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“Nkem, my love. Hear me out please.
I love you baby. I really do.
Are you listening to me?
Ok, I said I love you.
I’m sorry for all the hurt, all the stupid drama.
I’m on my knees.
Please take me back.
Remember the good times?
The laughter we shared at our wedding?
I held your hand as you pushed out Ebuka with his big head into this world.
Baby even through the bad times,
We stuck together!
This is just another bad time now.
Look into my eyes and say you don’t love me.
Please Nkem, stop shaking your head.
I know I promised never to go down that road.
Just this once, forgive me.
I don’t know what got into me!
Come on Nkem! She’s just the house help!
Really, that girl means nothing.
I know, I know that’s what I said the last time.
I didn’t sleep with my secretary!
That is a lie!!
Listen, I’m a man! I’m weak baby!
Oh and remember you caused it!
You wouldn’t let me touch you.
What do you want me to do??
Don’t cry baby.
I can’t watch you cry please!
I’d get help.
I’d seek counselling.
It’s the drink.
Makes me do things baby.
I know I said I’d stop.
It takes time you know!
At least be patient!
Hold on don’t walk away!
Don’t walk away I’m talking to you!
Ok..Ok..I will unhand you but please don’t walk away.
What do you mean?
I’m not violent!
Stop saying these things. They are lies!
Who said that??
Let me guess, Titi right?
You’ve been listening to her?
She’s just jealous!
She’s ruined her marriage.
She doesn’t have what we’ve got going.
What do you mean what have we got going!
We have a family.
Oh stop giving me that dirty look ok!
I’m human. I make mistakes!
Listen to me woman!
Shut up and listen!
I’m your husband!
You cannot leave me.
What would people say ehn?
Is this your plan?
To disgrace me?
Has it come to this!
Has it!
Answer me!
Look at what you made me do now.
I don’t want to hurt you.
No! I’m not going to let you be.
You belong here!
What about the kids Nkem?
You can’t take my kids!
I won’t let you!
What is wrong with you woman!
Are you mad???
When did you become this rude!
Now look what you’ve made me do!
Stop that nonsense my friend and stand up.
Come on! I didn’t push that hard.
Chineke okike!
Didn’t know you’d hit your head na!
Nkem oo?
Nkem oma m!
Ngwa you can go.
The devil is a liar
Holyghost fire!
Chinedu what have you done!
…what have I done?”

Day 30: Finalé



My last day of the 30 day challenge. It has been a real challenge, keeping up and continuing in spite of every crazy thing that happened this month. I’m very glad I stuck to my guns and completed it. I’m proud of myself. This is a special shout out to everyone who read my posts, crazy and nonsensical as they were! Thanks for all the inputs. Thanks for the hugs. Thanks for being an audience to the Clapping of one hand. I’d say i love you all but we all know that’s a lie 😀 Another special shout out to the writers whose stories featured on here during his challenge! Dionysus! Kenny! TickTacFoe! Thanks a lot! God bless you!

So, topic of today: NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION

I refused to make a resolution at the beginning of this year because of how dejected and defeated I was from 2010, the worst year of my lie after 2007. It is going to be a different story this time. I’m stronger. I’m sharper. I’m happier (which is quite funny since I’m always depressed LOL). So yeah, resolution!

IN 2012, I WILL:

1. Live. Love. Laugh. Learn to play the violin.

2. Pray. Persevere. Paint.

3. Dream. Draw. Drink more.

4. Sleep more. Sing more. Sigh less. Smile. Spend more.

5. Write. Write. Write.

6.  Be real. Be focused. Be understanding. Be useful.

7. Give. Give. Give.

You get the general idea. I might not accomplish all, heck I might not accomplish any but i would try!

That is all for today!

Tomorrow, Phantompages is BACK IN OPERATIONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jana! 🙂

Day 29

Kinda upset and disappointed in someone I regarded as a friend. I mean I’ve known her since primary school through to secondary school. For reasons best known to her, (maybe I wasn’t cool enough) we kinda stopped talking much. Her birthday’s today so I wished her a Happy birthday. Don’t know why. Was hoping we’d have a decent conversation I guess. But…didn’t happen. Now I feel stupid.
Not like she remembers my birthday.

