. His clouded grey eyes opened. His mouth opened, letting some flies gain their freedom. Dead vocal chords in its attempt to make a sound.
“I think your mother has lost it kids” he croaked eerily.
The children showed no sign of movement.
With a barely whispered “Very well”, he assumed his death pose.
There they sat, waiting for their mother and wife to come back.


Sympathy for the Devil

The Devil let out a loud scream.. He could hear a heated argument coming from the outside of his room.
A very large room, sitting on his bed, black sheets, red duvet with silver coloured pillows. In front was a large Plasma Tv so he could see what was going on in the World.

He Yelled Again.
On the left was a fireplace; only there wasn’t any Fire. What lay there was a block of ice, steaming as the damp stale air of his infernal kingdom melted it. It wasn’t Hot like they had written in that Book, No!
It was just a stale air, leaving beads of perspiration on your forehead but not enough to roast you..

He got up from his bed, stepped outside his room and found the two individuals involved in the fracas.
They seemed to ignore Him and continued. It was a nun in her 20s and also a female pastor in her late 30s. He couldn’t understand what they were arguing about nor did he even care.

Then, he wished he had Power like ‘HIM’. The Maker. He wished he could just silence their mouths and plague them with an incurable affliction but he couldn’t. His only Power was to Beguile, To Deceive, To Mislead but he had not the Power to Destroy or Change an Event, Selfishly Control the Outcome.. Not Like HIM..

The Devil stormed back to His Room like a little boy upset for not getting his way. The women still continued their argument; shouting, clawing at each other. He plugged His Beats By Dre Headphones to his laptop and played some Classical music. This was enough to block all the drama coming from the Outside.
He logged in to his Facebook Profile ‘Lucy’.. His profile pic was of a very beautiful woman, her right eye covered by hair drooping from her head, only revealing the left. He had 3,000 plus friends out of which only a minimum knew of his True Identity. Over 2,500 were male adding her/him to their Friends List just because he/she was pretty.
Lucy posted dumb, shallow comments like ‘I’m Hungry’, ‘I’m Tired’ and was surprised she got LOLs, LMAOs for shit like that.
All these pathetic idiots hoping they’d get a comment from her so they could brag to their friends how they know this hot chick, having saved all her pics. FOOOOLS!!! I tell you, some of these guys were actually hot but that’s just the point.
This pathetic world is deceived by the external facade. All of them! They don’t care for what is inside. Deceiver Deceiving Deceiver to create an illusory world of lies, hopes, possibilities that don’t exist.

All these losers.
His voice echoing. They think they know something.. They are so eager to know. Well that’s my Job.
That’s my Sole Purpose.
That’s how I get them.
I am the Devil.
I represent Perfection.
I represent Knowledge.
I represent Man believing he is god.
I provide that delusion.
That is the way I operate.

*He was in an all black robe, his form that of a handsome man in his mid 20s, clean shaven, jet black hair, black eyes which if you looked a little closer, you could see a taint of Red*

I Curse them with the desire to be better. I make them believe that Lie.
His voice reverberating around the room. He stood in front of a mirror and he changed form to a beautiful innocent looking virgin, his chest turning to nice rounded breasts, his waist slimmer and his hips more defined, ladylike. He was in a red leather apparel like that of a biker with black boots, zipped down to reveal a bit of cleavage..
‘I am Knowledge!!’
His voice still masculine.

He went again to his laptop to tweet.

” Lucy66seeks – @Jones, I’m bored…

Jones – @Lucy66seeks, I’m around to cheer you up. Anytime you need me..

Lucy66seeks – @Jones, Tanks luv.. wish you were here wit me.. by my side..”

Jones had never met Lucy in real life. Just a pic and he loved her or him.
Just a pic is enough to deceive these humans

These Scum.

A fucking Book was enough to blind them in the past. Now a pic. They blame me for everything; their children rebelling, sickness, pain, deaths, diseases but I am merely a pawn in His Game. Like a game of chess, I’m merely just a piece in the Game.
A King, A Bishop, Queen.
He is the Board as well as the characters. I cause no deaths although I could make you kill yourself. I cause no pain although I could make you hurt yourself. I do this by deceiving you. By feeding your desire to be perfect, turning you against yourself. He… He has no time for that. He could take your life with just a snap of his fingers. He could kill someone you love just like that and then you take out your pathetic frustrations on ME.
Yes! Blame the Devil!
You fucking assholes!!!
Blame me.
I’m so damn tired of your blindness.
Blame me for natural disasters too you fools. You’re actually giving me more power.

