“Vivian sit down. We need to talk”

These words from my mother meant something crazy was afoot. Crazy in a BAD way.
“Mummy what is it?”
She sighed and sank into the sofa, shaking her head.
“Your dad and I are getting divorced”

My face is a register of shock as I stare at her, speechless.
“But..but why? What di..did daddy do?”
I tend to stammer under pressure.

My mother’s next words leave me dumbfounded.
“Its not your dad Vivi. Its me. I’m in love with someone else”
Unable to talk, I walk out on her and run to my room.
She has to be kidding!
How can she be in love!
She’s old! Old people don’t fall in love!
I hear her footsteps as she approaches and I quickly lock the door.
“Vivi..I need you to understand. Open the door let’s talk”
I ignore her and eventually I hear receding footsteps.
All alone with my thoughts.
What the hell?

Sunday morning and we go as a family to church. Even I cannot believe this depth of pretence! I wonder if my younger was told. He’s just 13. Too young to know?
I feel my parents’ stares on me and I studiously ignore them.
In church, I’m distracted from my troubles by my ‘guy of interest’.
Brother Mark smiles at me and taps the seat next to him.
“Looking pretty as usual Vivi” he whispers in his funny way that made me giggle.
I blush and return the compliment.
Brother Mark should be atleast 12years older than I am but I seem to have a thing for older men. (He’s 30 and I’m 18!)
My mother gets on the pulpit to preach and my mood changes.
“What is it Vi? You don’t look happy.”
Should I tell him?
“Its mummy. She’s leaving popc. Its a fuck up!” I whispered in his ear over the loud din from the speakers.
He looks uncomfortable and I feel a tad self conscious. He sees this and strokes my hand reassuringly.
“After service” he mouthed.

At the end, before I could go seek Mark, my mum had me cornered and whispered into my ear
“Come meet my new man”
I see the flush of excitement on her face and realise she isn’t THAT old. She could pass for a thirty-something even though she was in her late forties.
She leads me to a secluded corner at the side of the church compound.

I must admit that I’m curious!
Just what kind of man would fall for a married mother of two! And a pastor too!
Wrinkly old man perharps?
‘Some MILF tinz’ I whisper to myself, laughing softly.
The laughter is soon wiped off my face.

“Vivian meet Mark, my boyfriend”

Brother Mark?

(To be continued…)