This is no story. In fact, it is an excerpt from the pages of a book I’d like to call My Life. Wrote this some years ago after a particularly bad day. Cracked me up when i saw it so decided to share 🙂


5.30am: My mum wakes us up for morning prayers. First song she sings? All Things Bright and Beautiful. WOMAN IT IS 5.30AM!! It is not bright and there is nothing beautiful waking up at such an ungodly hour when i actually slept by 4am!!

6am: I’m in the bathroom. I brush my teeth. Undress and into the bath. I do my daily moon walk in the bathroom half asleep. I almost slip on the tiles. I take a hot bath. Ahhhh. Feels good. Still feeling sleepy but nearly awake.

6.30am: Wrap myself in my large towel and into my room. Back to bed and under my duvet i go.

6.40am: I remember i am supposed to be in school and get out. Cream up. Underwear up. Then day-dream.

6.45am: I break from my trance and reach for my laptop. My facebook of course is permanently on. Check my mails. Update my status. Play Mafia wars. Drop messages for my friends.

6.50am: I think of a good excuse to bunk school. I can’t so, i decide to attend.

6.55am: I am looking at my wardrobe, wondering what to wear.

7.00am: Yikes!! Its 7am!! I need to leave the house in 20 minutes. I begin to rush.

7.20am: No breakfast. Running to the bus stop. I don’t want to miss the 7.30am bus.

7.30am: The bus hasn’t arrived. I’m waiting at the bus stop listening to LBC on the radio.

7.35am: Bus arrives. I hop on and pray for a traffic free road.

7.40am: TRAFFIC!!

8.50am: 10 mins before 9am class commences. I am not even half way near school!!

9.30am: I huff and puff my way up 6 flights of stairs to the 3rd floor. I am late

9.35am: So bored, i sleep in class

10.30am: Break. I trudge along to my next class and wait at the door. I don’t want to be late. I use that time to do my homework.

11am: Stats teacher comes in and i go back to sleep

1pm: BREAK. Greggs, Chips shop or Library??

1.10pm: Chips shop. I decide i’d be quick and pop into the library before break’s over

1.50pm: Break’s almost over. I did not go to the library

2pm: Tutorials with David. Pop in to sign in. Chill out with friend instead of going home.

3.00pm: I decide it’s safe to go home. My mum isn’t home to send me on errands lol!

3.30pm: Waiting for the bus 15. Takes ages to arrive. It comes and i hope on. Someone smells bad. Like curry. Urghhhh. At London Bridge. Tired. Hungry. Cold. Bus comes. Hop in. A woman is eating near me. WTF!! Torture. I try not to breathe in too much. Smells delicious anyways

4.30pm: Hot dude enters the bus. I’m too tired to stare. He stares though. Ignoring him

5.00pm: Home finally. Nobody home. I forgot to take my keys . JESUS HAVE MERCY. I call my mum. Where are you?? She’s somewhere in Croydon. Yikes!

5.05pm: Chill out at the front area.

5.30pm: Brother comes home. Halleluyah!

5.35pm: On facebook. Update status. Mafia wars. Check notifications. Reply messages. Scope pictures.

6.00pm: Bring out school work. Push it aside. On yahoo messenger.

11.00pm: Still on Y! Work not done. Facebook on. Yikes! 9am class today!. Still on facebook and Y!

4am: Finally sleep off with laptop on my chest.




That done, a PSA. Decided to take a little break from writing stories for the month of December. I’d of course have wonderful stand-in writers up! (edgothboy included *giant smile* LOL) I might attempt the 30 day challenge; i might not. Was going to write one last story before i disappear but ‘_________________’

Ok! That’s it!