He stepped outside of His mansion and animal cages where on either side of his kingdom. In there were wild animals: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Scorpions, Black Widows, Snakes etc.
A swimming pool lay by the right. A large red pool and inside were sharks, crocodiles etc. Indeed, they were all punished for all their ‘Sins’; all to spend eternity in Hell.
He created you and yet that book. That Book says anything you do according to your nature is Sin. You are not like me. I question everything.
You do not even care for the validity of all this you hear from that Book. You just follow blindly like sheep.
Ah Yes.
The sheep, The goats, The pigs… They are all in heaven. Its where they belong.
I like I said I’m knowledge and that is my affliction to mankind..

I am in Music.
I am in works of Art.
I am in Inventions.
My throne is In your mind.
I cause you to think.
To believe you can do something. I deceive you with words like
‘You are Special’, ‘You are Unique’, ‘You Have a Purpose’.
That’s how I get under your skin, get you hooked to me.
You know I have gotten you when your external life seems happy, exciting, the envy of everyone around but your soul is in anguish. In torture. In Hell. Think Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson.
You sell your soul to me and I give you the illusion of happiness. Your joy seems real but it isn’t and the hell is that only you… Only YOU can feel the illusion of your joy. Your torment. No one else can. They see the mask; the illusion of joy I create on the outside.
Only you can feel the burn on the inside.

* With this, the Devil shuts up and devices his next scheme to deceive the masses.
Maybe a new social network. A new fad.. a new artist…*


Chasing Pavements (Finalé)

‘It cannot be!’ Chief thought to himself.
‘After all these years? How did he find me?


Mrs Badejo could not believe her ears!
‘Did he just call Dayo his father?
That means…this means…I’m his step mother?
My boyfriend is my step-son?
And he knew all these while??’

If her heart weren’t so strong, she would have died of embarrassment.
She could see the headlines on the tabloids:
‘Woman of God in illicit affair with step-son’
She looked at her husband.
“Dayo why aren’t you denying this allegation!”
“Shut up woman” Mark said with so much menace, she fell silent at once.


Vivian was appalled and disgusted.
She could feel the pent up hate flowing out of every pore of his body.
Where did this leave her?


Mark looked that them and chuckled.
“You are surprised?”
Tears of mirth rolled down his face.
“For the benefit of your wife and daughter, I’d start this tale from the beginning.
A strapping young man from a rich family. An innocent woman working as a help.
Ofcourse you couldn’t resist a woman who wanted nothing of you. The chase! The denial from her. It drove you mad with longing.
You got her trapped and had your way with her. Then discarded her. She became pregnant and she got sent back to her impoverished aunt’s house.
You went on to take over and expand your father’s modest business.
She fended for herself, by herself. With a kid she couldn’t take care of.
But she managed. Strong woman she was!
Its been 30 years hasn’t it?
My mother told me before she passed away that seeking revenge would take me nowhere; like chasing pavements: a futile attempt.
She was WRONG!”


“Ok what do you want now? A settlement? A part of my business? An apology? What!” Chief asked, his anger barely held in check.
‘So he made a mistake when he was 20. Didn’t everybody make them???’


Mark smiled smugly.
“Actually, I want nothing from you. The delight I got from ruining your family is enough!”
He swung his gaze at Mrs Badejo
“Pastor Stella. Seducing you was so easy! You should reconsider your calling. A REAL woman of God wouldn’t have yielded that fast. Oh the way you couldn’t get enough of me! Wanton cougar”
He bellowed in laughter.


Stella felt tears coming fast. She did nothing to hide it;letting it flow down her face.


He grinned as he turned to Vivian
“Sweet succulent Vivian. So eager to please. Little girls shouldn’t have sex with older men without protection you know. You just might get pregnant. But I bet you enjoyed it. If your mother hadn’t come in that day I bet we’d have gone for 5 rounds eh?”


Every word felt like a slap to her face. She heard her mother gasp and moan in horror. She could feel her dad’s stare of disappointment on her. She couldn’t look at them. Head bowed in shame; She couldn’t face them.