Sorry needed to offload that.


Ok I picked that randomly.
1. My ideal man has a name but I’d call him SK. 😀 No, you don’t know him! :p

I’m not sure what my idea of ‘ideal’ is. He should be taller than I am, (I’m quarter to a dwarf ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) )
Ummm. Cute. My idea of cute is warped. So is my idea of handsome. I find Orochimaru sexy after all (Naruto) ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ . But SK is a handsome man though!

Definitely must be an avid reader or/and anime head or/and rocker. Important! SK has all three :”>.
His ability to make me feel relaxed is essential since being outside kinda gives me ….
Must be able to tell me the truth, even the painful ones. No flattery or platitudes.
Humble. A bit annoying just to give me something to punch him for. Loyal to his friends. Nice to waiters. Love children. Be nerdy like me. A bit crazy. Good crazy! 😀

I’m rambling.
Before someone says “No guy is like that”, you’re wrong. There’s a guy like that. Yes, SK. My lover. 😀

Tomorrow, I shall draw the curtain to this challenge! Yay! I bet Mantis san said yay too -_-

Stay alive.
A happy New year (of the Gregorian (?) Calendar) in advance!

Day 28

“Hey-lo” said the Igbo man.
Joke of the day! 😀
Straight to topic! : MY INSPIRATION

On earth, the one person that inspires me is my mother. Never really realised this until recently. I don’t understand her and we are not close. Difference in personalities. But I do envy her strength, her willpower, her ability to unfazed by challenges. Many people tell me I’m strong but I don’t believe them. Compared to me ma, I’m a puny weak child.
Also her strong faith in Yahweh just blows me away. Every time I pray, I ask for faith and ability to trust Yahweh like my mum.
She does inspire me not by her words, but by her actions. She never let separating from her husband get in the way of her dreams for herself and us. Really.
I do feel guilty most times because she never was my favourite parent but I’m coming to appreciate the things she does for us.
Just yesterday, a part of me was criticising what I saw as her ’emphasis of making it’. You know, financially. But I guess that’s our difference in personality. I’m not big on riches.

My mum inspires me to push for what I want. From her, I’ve learnt not to listen to what EVERYONE says. She’s taught me to be focused in life. She’s inspiring me to trust implicitly in Yahweh. I’ve always been a ‘I can do It on my own’ kinda person’ but now I’m learning to demand less from Yahweh and listen more to what He’s got to say to me.
My mum has kept us going as a family and I’m glad she’s mine.

Although I’m not as outgoing as she wants or outspoken and although my way of approaching problems differ from hers, I love her.
I cannot be my mother.
I’d be better than my mother.
That is what she wants from me.

I’d probably not tell her this because I’m ‘awkward’. Maybe I’d pick up the courage to one day.
Wanna get her something for her birthday in two months. No idea what yet! :s

Anyway, that’s it for today.
A special birthday shoutout to my big sister, and my new friend and rocker, Joe. Wishing you two the best Yahweh has to offer for his children!
Have a spiffing day!

Day 27

Hello youngins!
27th day! 3 days left to the end of this challenge. Can’t wait to be done.
I’ve asked my brother to give me a topic to write about and the first thing he thought of were aliens. As my answer to their existence is “I don’t know”, I shall talk about something else!

Topic: PETS

I’ve never owned a pet personally. My family has never owned any either. I guess that stems from my dad’s inability to understand the purpose of rearing an animal you would not eat! Lol!

