Black Maiden
She danced the Bata*
Like it was all that mattered
Her words rang with laughter
A dance only she could master

The drummers’ hands slick with sweat
brows jammed, bodies wet
drums bounced like confused pets
therein, their destinies met

Back to back they swung their hips
The summer song strained on their parched lips
Too much rhythm, wrappers slip
Like nylon on a toy ship.

All through that joyful uproar
The blood bubbling in his loins roar
Her sight made him soar
Lust ate at him, like a hungry boar

Have her he must
For his mind was confused by lust
All he could think of was his thrust
Into her comely bust.

Suddenly, he grabbed her from the rear
As she bathed, flaunting her ware
Savagely he had her in his lair
And took her in a way not fair

Now shunned by all
Like goods left to decay at the stall
She tries to stand but still she falls
Arrested by pain she wishes death calls

Now she hears the drums beat
Her shame fills her with heat
She curses the prince who did the feat
And left her naked at shame’s cheerless feet.

*This is a kind of dance peculiar to the Yorubas in the western part of Nigeria, West Africa. It is usually a story between lovers, all put into a dance. Many who have seen the salsa claims it is the offspring of Bata so also the Cuban dance.*