He laughed, walked to her and raising her bowed head.
He felt her body trembling.
“Sweet Vivian. Ever so trusting. Ever so eager. Stealing from your dad just because I said you should.”
He planted a kiss on her forehead.
“Thanks to you, your father’s business would be in shambles! That file was a big bucks contract. Unfortunately, I’ve given it to his business rival.
Thanks to you, your father is finished!”


Chief went numb.
He felt a tight contraption around his heart, squeezing.
He began gasping for air.


Mark watched his father dispassionately as he slumped.
He watched his step mother run to her husband.
He watched his step sister stare in shock.
He wondered where Joe was; he was too young so he didn’t involve him in the madness.
“Well it seems my work here is done. I shall take my leave now. And don’t hold your breath about seeing me again.
So long!”

He left.


The rest of the story is a blur.
Did Chief survive?
Did he forgive his wife?
What about Stella’s church?
Did it stand?
What about Vivian?
How about Joe?

Even I, the narrator cannot tell.
One thing I can say for certain is that Mark was involved in a fatal car accident minutes after leaving the house
He did not survive.
Makes you wonder if his mother was right after all.
It makes me wonder too!


Chasing Pavements (Part 5)

The past two weeks have been topsy turvy.
Something bad has happened to my dad.
He wouldn’t say what when I asked him but I could see the lost, forlorn look on his face.
Mum moved out most of her things few days ago.
“I’ve rented a temporary flat” she said as she bundled her box into her car.
“I’d come get you and your brother when I’m settled”
I nodded and watched her leave; road dust settling in the wake of the speeding car’s disappearance.
I think the worst part of the fortnight has been Mark’s silence.
After narrowly escaping being caught with me, he sent me on my way few minutes after my mum left.
“I’d call you.” He said as he shut the door in my face.

I’ve tried to call him but his number is unavailable.
I picked up the courage last week to visit him but he wasn’t home.
Even the file he said he would return….
I feel like I’ve done something wrong but what??
School has been a blur.
I haven’t been to church the past 2 sundays; affecting an illness whenever it was time to leave.

Friday evening and I’m in bed being moody.
“This sucks” I mutter to myself as I switch lying positions.
I hear voices in the living room.
“Sounds like mummy”
I get off the bed, put on my flip flops and go check.

I’m right.
Its mummy…and Mark?
“Welcome mummy” I say and just stare at Mark; the hurt I’m feeling showing on my face.
More puzzling is the fact that he doesn’t even appear contrite..or guilty.
“Vivi baby” He says brazenly and gives me a smug smile.
My mum is confused and looks at the both of us.
I cannot meet her eye and I make to go back to my room.

“Vivian go call your dad and come down with him thank you” he says after me.
I look at my mum for confirmation and she gives me a little nod smiling.
I don’t know what he had in mind coming here and I don’t like it one bit.
And calling me baby in that mocking voice?
What was that for?
Tears prickle me eyes and I berate myself for the silliness.
And calling out dad??
Is he trying to start a fight or something?
And why is mum so cool about this?
I go tell me dad he has guests and walk out before he asks me who they are.

“Take a seat” Mark says to my dad as he enters the living room.
“Its my house young man. Watch your tone” my dad says and settles down on his favourite sofa.
“So Stella, this is ‘the toy boy'” he says giving Mark the once over and then resting his gaze on my mum.
“Has your contempt gotten to this extent?”
My mum has the decency to look uncomfortable.
I’m seated as far away from the drama as possible.

“Baby, sit down too” Mark says and I look up wondering…
Oh he’s talking to his other ‘baby’; my mum.
My dad’s eyes narrow.

“Now that you are all settled, let me begin” Mark starts.
Suddenly my heart is thumping.
This cannot be good!
Would he expose…
“Chief Badejo. Does this name ring a bell? Onome.”
My dad looks at him with distaste though I can almost see his brain working to remember.
“If you have come hear to waste my time Stella….” He says addressing my mum but Mark interrupts him.
“Trust me Sir, this isn’t a waste of time. Do you remember Onome Okon?”
“Ono?” Mark says in response to my dad’s blank stare.