I’m not a big fan of dogs. I don’t like barks. They give me a fright and a headache! I think I’m more of a cat person. My grandma owned a cat and I remember bullying it every time we went to visit. Fun times…for me. Not sure about the cat. LoL.
So how did I bully the cat?
I gave it “Na by force” hugs and cuddles! All I wanted was the animal to love me and purr and curl on my lap or around my ankles. (˘̩̩_˘̩̩̩ƪ)
But the white demon always ran away from me! So I used to pick it up, and forcefully pet it. I’d tie it down to my legs, ignore its spitting and scratch its ear, singing to myself. 😀
Yes, the cat hated me.
It’s dead now. Gran said something about traps and stuff. Ah well.

So, I do plan on buying 21 cats. Nothing like have 42 glowing eyes stare at you! AWESOME!
I want 10 black cats, 10 white cats and 1 siberian snow tiger cub! My boomy has promised me a kitty one day but I doubt he’d get me all 20.
I’d get them when I move out of mum’s house of course! She’d probably through a holy fit if she sees that much cats in one abode! Exorcise me or some’n.
I just find the idea of a burglar coming to steal and being met with 40 multi-coloured eyes in the darkness! That would be HILARIOUS!
Oh and I’d try spell my name in the dark with their eyes. Arrange the cats, switch off lights. That would be cool! 🙂

Anyway, that’s it for today!
Have a spiffing day!

Day 26

26th of December. Boxing day.

A day for opening presents. Why is it called Boxing day then? Maybe because of the reaction of kids when they realise Santa didn’t get them anything they had wished for. Well they should be happy. Harry Potter got grey socks and toothpicks for Christmas…or so J.K Rowling said.


Today’s topic : YOUR SIBLINGS

I happen to be the first child of my mother but i’ve got two elder sisters. They are married with kids now. And they are a few years older than I am. It would soon be my turn to get married. I need to be quick and choose a suitor before old, hungry men start coming to the house looking for a flower to pluck. Like WTH! You are not looking for a wife but a plant? Well, we don’t have a garden but we do have some ugwu in the kitchen so i’d definitely point them to that!

But really, i always imagine some 50-something year old man, looking for a third wife to use for money ritual, to come looking for me. Hia. I’d give him 3 envelopes and ask him to pick one. Evnvelope A would have Pepper spray written inside. B- Baseball bat, C- Rat poison. \\(-.-)//

I’ve gone off point. Back to my siblings.

I have an immediate younger brother who’s a cool guy. A budding musician (jazz-hiphop…whatever that is) and one of his hobbies includes making fun of me. He’s funny so i don’t mind. We throw shots at each other when we’re not busy discussing depressing issues like the uselessness of life or the illusion of wealth. Trust me, the boy can depress an optimist!

Then my sister. Well. According to Ekwem,  i make her sound like a retard when i talk about her. But she’s not. We’re just two totally different people so we don’t gel. She believes in things like ‘Role Models’ and chides me for being such a horrible one. I believe in ‘Everyman for himself yo!’ and I’m branded as Selfish. She doesn’t understand my sense of humour one bit. And she finds Linda Ikeji’s blog funny. Really? And i’m not?? kmt! What she wants is a girly big sister to discuss girly things with. What she got was a weirdo who is scared of people and watches anime all day and night. Can you blame her for not liking me? 😀

Then, the last but the best! He too does think I’m a weirdo but that’s why he loves me. lol. He does like my stupid antics and he’s the only one i really let my whole guard down for. Sometimes, he walks into the kitchen when i’m cooking and forces me to waltz with him. And we’d be singing the most random of songs! We used to make amazingly stupid videos before but now, we don’t even though we say we will. He’s very likeable and a talented performer. Sings acts and is into sports and i go for every show of his. One of his friends thought I was his mother once! 😥 Why evils?????? Do i look old or what! 😥 Anyway, yeah. He’s my favourite sibling and I do tend to spoil him…when i have the money. My sister thinks i don’t care about him because i never nag him to go sleep early. Hell, I never sleep early! I don’t like nagging much anyway.

Anyway, that’s it for today!

While most of you stay home, sleeping off the excesses of yesterday, I’ve got work to go in for. I refused a break because i need the cash! Want to treat myself to something nice by the end of the year. Dunno what yet though! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your holidays.


