That feeling of unease,
when you know your soul has fled from peace.
That feeling of haste,
where you consume energy and turn it to waste.

That feeling of guilt,
for your imagined filth.
That feeling of rage,
for the fear that keeps you in the cage.

That feeling of mind,
not in company with its kind.
Paranoia is Perversion of Thought.
Thought is a Perversion of Will.

Thought is something you ought,
to use as you would a pill.
Minimum and easy,
then get busy.

Will it to being,
From obscure to seen.
Turn off the autopilot,
stop getting fucked from behind like a harlot.

Take the wheel and stare,
to the land of everywhere and nowhere.
For in your journey between you will find,
that Paranoia is Perversion of the Mind.

Perversion of Mind is Incarceration of the Soul.
Your Will becomes scarred with a hole.
Think less and do more.
Don’t imagine what lies beyond, open the door.

You don’t have to use force,
just attempt and murder loss.
For you win when you have defeated doubt,
substituting the mirror image for the route.

Open your eyes and see,
that life is what you want it to be.
It might not be so now,
but hold on to it and wipe your brow.

The truth shall set you free,
but the truth we cannot see.
We can only feel,
the true feeling is not one to heal.

But one to sharpen and scar with skill,
are you ready for the battle ?
To face your paranoia not the devil ?
To kill your inner demons for they block your shine.

For which if you destroyed, you’d be more merry than wine.
Life is of but two choices,
like the sound of silence then voices.

There are no in-between.
You’re either red or green.
You’re either an abstract or concrete thinker.
You have to be steady in your choice not flashing like a blinker.

Concrete you follow the rules,
Abstract you create the rules.
Each path has its merits and its pools.
Kill paranoia today brethren.

And return back to Eden.
For how can we be afraid ?
When we don’t even know from whence we were made.

Reality is an Illusion.
Illusion is a Dream.
Rational thought is Confusion.
Pure Will from the Stream.

All you have to lose is boredom.
Live life and it will make you cum.

The End.