There he was lurking in the shadows outside the G-spot. The G-spot was one of the most prestigious clubs in Amsterdam, granting audience only to the most elite and the richest in town. It was way past midnight but he needed money so he waited in the blistering cold. People had started leaving the club but he hadn’t found the right victim yet. Most came in groups but he was looking for someone alone so his task would be easier.

At About 3:16am, he had finally found his victim. She was a girl in her early twenties, dressed in all black, short sleeves just a little beyond the shoulders with the words ‘Eat Me’ written in pink, black trousers and black boots. She had the physique of an athlete. She was leaving the club alone, walking on the streets with no vehicle. What attracted him though was her bag. A huge bag hanging on her left shoulder.
‘That would be enough to feed me for a week!’
She had walked a considerable distance away from the club when he came out the bushes, ready to make his move. He was making his way towards her from behind, taking brisk steps with nothing but a kitchen knife as the weapon of fear.. She was chatting on her Blackberry laughing out loud, distracted by the person from the other end, not sensing the attacker coming from behind.

He grabbed her neck from behind, knife on the other hand, the sharp end pressing on her waist.
‘ Put the phone in the bag and hand it over’ he whispered with menace.
She panicked and dropped her bag. ‘Please! don’t hurt me!’
‘Just shut up and put the bloody phone in the bag! Oh and that watch, Take it off!’.
She handed the items to him and he unzipped the bag to be sure.
Fear gripped his heart at what he saw.

Inside the bag was a caucasian head, mouth wide open, wide-eyed in death, like he had been strangled before his head was cut off. Before he could run, she kneed him in the balls then went behind him and gave him a sleeper hold.
He passed out..

A splash of cold water on his face brought him back to reality. He had been tied up hanging with his arms above his head, exposing his shirtless torso. She pierced him with her eyes.
‘Hmph! You just picked the wrong lady to mess with’ She disappeared into the shadows and he tried to make out where he was.
A sock in his mouth silenced him. She rolled up a metallic table to his full view. His heart skipped a beat or two. On the table were very sharp tools having mean-looking curves and edges that sent chills up his spine. He could also identify injections.
‘You think this is a movie asshole? Pick on the loner girl and you get what you want?’
She carved a vertical line in the middle of his chest with a scapel.
He jerked and moaned in fright heightened by the pain.
‘You think I’m just some pussy you could fuck with huh ?’
She put her index finger inside the hole in his chest digging into it. She licked the blood off her fingers, spitting it in his face. She opened an ominous looking jar that sat on the table. Inside it were termites. She opened his trouser and poured the insects into his pants. They feasted on his balls and thighs, each bite like the stab of a needle.
Tears rolled down the sides of his eyes as he groaned in pain, unable to cry out. ‘Awwwwwww, don’t be a cry baby’
She carried a hammer and placed a nail in front of his right eye.
‘This would only hurt a bit’
The nail went in, blood splashing on her face.
‘Come on, stay still!’
The nail had just entered halfway, his head moving left and right trying to avoid the hammer. The hammer landed on his forehead, on his nose breaking it till she finally Hit the nail, burying it deep into his eye socket with each swing on his face spilling more blood on hers. She rubbed the blood on her face giving her a more evil look. She took the sock out of his mouth and laughed as he wept and screamed in agony, the fear in his soul robbing him of his ability to speak clearly. ‘Pl, Plee, Pleeasssee!!!, I’m Sorry!!’
‘No you’re not. You are not sorry for anything. You would just say anything to get out this situation!’
‘No mooore, pleeeassse, noo morre.’
Ha!, I’m just getting started!’

She picked up a drill from the table,switching it on, causing him to grimace. She made a hole on his side, the drill shattering a rib. She pulled it out and did the same for the other side, blood rolling down his waists.
He let out a scream, painful to hear.
‘Cry baby. But you are the tough man, picking on a lady in the night! Hmmmmmmm, what next?’
She scanned the table looking for the next object to play with.
‘Yes!!’ She picked up a shears from the table with jagged blades.
‘Stay still or you would just make the pain worse.’
She aimed at his nipples and CLAP!, the left one fell to the floor, then the right. The pain became so unbearable, he began to lose consciousness.
‘Don’t you pass out on me now tough guy!’
She carried some smelling salts and put it under his nose.
His face wrinkled to life at the smell.
‘Just kill me now, pleeaasse’
‘There there, I’d soon be done with you.
She picked up two tasers and placed them on his bleeding sides, the shock clotting the blood creating keloids. She also did this on both severed nipples..

‘And now, the Finale! Asphyxiation!!’
She carried a very long thin sharp metal from the table.
‘Wouldn’t you consider my performance breathtaking?’
She kissed the sharp end of the iron and then pierced his chest, aiming for his lungs. She punctured it, pulled the metal out blood gushing on her. Her eyes were closed and she wore a smile on her face as the blood bathed her from head to toe, dripping on the floor from her ends. ‘Breathe! Breathe!’
He was inhaling but oxygen couldn’t enter wasn’t retaining.
‘Breathe! Goddamit!’

A maniacal laughter came out of her like a possessed little girl.
He took his last breaths, slowing down with each inhalation till his soul finally fled His body, His mouth and eyes wide open. She cut him down from the ropes and he fell to the floor.
She lifted his head and cut it off with a long, sharp knife. She pulled his head away from his lifeless body, holding it from the hair on His head.
‘Imma add this to my collection of body parts. Hehehe…’