It clicks.
I could tell the exact moment it did.
My dad’s eyes shone in recognition…and fear?
Mark sees it too.
My mum looks puzzled and looks askance at my dad.
I sure am confused myself.
My dad’s eyes are locked on Mark’s and I can see his lips moving, trying to form…a rebuttal? Or denial.
Mark beats him to it.

“Let me properly address you.”

“Good evening, Father”

My jaws lose elasticity and my mouth hangs open.


(To be continued…wait for it! The finalé!)

Chasing Pavements (part 4)

I slowly turn around, heart beating.
I’ve been caught!
A million and one excuses running through my mind; one as stupid as the other.
I’m in a DEEP trouble…or so I thought.


Its just my brother!

“Joe! What was that for!”
I’m enraged.
He gives me a smug look.
“And what were you doing? I’d tell daddy!”
I take a deep breath.
“Ok, Ok! Don’t tell. Please. I..I just needed to get something.”
“Something like what?”
I close the box and put it back to its original position, ignoring him.
“I know what you were doing.”
I turn sharply, alarmed.
“And just what was that?” I ask trying for a false bravado.
“You were taking money! Ha!”
I try not to let my relief show on my face.
“I was going to tell daddy now after taking it so its not like I was stealing” I say trying to sound put off.
“Why didn’t you tell him first before you take?”
I sigh exasperated.
“Ok Ok! I’m going to tell him” and I walk out of the room making sure my sneaked item wasn’t visible.
I make sure he’s not following me and then beat a hasty retreat to my room
“That was close! Ha!” I say taking deep breaths to calm my pounding heart.
I bring out the file and wipe off the perspiration that I lathered on it.
I flick through the pages but nothing makes sense.
“Oh well, Mark would understand.”
I dial his number.
“Hey you”
“I’m fine.”
“Aww missing you too”
“Oh yeah I got the file”
“Stop jo my head is swelling.”
“Now? Ok! Where?”
“Oh you don’t live too far”
“Ok. Love you”

I check the time.
Enough time to make it to Mark’s place and back.
I slap on some make up and head out.

15mins later and I’m at his flat.
Modest looking.
Doesn’t look like a place someone financially challenged would live and I tell him.
“Its the grace of God my dear. I don’t know how I even do it!” He says as he sets drinks before me.
“You don’t have to serve me you know. I’m no guest! Come sit”
I pat the love seat I’m perched on and he sidles close to me smiling.

We cuddle and discuss about mundane things. I hand him the file and he goes to keep it.
He comes back and lifts me to his laps.
“You’re beautiful and smart.” He whispers and draws me closer for a kiss.
“I could say the same about you” I reply demurely.

Words are soon forgotten as we are locked in the heat of our embrace.
I’d admit I’m no virgin but for some reason unknown to me I hesitate but his kisses…
Hot and moist on my neck.
His roving hands exploring the landscape that is my body.
I soon lose myself in the passion.
His deft fingers have unbuttoned my shirt and unhooked my bra and soon, he’s suckling me with ardour.
My back’s arched and trembling with the powers of pleasure coursing through my veins straight to my groin.
I take off his shirt and move to unbuckle his trousers but he stops me.
“Not yet” he whispers and he switches positions with me; I’m seated on the sofa and he’s kneeling.
I watch as he kisses my belly button and I know what he plans to do next.
I fear I might drench the sofa if I get any wetter.
He unbuckles my trouser and pulls it down to my ankles along with my pant.

Suddenly I feel shy and I try to cover up my thatch of hair.
He smiled and reached up to kiss me deeply.
“You’d be begging for more soon” he says, drawing a chuckle from me.
I lace my hands at the back of his head in an unspoken command and without hesitation, he plunges his face into my ‘zone’

He was right!
Oh blazes!
My body is alight with fire and I clench his head harder.
I moan and writhe with abandon as he nibbles and sucks and bites.
I can’t take it anymore and whispers of ‘Please’ falls of my lips.
He chuckles softly and gets up.
We unbuckle and undress him and soon he’s plunging into me.
I wrap my legs around his midsection and with heedless abandon fall into the rhythmic movements of limbs and flesh slapping on flesh.

