I slowly turn around, heart beating.
I’ve been caught!
A million and one excuses running through my mind; one as stupid as the other.
I’m in a DEEP trouble…or so I thought.


Its just my brother!

“Joe! What was that for!”
I’m enraged.
He gives me a smug look.
“And what were you doing? I’d tell daddy!”
I take a deep breath.
“Ok, Ok! Don’t tell. Please. I..I just needed to get something.”
“Something like what?”
I close the box and put it back to its original position, ignoring him.
“I know what you were doing.”
I turn sharply, alarmed.
“And just what was that?” I ask trying for a false bravado.
“You were taking money! Ha!”
I try not to let my relief show on my face.
“I was going to tell daddy now after taking it so its not like I was stealing” I say trying to sound put off.
“Why didn’t you tell him first before you take?”
I sigh exasperated.
“Ok Ok! I’m going to tell him” and I walk out of the room making sure my sneaked item wasn’t visible.
I make sure he’s not following me and then beat a hasty retreat to my room
“That was close! Ha!” I say taking deep breaths to calm my pounding heart.
I bring out the file and wipe off the perspiration that I lathered on it.
I flick through the pages but nothing makes sense.
“Oh well, Mark would understand.”
I dial his number.
“Hey you”
“I’m fine.”
“Aww missing you too”
“Oh yeah I got the file”
“Stop jo my head is swelling.”
“Now? Ok! Where?”
“Oh you don’t live too far”
“Ok. Love you”

I check the time.
Enough time to make it to Mark’s place and back.
I slap on some make up and head out.

15mins later and I’m at his flat.
Modest looking.
Doesn’t look like a place someone financially challenged would live and I tell him.
“Its the grace of God my dear. I don’t know how I even do it!” He says as he sets drinks before me.
“You don’t have to serve me you know. I’m no guest! Come sit”
I pat the love seat I’m perched on and he sidles close to me smiling.

We cuddle and discuss about mundane things. I hand him the file and he goes to keep it.
He comes back and lifts me to his laps.
“You’re beautiful and smart.” He whispers and draws me closer for a kiss.
“I could say the same about you” I reply demurely.

Words are soon forgotten as we are locked in the heat of our embrace.
I’d admit I’m no virgin but for some reason unknown to me I hesitate but his kisses…
Hot and moist on my neck.
His roving hands exploring the landscape that is my body.
I soon lose myself in the passion.
His deft fingers have unbuttoned my shirt and unhooked my bra and soon, he’s suckling me with ardour.
My back’s arched and trembling with the powers of pleasure coursing through my veins straight to my groin.
I take off his shirt and move to unbuckle his trousers but he stops me.
“Not yet” he whispers and he switches positions with me; I’m seated on the sofa and he’s kneeling.
I watch as he kisses my belly button and I know what he plans to do next.
I fear I might drench the sofa if I get any wetter.
He unbuckles my trouser and pulls it down to my ankles along with my pant.

Suddenly I feel shy and I try to cover up my thatch of hair.
He smiled and reached up to kiss me deeply.
“You’d be begging for more soon” he says, drawing a chuckle from me.
I lace my hands at the back of his head in an unspoken command and without hesitation, he plunges his face into my ‘zone’

He was right!
Oh blazes!
My body is alight with fire and I clench his head harder.
I moan and writhe with abandon as he nibbles and sucks and bites.
I can’t take it anymore and whispers of ‘Please’ falls of my lips.
He chuckles softly and gets up.
We unbuckle and undress him and soon he’s plunging into me.
I wrap my legs around his midsection and with heedless abandon fall into the rhythmic movements of limbs and flesh slapping on flesh.

Just as I’m about to reach my peak, someone rings the door bell.
We ignore it.
The bell keeps ringing and I hang on to him tighter.
An unvoiced plea to finish what he started.
A few more thrusts and he withdraws to spend himself out of me.
“Who the hell is that?” I mutter weakly as we disengage.
“I don’t know but I’m going to beat someone up today” he mutters gruffly as he puts on his jeans.
He gives me a hard kiss and goes off to peep at the door from the curtains.

He swears and comes back to me in a hurry.
“Dress up quick! Go stay inside the room opposite the toilet!”
“Who is it?” I ask puzzled by the worry on his face.

“Its your mother!”

Oh boy…

(To be continued…)