One minute, he was navigating his Honda car furiously along the high road, the next, he was standing at the pavement.
OK, What’s happened?
He saw a crowd gathered near the road.
What’s happening?
“Excuse me! Please what’s happening?”
The woman he was talking to kept shaking her head, oblivious to his questioning.
He passed through the crowd (easily?) and finally got to the root of the hubbub.
That was his car.
That was him in it, neck at a painful angle, obviously dead.
He was a ghost?
“Just died huh?” A voice said behind him.
He turned in alarm, eyes still wide open in shock at his just discovered revelation.
“You can see me?”
“No. I just made a random remark. I can see you duh!”
He looked at the man addressing him. Pale skinned, long-haired man clad in leather with arms crossed leaning on his wrecked car. He looked real enough. He looked down at himself.
His polo was still in the same shabby condition as it was before he crashed and so were his jeans.
He looked real enough…for a ghost.
“I am a ghost. You can see me. Are you a ghost?”
The young man spat in disgust.
“Were you this slow in life mate??  Of course I’m a ghost! See!”
He plunged his hand into the human standing close to view the corpse and the newly dead man’s eyes widened as he watched the hand dissolve into the skin.
They paused for a beat staring at each other.
Suddenly, the newly dead man’s face twisted itself in rage.
“I can’t die! No! No! I have unfinished business! This is so unfair! Why! Just when i was about to do something right! Why! Argh!”
He swore and punched his car, getting angrier as his hands disappeared into the car, having no impact.
“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

The leather-clad man simply watched him with a lop-sided grin, barely concealing his amusement at the frustration of the shabby looking geezer.
The newly dead man sighed in resignation.
“So. I’m dead. What’s next?”
The leather clad man uncrossed his arm and pointed to the park just off the main road.
“Lets take a walk”
The newly dead man nodded and made his way there, jostling people and muttering an ” Excuse me” as he hit one of the paramedics who had come to tend to him.
With one last look at his deformed body, he sighed in disgust.
“I can’t even die with dignity. Stupid”

….”First of all, welcome to the after-life. As you can see, it’s probably not what you expected. If you were a religious man, you’d be expecting heaven Yes? Well, Welcome to the real life! My name’s Charlie and because we died roughly on the same spot, I won’t mind telling you a thing or two about your new world.”
The newly dead man was silent.
“All i want is to go back to the REAL world. As i said, unfinished business. Dont care about here. Its bad enough I didn’t disappear Poof! Now i have to watch others live their lives while I’m”
Charlie sighed
“You know what man, suit yourself. See ya!”
He got up from the bench and walked to motorcycle idling near a tree.
“Ok! I’m sorry. Please sit down.”
Charlie sighed and walked back to the bench.
“How about we start with your name?”
“David…David Winslow”
Charlie nodded.
“David. As i said, welcome. You probably noticed but around here, things are different. You cn see the rest but they can’t see you. Or hear you. You learn to live with it…until you get taken away by The Numbness.”
“The Numbness? whats that?”
“The Numbness is what you’d probably call Eternal Sleep. You finally disappear like Poof!”
David looked at him.
“And you havent been taken away i guess…”
“Oh i have..i just popped in to say hello. Of course i havent!”
David gave him the look that asked ‘Why?’
“Because, I’m not sure I’m ready to severe my ties with this earth first. And i can also pop into the girls’ toilets at pubs! Wicked!”
He said the latter with a lascivious grin on his slightly pimply face.
David sighed and shook his head, warranting a little poke on his side.
“Come on mate! Dont be old! What are you? like 40?”
“I’m 35 thank you” David huffed. Then he realised something.
“Hold on…You just poked me. And your hands didn’t disappear into me. Yet i felt no pain”
Charlie shrugged.
“It is what it is mate! Crazy place this side of life! The only thing you’d feel is The Numbness. Comes every night it does.”
David nodded slowly.
“Cant get taken away by that. Unfinished business.”
“And i told you nothing you can do.”
David threw him a stubborn glare causing him to shrug and stare at the buxom girl who just sat opposite them.
“Nice tits that one has”
David threw him another glare, embarrassed on her behalf and he chortled.
“So is this what you ghosts do? Spy on people just because they can’t see you? How horrid!”
Charlie laughed harder.
“Hey! you can’t blame us! Nothing much doing around here in the after life. Anyway, some of them can feel our presence.”
David was suddenly piqued.
“Like psychics?”
Charlie shrugged.
“Not necessarily. Just some people sensitive to ‘other beings’ so to speak. You ever have those odd shivers for no reason?”
David nodded.
“Yeah. That’s us probably passing through you…or fondling your man boobs”
He burst into another round of laughter but David’s mind was far away (If mind was what it was called)
David got up.
“Man, where you headed to?”
“You just gave me an idea! Got to go” He smiled at him and shook his hand.
“Aint you going to wait out The Numbness?”
“I’d fight it like you did. Thanks young man.” With that he moved.
Charlie shrugged and looked away
David stopped.
“One more question.”
Charlie reluctantly tore his gaze from his ogling and looked at him in impatience.
“Your bike. How did you remain with it?”
Again, the shrug
“Dunno man. Loved the bike like it was part of my body. Died on it. Only natural I came along with it here”
David nodded and walked away, throwing an unacknowledged wave at Charlie.
He looked at the fast fading sun.
“Unfinished business.”

to be continued…