Just as I’m about to reach my peak, someone rings the door bell.
We ignore it.
The bell keeps ringing and I hang on to him tighter.
An unvoiced plea to finish what he started.
A few more thrusts and he withdraws to spend himself out of me.
“Who the hell is that?” I mutter weakly as we disengage.
“I don’t know but I’m going to beat someone up today” he mutters gruffly as he puts on his jeans.
He gives me a hard kiss and goes off to peep at the door from the curtains.

He swears and comes back to me in a hurry.
“Dress up quick! Go stay inside the room opposite the toilet!”
“Who is it?” I ask puzzled by the worry on his face.

“Its your mother!”

Oh boy…

(To be continued…)

Chasing Pavements (part 3)

“Vivian are you even listening to me!”
I snap back to the present.
“Sorry Ify. Mind went wandering” I say apologetically.
She ‘hmphs’ and goes on to repeats the latest gossip on campus.
“Babe let’s gist after lecture. Need to understand what this man’s saying about Taxonomy” I say and she mutters something like ‘Efiko’ under her breath and goes back to checking her handouts.
The truth is that I’m not the least interested in Dr. Magogo’s teaching.
I just need some alone time to think.
My mind goes back to last Saturday evening

Mark looked at me calmly and said “Outrageous right?”
I could not believe it!
Mum was just using Mark as an excuse to get out of the marriage?
“And you agreed?” I asked looking at him incredulously.
He sighed wearily.
“Look I’m not proud of it ok? Your mother offered good money. Money that I need desperately. My mum has been in need of some medical attention because of Diabetes and being her only child, its up to me to fund it. Your mum knew all these and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I took it!”
I reached to and hugged him.
“I’m sorry. Terribly wrong what me mum’s doing”
“No don’t say that. I guess she’s just unhappy and would do anything to get out of a loveless marriage.”
I sighed
“Yeah you’re right. Didn’t realise how sad she was though. Kind of makes me feel bad. Maybe if I was nicer to her..or more caring..maybe…”
“Shhh baby don’t blame yourself. Whatever happened was between your parents.” he cupped me face and planted a kiss on my cheek.
After a few minutes of sipped drinks, I broke the silence.
“So how do you want me to help?”
He took a deep breath.
“I want you to kill your dad”


He laughed and held me.
“Just kidding my love. But your facial expression was hilarious!” He chortled
“That’s not funny jo!” I was mortified and he knew this.
“I’m sorry” he said and dropped kisses on my face.
I blush and pretend to shove him away.
“Ok really. What I need you to do is simple. There’s a certain document I need you to get from your dad.”
I was puzzled.
“Why not ask him yourself?”
He shook his head.
“Your dad must never know about it! You see that document is the key to bringing your mum back. I need to show it to your mum and then you return it”
I was even more confused!
“And why can’t my dad show her himself?”
Mark sighed exasperated.
“Pride does things to men. Your father thinks your mum is really cheating on him so he feels hurt and he feels he would be degrading himself showing her. He would soon change a clause in that document and its downhill from then so need it soon”
I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of stealing from my dad and I told him.
“I know babe but its for their own good. Your mum goes back to your dad and then we can begin something good together. Win-Win baby”
I liked the sound of ‘something good together’ and that won me over.

“Ok I’d think about it and I’d try get this ‘document’. How would I recognize it anyway? And what exactly is this document?”
“Chai Vivz u ask a LOT of questions! All I can tell you about the document is that its a contract. That’s all. It should say ‘FEDERAL GOVT. CONTRACT’ in front…”

Lecture’s over and after the usual rendezvous with friends, I head home.
My dad is in the living room watching the evening news and I by-pass him before he notices me.
‘Should I try?’ I muse within myself.
I’ve wasted almost 4days thinking.
I trust Mark and he said he would bring it back so its ok.
Isn’t it?
I drop my bag in my room and walk quietly to my parent’s bedroom.
Heart pounding loudly.
“For the greater good” I whisper and open the door.
I walk to my dad’s wardrobe and open it to look for his briefcase. I find it and luckily its unlocked.
I carefully go through his business papers until I come across an embossed paper jacket with the country’s Coat of Arms in front. I open it to confirm its the right one.
I extract the whole file and hide it snugly around my midsection, under my shirt.
Just as I’m about to close the case…

“What do you think you are doing young lady?”


(To be continued…)

Chasing Pavements (part 2)

My phone rings for the umpteenth time.
Same caller.
Why haven’t I even deleted the number!
I allow Chris Brown’s ‘Off the Wall’ play on, humming along to the tune.