The Slaughter

There he was just minding his own business, going about his daily routine with his friends. Suddenly, some huge men from nowhere came to abduct him. He struggled hard to pull free but they were just too strong. His limbs were bound with ropes and he was carelessly tossed to be back of their truck.

Surrounded on all sides by steel, his heart rate tripled. He knew it was going to be a long ride to his doom. Fear congealed at the pit of his stomach. He cried out for help but none was coming. An hour later, he alerted them that he needed to use the bathroom. It was almost like they couldn’t understand what he was saying. Unable to hold it in, he let out his excrement at the back of the truck.

The truck finally comes to a halt. He heard the doors of the truck open, spewing its occupants and he tensed up. Should he make a run for it? Was he going to be able to escape? Before a clear plan formulated in his mind, the back of the truck opened and they dragged him out of the van, sliding him on his dung.
It was almost dark. He couldn’t see any distinguishing landmarks to know where he was. They pushed him into a huge compound and carried him to a tree, tying him there for the night. He wanted to protest but didn’t have the strength. Long journey with no sustenance. He could only let out a feeble plee for mercy.

Mercy, they showed him. They gave him food which he ate up in a hurry. They left him to feed and the men disappeared into the compound. He called to them in panic, as he was left alone in the dark, nature tormenting him with the blistering cold and the insects feeding on him.
A time for sober reflection. That was what he saw this as. He thought back on his life, his mistakes, what he did and didn’t do wrong and soon before he knew it, fatigue got the better of him, sleep taking him away.

Morning came and warming sun wolke him up. He looked around, and saw himself surrounded by people. Everyone smiling, ignoring the fact that he was bound to a tree. He looked to his left and he saw a big pot steaming with boiling water. He knew what was happening. Surely they weren’t going to do that? This had to be a joke!
The next thing he saw caused his heart to race faster and he struggled to break free. It was a slim man with very mean looking with a sharp knife approaching him. He struggled, screamed at the top of his lungs to no avail, everyone just seemed to be staring at him; laughing as they carried on their daily routine. The man unfastened the rope from the tree and he tried to run but that was no use as his feet and arms were shackled. He fell to the floor and the man carried the loose end of the rope and dragged him on the ground to a drainage area. The sinister man held his head back exposing his neck and placed the knife on it.

He screamed, pleaded but they all just ignored him.
He watched the knife in disbelief as it went back and forth, across his neck. The pain hit him few seconds later and he screamed in agony, jerking.
Back and forth, the knife continued as his neck was slit open, blood gushing out like a broken tap.
His screams soon turned to silent whispers as his windpipe was cut.
Slowly, he departed his lifeless body and his spirit was still present to see what this wicked man was doing to him. He saw his legs and arms still jerk slowly even though he was dead. The Man then carried the hot water and poured it on his lifeless body, using the knife to scrape his skin. He then carried another tool and used it to make a hole on him, then put his mouth in it, blowing air in his corpse making it bloated.
They soon started cutting pieces of his body and throwing it into boiling water, opened him up, removing his bile
He watched the man admire his horns as he removed his head off.
He sighed.
“Lived, a ram. Died a ram.”
His spirit bleated one last time, before he disappeared forever.

The End.

Day 25

Waiting for a ‘Merry Xmas’ post right?
I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m Jewish-Christian so forgive me if I don’t understand your cheer.
When I tell people I don’t celebrate the ‘feast’ they all go “Aww. You’re missing o!”
Missing what? Chicken? Beef? Beer?
But i have  those every other day.
What is Christmas? And no one please give me that tadodoole about it being a season of ‘Giving’ yada yada.
And no, it’s not the ‘birthday’ of Jesus either. Camon what are you? 12?
So let us be real. What exactly is Christmas and why do you celebrate it?
It’s not in the bible so no one give me a dose of Christian codswallop. What value does Christmas have? Why do most people die during this period if it’s really a religious do?
What does Christmas really mean to you beside the merriment? Is the merriment the only reason people celebrate it?
That ladies and gentlemen, is a question I’d love an answer to.
I’m not blasting anyone’s belief. I just seek insight because I read the same bible you read. Get me?

