It was a very cold night.
The winter had begun; Snow falling, wind harsh enough to cause breaks on the skin. Andy Donovan was making his way back home in his station wagon, wiper trying its best to clear away the snow and blizzard of the night. Though the heater was on and he was garbed in heavy clothes to keep him warm, he still felt the sting of the cold like he had ice in his bones. The road was filled with snow, obstructing the movement of the car till it finally came to a halt.

“C’mon! C’mon! Start!”
He turned the ignition first time, second time.
Nothing. He got angry and turned it a little too hard,breaking the key inside.“SHIT!! SHIT!!

He came out the car, both arms tucked underneath either side of his armpits for warmth.
“Bloody car!!”
Cold steam coming out his mouth like he was puffing on a cigarette. He kicked the bumper of the car several times, trying to pacify his anger. He tried calling AAA but there was no signal on his phone. He was in the middle of nowhere at 11:35pm.

His wife and kids had been expecting him. After he had stopped taking his frustration out on the car, he opened the passengers door and sat with the door ajar pondering what to do next. All he could hear now was the sound of the wind; the eerie sound reminding him of his hopeless situation. He slammed the door.
“Think I better just sleep in the car till morning”
He reclined the sit and was off to dreamland.

A sound on his phone woke him up.
It was 2:20am and it was his wife who sent a text message.
It read ‘Honey, wer r U ?’
“Great!! Signal!!!
He called her and told her about his situation. He told her to call AAA and she said she would. He was still in his car waiting for them to come when he heard a sound. He looked round surrounded by nothing but darkness and snow.
“Must be my imagination” he said.
He heard the sound again. It sounded like someone crying. He listened to the direction the sound was coming from and stepped out his car.

He was walking slowly as his feet were buried underneath the snow up to his ankle with each step, energising the uncomfortable cold feeling in his bones. As he approached, the sound increased in volume. It sounded like a little boy. He wondered what a little boy would be doing outside in this hell of a cold. He still could not see what was in front of him, the violent wind causing him to squint.
His face was pale, body shivering, smoke escaping his mouth and nose with each breath. He pressed a key on his phone so the light came up and he could see withered trees with no leaves on them.. In the middle was a little boy sitting down, head resting on his arms and knees, crying.
He couldn’t see his face.

“Hey, Hey what’s the matter dear.”
Andy asked the boy. He was confused as to why the boy was wearing a short sleeve shirt tucked in shorts in this cold weather. T
“I can’t find my mummy”. the boy whispered in a tiny voice.
“C’mon son, lets get you out of this cold and we’ll find your mommy. You don’t want to be getting sick do you?”
“I want my mommy! I want my mommy!”
The boy yelled, his head still bowed, resting on his arms. Andy asked whether he had her phone number.
He then moved closer to the boy and touched his arm. It was completely warm, warm enough to reduce the tremble on Andy’s hands.
“Cmon, get up! I’ll help you find your mommy.”
The boy shrugged, pushing Andy’s hands away every time he touched him.

Andy was getting impatient and angry with the boy.
“Look, I want to help you but if you keep acting like this, then I can’t!”
The boy continued yelling, crying out loud. Andy thought of leaving the boy there but he wasn’t that kind of guy. He was a good guy, followed the law, paid his taxes, went to church regularly and was generally caring towards people. He took matters into his own hands and carried the boy, the boy’s arms around his neck. Again, he felt the soothing warmth of the boys skin on his. As he carried the boy, he stopped crying. He was making his way back to the car when he felt a strange sensation on his neck.

He looked at the snow filled floor and saw spurts of red.. He dropped the boy on the ground then touched his neck. The pain heightened.
He had touched not flesh but a tendon in his neck, blood spilling like a broken tap. Half his neck had been devoured.
He held his neck, trying to minimise blood flow but to no avail. The blood kept spilling and he looked at his hand, covered in blood, the snow causing it to dry up like paint. He was dizzy, losing consciousness. He looked at the boy and suddenly realised it wasn’t a boy.

The creature had just an eye on its face like a Cyclops. The pupils were not round but long and thin like a snake, deep yellow eyes. His mouth was as wide as a Shark’s and he had 6inch long SHarp teeth like mini katanas in his mouth.
Andy saw the white light people claimed to see before death and before he could bask in the euphoria of the rapture, the beast’s mouth opened wide again.
He ate Andy’s head down to his chest in one clean bite. All that was left was his belly, his two arms severed from the bite n dropped to the ground, blood gushing out like a broken fire hydrant.

Sated, the creature ran into the woods waiting for its next prey.