It hurts.
I feel the need to be heart broken but I’m not so sure if I’m entitled to that emotion.
I mean he never exactly came out plainly with his feelings.
It still hurts.

After the introduction 3 days ago I lapsed into silence. I did not even reply to my mum’s “what do you think?” question.
What does she want me to say?
‘Oh he so foooooine’?!?
Not that she’s to be blamed; she didn’t know of my crush on him. But then again, would that have stopped her??

“Damn you stop ringing!” I hiss to the phone.
Then I pick up the call “WHAT!”
“Vivz listen please. I need to see you please” his voice pleads.
I laugh bitterly.
“What do you want from me now? Shey you have my mother. Kilode?”
“Baby please I’m begging”
My heart skips a beat.
He called me baby.
Then I’m filled with fury.
Baby my ass mole! (Yes, mole! :P)
“Fuck you” I whisper to the phone speaker then cut off.

Haven’t been in class in 2 days. Semester exams are drawing nearer as well.
I need to get my priorities straight! I refuse to allow family issues put me off education!
I check the time.
“History of medicine by 4pm. I can still make it. Anything to get out of this house” I mutter to my self as I start dressing up.


Atleast the burden of school activities have been lifted till Monday.
It has been a crazy week!
For the first time in history, my parents had an open confrontation about my mum’s decision to leave.
She wants to take my brother and I away and my dad couldn’t take it anymore.
I must say I am behind my dad!
This is madness!
When they started their arguments, I took my little brother out to treat him.
“What’s wrong with mummy and daddy?” He asked innocently and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.
I felt sorry for both of us.
“Its nothing they can’t handle” I answered evasively and tucked myself into my chips and chicken.
“I know everyone sees me as a kid but I know what’s going on. They are going to break up. Like Zac Efron did with Vanessa.” He said after a beat and I looked at him sharply.
Smart boy.

“Joe, I don’t know. Really”
He nodded his head and went back to his food but I knew he didn’t believe me.

My phone rang and I saw the caller.
I ignore it.
“Won’t you pick up your call?” My brother asked me slyly and I knew -a bit too late- that he was up to something.
He picked up the call!
“Hello! Uncle Mark! Yeah she’s here!”
I mimicked hanging him and he stuck his tongue out at me.
“For you!” He said cheekily as he handed the phone to me.
I took a deep breath.
“Saturday evening at Randle”
“Yeah yeah bye”
And I cut the phone.

On my way to meet Mark now and I wish I hadn’t agreed to this! Ofcourse it did not stop me from dressing nicely;accessories and all.
‘Just what are you trying to achieve?’ My conscience asked me as I put on a red lipstick.
“Let him see what he’s missing” I answered aloud.
My conscience said it didn’t make sense and I agreed.
But who cares?
I’m at my destination and at 6’5, he’s an easy one to spot. I see him waiting looking around anxiously.
I take my time walking to him and when he sees me, he smiles nervously.
I must admit my heart is pounding and I’m tempted to smile back but I keep a straight face and go straight to the point.
“You’ve seen me. Remember 10minutes and I’m out. Begin explanation.” I say as we sit down
“Won’t you even take a drink?” He said a little desperately.
I stare at him for a few seconds. “Ok. Just a can of coke.”
I watch him signal the server and I can’t help admiring his fine physique. Almond shaped white eyes. Aquillian nose. Pinky brown lips. Not so muscular but fit.
He was gorgeous.
His voice snapped me back to the present.
“You look beautiful”
“Thanks” I say quietly.
“Look Vi, I’m sorry about what’s happening. I know you deserve an explanation”
I interrupt him ” actually I don’t. Its not like we were dating or anything”
He looked a bit hurt and I was confused.
” I like you Vi. More than I’m willing to admit to myself. I..this mess with your mother is a long story and I need your help”
I’m speechless.
So he liked me!
But, I don’t know. I’m trying so hard not to believe him.
“You like me? Yeah right!”
His eyes locked on to mine and he stared intensely.
“You don’t believe me?”
I shake my head.
“How about this?”
He draws himself closer and gives me a firm, hot kiss.
I can’t help responding and running my hand on his jaw.
He breaks our connection softly and I cleaned my lipstick off his lips. He kisses my fingertips before I withdraw them.
“Believe me now?” He whispered.

