“Forgive Me Father, For I Am Sin”
The Father thought he had heard him wrongly or perhaps, he made a mistake in his speech.
“Son, what is troubling you?”
“I Am Sin” He said again.
“We are all sinners and we have fallen short of the Glory of God, but He gives us a chance to repent from our sins”.
“SHUT UP FATHER!! I am Your Sin.. Your Sin Father!”
He felt a sharp pain in His belly. Butterflies.
His heart quickened.
“What do you mean by that son… My sin…” He tried to sound composed and unperturbed by the outburst of the person on the other end of the confession stand..

“Pastor, I see the way you look at me..” The voice coming from the other end had changed to that of a woman.
“… I know the way you look at me Pastor. Your lust…”
“What is this Madness! Who Are You??” His heart was beating so fast he thought he was gonna have a heart attack.
” I am your lust for Sister Rebecca. Your lust…”
He never told anyone about his attraction to Sister Rebecca but he had sexual fantasies of the Nun.
“Pastor, Pastor,… I know You want to fuck me don’t you Pastor! You want to fuck my wet pussy.. Don’t you Pastor..” The Pastor felt a feeling of shame and embarrassment within and tried to open the confession door to see who was on the other side but it was sealed shut.

The voice changed again, still feminine but this time, more assertive. He recognised the voice! It was from Helen… A supermodel that came to his church. She was always in a skirt that showed a bit of thigh, enough to get blood pumping in your crotch area.
“Pastor, you know you want me. You want to raise my skirt up, rip my panties apart and fuck me all night long.. Don’t you Pastor? I know you have magazines of me in your house and you have your way with your self when no one is watching. I know because I am your Sin!”

….Its time for offering. You are not giving to me but to God, your Father in Heaven so that He could bless you and reward you…
This time, It was his own voice reciting those words although coming from the other side.
“What is the meaning of this??” tear filling his eyes.
“I AM YOUR GREED Pastor! Your greed! You know and I know that God does not need anybody’s money. YOU DO! YOU FUCKING DO! You are a LIAR PASTOR.. ADMIT IT!”
“No! No! I’m Not! I am just following the protocol…”
This time, the voice had become deep; masculine; Evil.

The door barged open and he could feel heavy wind on his skin.
He couldn’t breathe because of the overwhelming fear in his heart. It felt like a hand was gripping tightly on his neck; suffocating him. He fell to the ground and was crawling out of the confession room, not having the courage to look at the facade of the evil tormenting him. Laughter was coming from behind him, transitioning from a man laughing to a woman,to a child, to a malevolent being.

Tears flowed down his cheeks as he urinated in his pants, still crawling on his hands and knees.
“I repent… I repent… Please…”

The wind stopped and everything seemed back to normal. It took him a while to gather the courage to look behind him.
It was empty. Nothing there.
His body was quivering like someone with Parkinson’s disease. He poured himself some Communion wine and took large gulps to calm his frayed nerves down. He took deep breaths and his racing heart lowered its rate. Before He could gather up his thoughts and rationalise what happened, he saw two women sitting near the entrance of the church making out. One, dressed as a nun and the other, a white sleeveless dress with red skirt.
They were kissing ferociously, squeezing each other, moaning as if possessed. They ripped each others clothes off and started ripping pieces of flesh from each other’s skins. They didn’t notice the Pastor transfixed by what he was seeing till he mistakenly kicked the bottle of wine and it shattered on the ground.
They paused then looked at each other then turned at the same time to look at the Pastor..

He was in complete shock when He saw their faces.
He recognised them!
It was Sister Rebecca and Helen.
Suddenly, He knew it wasn’t them; just the Evil around toying with him. This was not what shocked him. What shocked Him were their faces. Their eyes, pure black like the 8 ball of a Snooker game. They had already clawed pieces of flesh from each others faces and they had deep red marks. Tribal Marks like the Nigerians called it on their faces. Before he could react, the two demons disappeared and appeared right in front of him!
He fell on the shards of glass from the broken wine bottle, piercing his back in several places.
He screamed!
A force, not the girls ripped his robe off leaving only a crucifix on his neck. He couldn’t move.
“Pastor… Pastor…You want my wet hot pussy don’t you? DONT YOU??” Rebecca started sucking on his penis, his body stuck still to the ground.
Even with the fear and the commotion happening around him, he couldn’t resist the natural boner that came from stimulation of his member.
When he became less flaccid, Rebecca stopped sucking, and Helen sat on him.
“THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT PASTOR!! Ahhhhhh! Yes! Pastor! FUCK ME HARD! Yes!!. Aaaaa! ooooh Yes…”
“Noo!!!!!!” the Pastor yelled.
“God save me from this!!!!!!”
“GOD IS NOT HERE!! YOU CHASED HIM AWAY” Rebecca replied…with the evil masculine voice again.
“This is your lust! Your curse!”
“Noo!! Forgive Me Lord! Nooo!! I repent… Pleeassee…”
“Yes!! Yes!! I am a fraud!!! I am a sinner! Pleeaassee!! Oh Pleeasse!!”

With his admission, they both disappeared. The Pastor laid there, semen sliding down his erect phallus to his pubic hair.
A broken man.
He was in shock.
Unfortunately, the Pastor didn’t recover from the shock of what he experienced.
He was later transferred into the asylum.
All he says now is “I’m a Sinner..I’m a Sinner” repeatedly in a monotone with a blank face; Staring into space; mind forever locked on the scene on the rutting women.