My phone is going haywire with Season’s greetings. Well I’d just have to ignore all that.

Although I cannot wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’, I do wish you all enjoy your holidays and stay alive! Anyway, I wasn’t going to do any special story but it seems co-writer Dionysus did so I’d be posting that later today.
Drink responsibly.

Day 24: Elle

This story was written by @TickTacFoe. I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time i read it! Hope you do too! 🙂 (Do forgive the errors. I didn’t want to tamper with the story as it has been posted on other sites. He wrote it in a rush 🙂 )


… Ding dong, ding dong…The loud, tingling bells of the alarm clock breaks the sweet early morning silence in Chike’s warm room. He was covered in a thick, blue superman duvet tossing around left to right in a fight, it was exactly 6.30am, and the alarm resounded over and over again under his pillow. He stretches left and stretches right, and after an epileptic, jerky stretch he finally opens his eyes, his heart was beating fast he woke up with chills and yawns loudly with mouth open wide. Chike reaches for the coffee mug, as the sweet fragrance of fried eggs hit his nose; it was coming from the next room, Ada’s room. he looks at his clock it was 6.38am already. There was something strange yet familiar about the day. As he switches on the radio it was his favourite song “Not the girl – Dare” and he realises that was the exact time the previous morning he switched on the radio and exactly same song was playing.

He sips his coffee as he tries had to remember the dream he had the previous night it was about a young girl named Elle, he has not met any “Elle” before, in the dream she was so beautiful, tall, dark and elegant, right in the middle of that thought Chike had a feeling his phone was going to ring and just as he predicted it rang immediately, he looked at the phone screen it was Joan his girlfriend just as he had guessed too. Picking up the phone he had the conversion already playing in his head, before she’d start any sentence Chike finished it in his head, he got distracted, he was uneasy and restless, his heart was beating so fast because he was trying to remember the end of the phone call conversation, he knew something was about to go wrong as Joan echoes “Hello…hello are you there, i told you, you never listen when i speak..It’s over between us…and I mean it this time, don’t ever call me again” and she hung up.

Those last sentences slapped Chike back into reality. It was then he remembered what was wrong with the end of the phone call, he was wondering what was going on, he wasn’t sure if it’s a dream or if it’s real, he ran straight to the television switched it on he was so sure it was going to be a breaking news on a Fatal plane crash in Lagos, just as he had thought it was a breaking news. He read along the news, word for word. Chike in absolute confusion went to the bathroom, as he was switching the shower on, great fear struck him about the day ahead, his fear grew bigger and bigger, goose pimples danced around on his dark, shiny skin, and his heart beat accelerated like the speed of a crazy okada. He tried so hard to figure out the cause of his fear but it wasn’t forth coming. After a restless bath he already knew what he was going to wear even before he opened the wardrobe, and as he had thought, he decided to wear his striped T-shirt his pair of dark blue jeans trouser. It was 7:05am he was running late for work, he rushed into the kitchen and grabbed two slices of bread and a half filled bottle of juice from the previous night, as he rushed straight to his car. Then he thought deeply, his mind was still not at rest he was afraid of the unknown, he switched on the radio as he already guessed it was Fela Kuti on Air. The street was decorated with Kids, smiling and singing in their colourful school uniforms, cars were honking loud and around, parents dragging their kids to school. It was a bright Wednesday morning. Chike looked at a passing school bus and on it was a sign “today is your day” those words meant more than words to him, he was so confused and distracted, and he was shivering. He zoomed pass another Big Billboard reading “save your live” the road was getting busier and busier. He was running late for work

