“Vivian are you even listening to me!”
I snap back to the present.
“Sorry Ify. Mind went wandering” I say apologetically.
She ‘hmphs’ and goes on to repeats the latest gossip on campus.
“Babe let’s gist after lecture. Need to understand what this man’s saying about Taxonomy” I say and she mutters something like ‘Efiko’ under her breath and goes back to checking her handouts.
The truth is that I’m not the least interested in Dr. Magogo’s teaching.
I just need some alone time to think.
My mind goes back to last Saturday evening

Mark looked at me calmly and said “Outrageous right?”
I could not believe it!
Mum was just using Mark as an excuse to get out of the marriage?
“And you agreed?” I asked looking at him incredulously.
He sighed wearily.
“Look I’m not proud of it ok? Your mother offered good money. Money that I need desperately. My mum has been in need of some medical attention because of Diabetes and being her only child, its up to me to fund it. Your mum knew all these and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I took it!”
I reached to and hugged him.
“I’m sorry. Terribly wrong what me mum’s doing”
“No don’t say that. I guess she’s just unhappy and would do anything to get out of a loveless marriage.”
I sighed
“Yeah you’re right. Didn’t realise how sad she was though. Kind of makes me feel bad. Maybe if I was nicer to her..or more caring..maybe…”
“Shhh baby don’t blame yourself. Whatever happened was between your parents.” he cupped me face and planted a kiss on my cheek.
After a few minutes of sipped drinks, I broke the silence.
“So how do you want me to help?”
He took a deep breath.
“I want you to kill your dad”


He laughed and held me.
“Just kidding my love. But your facial expression was hilarious!” He chortled
“That’s not funny jo!” I was mortified and he knew this.
“I’m sorry” he said and dropped kisses on my face.
I blush and pretend to shove him away.
“Ok really. What I need you to do is simple. There’s a certain document I need you to get from your dad.”
I was puzzled.
“Why not ask him yourself?”
He shook his head.
“Your dad must never know about it! You see that document is the key to bringing your mum back. I need to show it to your mum and then you return it”
I was even more confused!
“And why can’t my dad show her himself?”
Mark sighed exasperated.
“Pride does things to men. Your father thinks your mum is really cheating on him so he feels hurt and he feels he would be degrading himself showing her. He would soon change a clause in that document and its downhill from then so need it soon”
I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of stealing from my dad and I told him.
“I know babe but its for their own good. Your mum goes back to your dad and then we can begin something good together. Win-Win baby”
I liked the sound of ‘something good together’ and that won me over.

“Ok I’d think about it and I’d try get this ‘document’. How would I recognize it anyway? And what exactly is this document?”
“Chai Vivz u ask a LOT of questions! All I can tell you about the document is that its a contract. That’s all. It should say ‘FEDERAL GOVT. CONTRACT’ in front…”

Lecture’s over and after the usual rendezvous with friends, I head home.
My dad is in the living room watching the evening news and I by-pass him before he notices me.
‘Should I try?’ I muse within myself.
I’ve wasted almost 4days thinking.
I trust Mark and he said he would bring it back so its ok.
Isn’t it?
I drop my bag in my room and walk quietly to my parent’s bedroom.
Heart pounding loudly.
“For the greater good” I whisper and open the door.
I walk to my dad’s wardrobe and open it to look for his briefcase. I find it and luckily its unlocked.
I carefully go through his business papers until I come across an embossed paper jacket with the country’s Coat of Arms in front. I open it to confirm its the right one.
I extract the whole file and hide it snugly around my midsection, under my shirt.
Just as I’m about to close the case…

“What do you think you are doing young lady?”


(To be continued…)