My phone rings for the umpteenth time.
Same caller.
Why haven’t I even deleted the number!
I allow Chris Brown’s ‘Off the Wall’ play on, humming along to the tune.

It hurts.
I feel the need to be heart broken but I’m not so sure if I’m entitled to that emotion.
I mean he never exactly came out plainly with his feelings.
It still hurts.

After the introduction 3 days ago I lapsed into silence. I did not even reply to my mum’s “what do you think?” question.
What does she want me to say?
‘Oh he so foooooine’?!?
Not that she’s to be blamed; she didn’t know of my crush on him. But then again, would that have stopped her??

“Damn you stop ringing!” I hiss to the phone.
Then I pick up the call “WHAT!”
“Vivz listen please. I need to see you please” his voice pleads.
I laugh bitterly.
“What do you want from me now? Shey you have my mother. Kilode?”
“Baby please I’m begging”
My heart skips a beat.
He called me baby.
Then I’m filled with fury.
Baby my ass mole! (Yes, mole! :P)
“Fuck you” I whisper to the phone speaker then cut off.

Haven’t been in class in 2 days. Semester exams are drawing nearer as well.
I need to get my priorities straight! I refuse to allow family issues put me off education!
I check the time.
“History of medicine by 4pm. I can still make it. Anything to get out of this house” I mutter to my self as I start dressing up.


Atleast the burden of school activities have been lifted till Monday.
It has been a crazy week!
For the first time in history, my parents had an open confrontation about my mum’s decision to leave.
She wants to take my brother and I away and my dad couldn’t take it anymore.
I must say I am behind my dad!
This is madness!
When they started their arguments, I took my little brother out to treat him.
“What’s wrong with mummy and daddy?” He asked innocently and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.
I felt sorry for both of us.
“Its nothing they can’t handle” I answered evasively and tucked myself into my chips and chicken.
“I know everyone sees me as a kid but I know what’s going on. They are going to break up. Like Zac Efron did with Vanessa.” He said after a beat and I looked at him sharply.
Smart boy.

“Joe, I don’t know. Really”
He nodded his head and went back to his food but I knew he didn’t believe me.

My phone rang and I saw the caller.
I ignore it.
“Won’t you pick up your call?” My brother asked me slyly and I knew -a bit too late- that he was up to something.
He picked up the call!
“Hello! Uncle Mark! Yeah she’s here!”
I mimicked hanging him and he stuck his tongue out at me.
“For you!” He said cheekily as he handed the phone to me.
I took a deep breath.
“Saturday evening at Randle”
“Yeah yeah bye”
And I cut the phone.

On my way to meet Mark now and I wish I hadn’t agreed to this! Ofcourse it did not stop me from dressing nicely;accessories and all.
‘Just what are you trying to achieve?’ My conscience asked me as I put on a red lipstick.
“Let him see what he’s missing” I answered aloud.
My conscience said it didn’t make sense and I agreed.
But who cares?
I’m at my destination and at 6’5, he’s an easy one to spot. I see him waiting looking around anxiously.
I take my time walking to him and when he sees me, he smiles nervously.
I must admit my heart is pounding and I’m tempted to smile back but I keep a straight face and go straight to the point.
“You’ve seen me. Remember 10minutes and I’m out. Begin explanation.” I say as we sit down
“Won’t you even take a drink?” He said a little desperately.
I stare at him for a few seconds. “Ok. Just a can of coke.”
I watch him signal the server and I can’t help admiring his fine physique. Almond shaped white eyes. Aquillian nose. Pinky brown lips. Not so muscular but fit.
He was gorgeous.
His voice snapped me back to the present.
“You look beautiful”
“Thanks” I say quietly.
“Look Vi, I’m sorry about what’s happening. I know you deserve an explanation”
I interrupt him ” actually I don’t. Its not like we were dating or anything”
He looked a bit hurt and I was confused.
” I like you Vi. More than I’m willing to admit to myself. I..this mess with your mother is a long story and I need your help”
I’m speechless.
So he liked me!
But, I don’t know. I’m trying so hard not to believe him.
“You like me? Yeah right!”
His eyes locked on to mine and he stared intensely.
“You don’t believe me?”
I shake my head.
“How about this?”
He draws himself closer and gives me a firm, hot kiss.
I can’t help responding and running my hand on his jaw.
He breaks our connection softly and I cleaned my lipstick off his lips. He kisses my fingertips before I withdraw them.
“Believe me now?” He whispered.

Oh. My. God.
I just kissed my mother’s boyfriend and by the heavens, I’d do it again!
I nodded silently and a smug smile of satisfaction crosses his lips which I fail to see behind my daze.

I have fallen under his spell!

(To be continued…)