…Morning! Everyone bright and early!
Steve can’t you say good morning??
Some fine father you are.
I won’t expect a morning from you Elyssa.
Teenagers and their rudeness.
Ashley my darling boy how was your night?
Are you ok?
You’re looking sulky. Wanna tell mama something?
Very well stew in your silence then.
Wait…why are you guys this early?
Its a Saturday morning.
Shouldn’t you be asleep?
Well since you’re all down I guess I’d start breakfast.
Steve your usual right?
Great! Omelettes!
I’d just make that two omelettes.
And for you Ash, pancakes!
Come on Ash! You love pancakes…with maple syrup?
Fine keep sulking.
Well I had a lovely night thanks for asking Steve.
The most pleasant of dreams!
I was at a debutante and I was the belle of the ball!
Fancy clothes, pretty hair, the works.
Sort of like an older Elyssa.
Don’t scoff at me young lady!
I wasn’t always this careworn or dumpy.
2 kids and good living equals to a robust me!
Steve did I hear you mutter the word under your breath?
Yes you did!
Don’t lie!
Stupid fool!
I hate gyms!
And I hate you!
Go meet you ‘slim and svelte’ hooker of a secretary then will ya!

There’s your stupid breakfast and keep your thank you!
There is yours scoffing Elyssa!
You think you’re cool?
Well damn you lady!
I gave sixteen years nurturing you and you pay me back with insolence!
Back talks!
Don’t tell me to bring my voice down Steve!
You’re always supporting her.
Yes you are!
Turning my kids against me!
Even Ash now wouldn’t obey his mother because of you!
I hate all of you!
Breakfast’s served!
Stuff your fucking selves!
I’d swear infront of the kids if I fucking want you fucking cunting bastard!
Elyssa…did you just call me insane?
Sit back down Steve!
What? You think I’d hit her?
Would I hit you Elyssa? Have I hit you before??
Ok apart from that one time.
Ok so I have a little but you young lady need discipline!
My mother brought me up that way so I shall pass it on!
Your gran Ashley!
How dare you!
Who told you she’s in an asylum!
Oh Steve.
You know what, I’m goin out for a walk. You guys have spoilt my morning!
And it smells in here anyway!

She picks up her purse from the counter and leaves the house. Inside the dining room, three figures tied to chairs with heads taped to boards to keep them upright.

Steve is sporting a third eye on his forehead; White face looking green with decay. Black blood spotted in several places on his shirt. Stab wounds. A fly, black and big as a bee is rested in his left ear laying eggs.

Beside him is Elyssa. Unlike Steve, her blue eyes are open; shock still registered in them even though there’s no sign of life in her body. Her bleached blonde her dark and matted with old blood. A small creature with many eyelash legs crawls across the pallid landscape of her face;probably scouting for a proper nesting ground.

Sagging from his bondage is Ashley. Head loped; forward touching his chest. No visible sign of injuries but the tell tale odour of rotting putrid fresh and viscous discharge leaves no doubt in mind about his state.
Dead as a door nail.

Slowly, Steve’s head turned towards his two children. His clouded grey eyes opened. His mouth opened, letting some flies gain their freedom. Dead vocal chords in its attempt to make a sound.
“I think your mother has lost it kids” he croaked eerily.
The children showed no sign of movement.
With a barely whispered “Very well”, he assumed his death pose.
There they sat, waiting for their mother and wife to come back.