Oh. My. God.
I just kissed my mother’s boyfriend and by the heavens, I’d do it again!
I nodded silently and a smug smile of satisfaction crosses his lips which I fail to see behind my daze.

I have fallen under his spell!

(To be continued…)

Chasing Pavements (part 1)

“Vivian sit down. We need to talk”

These words from my mother meant something crazy was afoot. Crazy in a BAD way.
“Mummy what is it?”
She sighed and sank into the sofa, shaking her head.
“Your dad and I are getting divorced”

My face is a register of shock as I stare at her, speechless.
“But..but why? What di..did daddy do?”
I tend to stammer under pressure.

My mother’s next words leave me dumbfounded.
“Its not your dad Vivi. Its me. I’m in love with someone else”
Unable to talk, I walk out on her and run to my room.
She has to be kidding!
How can she be in love!
She’s old! Old people don’t fall in love!
I hear her footsteps as she approaches and I quickly lock the door.
“Vivi..I need you to understand. Open the door let’s talk”
I ignore her and eventually I hear receding footsteps.
All alone with my thoughts.
What the hell?

Sunday morning and we go as a family to church. Even I cannot believe this depth of pretence! I wonder if my younger was told. He’s just 13. Too young to know?
I feel my parents’ stares on me and I studiously ignore them.
In church, I’m distracted from my troubles by my ‘guy of interest’.
Brother Mark smiles at me and taps the seat next to him.
“Looking pretty as usual Vivi” he whispers in his funny way that made me giggle.
I blush and return the compliment.
Brother Mark should be atleast 12years older than I am but I seem to have a thing for older men. (He’s 30 and I’m 18!)
My mother gets on the pulpit to preach and my mood changes.
“What is it Vi? You don’t look happy.”
Should I tell him?
“Its mummy. She’s leaving popc. Its a fuck up!” I whispered in his ear over the loud din from the speakers.
He looks uncomfortable and I feel a tad self conscious. He sees this and strokes my hand reassuringly.
“After service” he mouthed.

At the end, before I could go seek Mark, my mum had me cornered and whispered into my ear
“Come meet my new man”
I see the flush of excitement on her face and realise she isn’t THAT old. She could pass for a thirty-something even though she was in her late forties.
She leads me to a secluded corner at the side of the church compound.

I must admit that I’m curious!
Just what kind of man would fall for a married mother of two! And a pastor too!
Wrinkly old man perharps?
‘Some MILF tinz’ I whisper to myself, laughing softly.
The laughter is soon wiped off my face.

“Vivian meet Mark, my boyfriend”

Brother Mark?

(To be continued…)



He knew he was next. He checked his wrist watch nervously for the time.
His hands shook as he struggled to light a cigarette. He took one puff and tried to steady his nerves.

am I going mad?

He took in his surrounding and shook his head in despair.
He stared at himself through the mirror against the drawers. Wild eyes stared back at him. Red rimmed eyes. Runny nose. Dishevelled hair and beard. He looked a mess.
He began to cry.
He threw his still lighted cigarette down and wailed to the ceiling.
He tore at his hair and face, screaming as if possessed by a retarded demonic spirit. Running across the room, he snapped up a rosary from his pillow and fell to his knees.

Holy Mary Mother of God!!!!

Madness channelled into prayer.
Holy talisman clutched tightly to the chest.

If you really are there…SAVE ME! Save me from IT!

His other prayers were lost in his mumbling; whimpering and shuddering.
As if knowing She wouldn’t be saving him that night he dropped his beads.
Like a dead man he walked back to his drawer and pulled out a .357revolver he loaded earlier in the day.

You’d never take me alive! Never!

With shaking hands he held the gun to his head.
Eyes closed tight.
Tears slipping through loopholes in eyelids to run down freely.

He couldn’t do it.
That was when IT came.

By the time IT was done with him, Billy wished he had pulled the trigger.
Billy wished he strangled himself with his rosary beads.
His last words before his life was snuffed out…

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death…

But of course, there was no IT.
He tore his own palms open.
He ripped his own eyes out.
He was a Stigmata.
Poor Billy killed himself.
Trapped in his own genjutsu…
A victim of his own schizophrenic mind.

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