He turned left into Chime Avenue it was a clear, newly constructed road, then on the radio was playing “Dangerously in love by Beyonce” his heart grew cold, that was Joan’s favourite song, he then replayed their last days together, how much fun they had, the pillow fights, how she danced in his room, her squeaky cry and all the good things about her. He just was not happy; He then stepped on the accelerator immediately as he zoomed into a speed of about 120km/h; he couldn’t take the torturing lyrics no more, his heart grew colder and colder. As he reached the radio with his left hand to turn the God damn torture off, facing down to find the power button and looking back up, just there and then right in front of him was a tall, beautiful, dark elegant lady. She was running across the road with her long artificial hair dancing across her face in tone with the breeze, her 6 inches high heeled shoe pinning hard and loud she was already half way across the road, Chike knew he was definitely going to knock her down he was fighting with his brakes, in great confusion and fear he pictured her wounded and bruised, it was vivid and real in his head, he immediately turned the wheels left and in great speed he hit the nearby culvert. Air bags stuffed his face the windscreen shattered into the air and like raindrop, sprinkled all over him, his legs were compressed, the pressure from the hit was intense, a metal rod pierced hard through his head and he passed out. There was great noise around, people gathered, the last thing he saw was the dark lady talking close to his face saying “can you hear me, my name is Elle…can you see my fingers” as she waved her fingers over his face, Chike’s eyes closed gently and he passed out.

…ding dong ding dong…it was ringing faintly in his head… The loud, tingling bells of the alarm clock breaks the sweet early morning silence in Chike’s warm room. He was covered in a thick, blue superman duvet tossing around left to right in a fight, it was exactly 6.30am, and the alarm resounded over and over again under his pillow. He stretches left and stretches right, and after an epileptic, jerky stretch he finally opens his eyes his heart was beating fast he woke up with chills and yawns loudly with mouth open wide…and he speedily looks at the calendar and it was 25th April 2010. It was all a dream, Chike had knocked down a young girl Elle April 25th 2009. As he smiled happily in relief as Elle cat walked into the room dressed in a skimpy red, transparent, lace night gown, she was so beautiful, carrying silver tray the sweet smell of breakfast covered the room, it was Fried eggs and bread with a cup of tea, as she placed the tray on the bedside drawer and kissed him gently and saying “happy one year anniversary” as they both chuckled and cuddled.
And immediately the phone rang and it was Joan Chike’s girlfriend, Chike picked the phone, talking croakily pretending to be sleepy as she says “sweet heart I’m at your door, i wanted to surprise you…Happy One year of surviving” and immediately he quickly hung up rushed Elle into the ware robe and rushed to the door…

Paranoid Circus

Dionysus here!


Five College kids Johnny, Kyle, Cory, Jenny, and Jolie decide to do something strange for once in their lives, to break out of their routine.

Kyle, the wannabe Rockstar takes them in his Van.

Johnny is the Jock. The guy who’s cocky, played football, screws cheerleaders and is loved externally but hated within by many. Jolie and Johnny were dating before she caught him cheating on her with her best friend. She severed the relationship with her friend but couldn’t get over her obsession for Johnny. She still acts hurt about the incident but inside, her hormones are raging wanting Johnny to just see through her self-imposed guilt and ravish her like he always did before. She just wished he did her like before, kissing her on the lip to silence her while she was talking incessantly about nothing in particular. She wished he would come abduct her from her dorm room window with his ladder at night and shag her on the wet lawn. She hopes this trip would rekindle their flame.

Jenny wears the image perfectly of the Good Girl trying to Save the Bad Boy, Kyle from Himself, never winning of course. Kyle, the wannabe Rockstar, partied hard, lots of drugs and booze. He is always in a haze but all his inebriation seemed to have a positive effect on his music and she loved his music. She believes he would be something big. Smart girl she is, always trying to use her wits to decipher and fix the mind of her Bad boy lover, finding out that she’s starting to lose her wits.

