The Devil let out a loud scream.. He could hear a heated argument coming from the outside of his room.
A very large room, sitting on his bed, black sheets, red duvet with silver coloured pillows. In front was a large Plasma Tv so he could see what was going on in the World.

He Yelled Again.
On the left was a fireplace; only there wasn’t any Fire. What lay there was a block of ice, steaming as the damp stale air of his infernal kingdom melted it. It wasn’t Hot like they had written in that Book, No!
It was just a stale air, leaving beads of perspiration on your forehead but not enough to roast you..

He got up from his bed, stepped outside his room and found the two individuals involved in the fracas.
They seemed to ignore Him and continued. It was a nun in her 20s and also a female pastor in her late 30s. He couldn’t understand what they were arguing about nor did he even care.

Then, he wished he had Power like ‘HIM’. The Maker. He wished he could just silence their mouths and plague them with an incurable affliction but he couldn’t. His only Power was to Beguile, To Deceive, To Mislead but he had not the Power to Destroy or Change an Event, Selfishly Control the Outcome.. Not Like HIM..

The Devil stormed back to His Room like a little boy upset for not getting his way. The women still continued their argument; shouting, clawing at each other. He plugged His Beats By Dre Headphones to his laptop and played some Classical music. This was enough to block all the drama coming from the Outside.
He logged in to his Facebook Profile ‘Lucy’.. His profile pic was of a very beautiful woman, her right eye covered by hair drooping from her head, only revealing the left. He had 3,000 plus friends out of which only a minimum knew of his True Identity. Over 2,500 were male adding her/him to their Friends List just because he/she was pretty.
Lucy posted dumb, shallow comments like ‘I’m Hungry’, ‘I’m Tired’ and was surprised she got LOLs, LMAOs for shit like that.
All these pathetic idiots hoping they’d get a comment from her so they could brag to their friends how they know this hot chick, having saved all her pics. FOOOOLS!!! I tell you, some of these guys were actually hot but that’s just the point.
This pathetic world is deceived by the external facade. All of them! They don’t care for what is inside. Deceiver Deceiving Deceiver to create an illusory world of lies, hopes, possibilities that don’t exist.

All these losers.
His voice echoing. They think they know something.. They are so eager to know. Well that’s my Job.
That’s my Sole Purpose.
That’s how I get them.
I am the Devil.
I represent Perfection.
I represent Knowledge.
I represent Man believing he is god.
I provide that delusion.
That is the way I operate.

*He was in an all black robe, his form that of a handsome man in his mid 20s, clean shaven, jet black hair, black eyes which if you looked a little closer, you could see a taint of Red*

I Curse them with the desire to be better. I make them believe that Lie.
His voice reverberating around the room. He stood in front of a mirror and he changed form to a beautiful innocent looking virgin, his chest turning to nice rounded breasts, his waist slimmer and his hips more defined, ladylike. He was in a red leather apparel like that of a biker with black boots, zipped down to reveal a bit of cleavage..
‘I am Knowledge!!’
His voice still masculine.

He went again to his laptop to tweet.

” Lucy66seeks – @Jones, I’m bored…

Jones – @Lucy66seeks, I’m around to cheer you up. Anytime you need me..

Lucy66seeks – @Jones, Tanks luv.. wish you were here wit me.. by my side..”

Jones had never met Lucy in real life. Just a pic and he loved her or him.
Just a pic is enough to deceive these humans

These Scum.

A fucking Book was enough to blind them in the past. Now a pic. They blame me for everything; their children rebelling, sickness, pain, deaths, diseases but I am merely a pawn in His Game. Like a game of chess, I’m merely just a piece in the Game.
A King, A Bishop, Queen.
He is the Board as well as the characters. I cause no deaths although I could make you kill yourself. I cause no pain although I could make you hurt yourself. I do this by deceiving you. By feeding your desire to be perfect, turning you against yourself. He… He has no time for that. He could take your life with just a snap of his fingers. He could kill someone you love just like that and then you take out your pathetic frustrations on ME.
Yes! Blame the Devil!
You fucking assholes!!!
Blame me.
I’m so damn tired of your blindness.
Blame me for natural disasters too you fools. You’re actually giving me more power.

He stepped outside of His mansion and animal cages where on either side of his kingdom. In there were wild animals: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Scorpions, Black Widows, Snakes etc.
A swimming pool lay by the right. A large red pool and inside were sharks, crocodiles etc. Indeed, they were all punished for all their ‘Sins’; all to spend eternity in Hell.
He created you and yet that book. That Book says anything you do according to your nature is Sin. You are not like me. I question everything.
You do not even care for the validity of all this you hear from that Book. You just follow blindly like sheep.
Ah Yes.
The sheep, The goats, The pigs… They are all in heaven. Its where they belong.
I like I said I’m knowledge and that is my affliction to mankind..

I am in Music.
I am in works of Art.
I am in Inventions.
My throne is In your mind.
I cause you to think.
To believe you can do something. I deceive you with words like
‘You are Special’, ‘You are Unique’, ‘You Have a Purpose’.
That’s how I get under your skin, get you hooked to me.
You know I have gotten you when your external life seems happy, exciting, the envy of everyone around but your soul is in anguish. In torture. In Hell. Think Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson.
You sell your soul to me and I give you the illusion of happiness. Your joy seems real but it isn’t and the hell is that only you… Only YOU can feel the illusion of your joy. Your torment. No one else can. They see the mask; the illusion of joy I create on the outside.
Only you can feel the burn on the inside.

* With this, the Devil shuts up and devices his next scheme to deceive the masses.
Maybe a new social network. A new fad.. a new artist…*