Cory is ‘The Friend’. You know that guy who you tell all your secrets to; that guy who seems to always be there to hear your complaints and rants and tells You the right thing to do but never gets any girls ? That’s Cory. His situation was like the Pretty Girl with her Ugly Friend. Ever noticed that Pretty Girls always have Ugly Best Friends? The Ugly Friend serves as the voice of reason telling her, herboyfriend is no good. The Pretty One listens but then goes on and fucks the Boyfriend anyway. She then goes back to the Ugly Friend to tell her he dumped her while the ugly friend wipes her tears. Of course, the Ugly friend is wishing if only a guy would look at her and find her attractive and just fuck her; she’d be okay. Back to Cory. He is the nerd with a lot of knowledge. The kind that speaks off point about facts long forgotten, video games, etc. You know the kind of guy that draws awkward stares when he talks. He is somehow the friends of these cool kids.

They begin their journey to this strange circus closed down because of the gruesome Murders that took place sometime in the past. Some believed it was a pure act of evil as police could not explain what kind of monster had the strength to rip people apart so grotesquely. Flesh ripped out from joints, organs and intestines 20ft away from the decapitated body, blood stains. No one was ever charged with the murders.  The circus was closed and hadn’t been open since. It is getting dark n they were running out of things to say so Kyle tells Johnny about his secret stash of pot in the back pocket of his seat van. They roll one up, light it and pass it around each taking one deep toke. Light-headed, they start giggling at nothing in particular.

On the road, they see a hot hitchhiker; female, blonde. She stands in front of the road and flashes them her tits, her red nipples looking pink from the light of the van on her. They are all high so they picked her up,I mean, why not? She tells them she likes to roam around in the open, no cars, no people, no names, no places just the open road with nothing but nature. She takes these trips once in a while as a form of catharsis, to dissociate from her ego created for her by society. She smells pot in the van, rolls an extra for herself and partakes of the plant. They soon arrive at the abandoned circus ground. The air is dank and windy, litter floating, sitting on the air like a ghost was handling them.

Jenny – “This place is creepy!”

Kyle –  “Yeah it is, freakin’ Awesome!”

Johnny – “Yeah dude!”

Jolie – “I think we should just go.”

Cory –  “Guys, common! The Incident was in 1964. Are we gonna keep living our lives in fear of the past? Are we gonna be the generation that just reads magazines and talk about stuff but do Nothing ? Common! Lets experience it for ourselves rather than just falsely believe everything we hear.”

Hitchhiker Babe – “Preach!…….. Nerd!”

(They all burst into fits of laughter)

They enter the Circus. Cory turns on a switch and it lights up the whole Circus. Even after being abandoned for a while, it still looks as if it were still in use. The decaying that usually occurs in a place uninhabited hasn’t happened here. It feels full of life. Kyle could have sworn he saw something move in the shadows but couldn’t tell whether it was the pot causing him to hallucinate. Soon, he and the hitch-hiker go into a bathroom. They giggle as she unfastens his belt. He doesn’t resist as she pulls his pants down and starts sucking. He gets hard and turns her around, taking her from behind. During the act, the toilet lights flicker and suddenly, the place is plunges into darkness momentarily. The lights come on only for Kyle to see he is fucking a headless body, blood splattered. He pulls out in sheer terror and before he can scream, he slips on her blood spilled on the floor and falls hitting his head on the toilet floor rendering him unconscious..

The remaining four are together, exploring the Circus, telling themselves it wasn’t that creepy. Soon, the lights starts to flash and they hear maniacal laughter echoing from the background. Johnny grips Jolie’s hand in fear and starts running. Soon, she stops feeling the pull of him and realises Johnny’s hand had been severed along with his other body parts scattered on the floor. She screams in horror as Johnny’s lifeless arm holds hers in a tight grip. Her other hand trembling, she manages to unclench his fingers from her left wrist, the menacing laughter still ringing louder. She breaks down crying, paralyzed by fear. Jenny, who followed them, holds her by the face, telling her to snap out of her fear else. After much reasoning, she finally got up and they both start running. They find the exit door but as they run towards it, it slams shut.

Bravado forgotten, they both begin to cry, shaking in fear. Soon, the flashing lights are minimized to a particular place upstairs. They look up and see Cory. His eyes had turned white, red veins on his face; his voice, deep, evil and echoing.

Cory – “Welcome to the end of your life as you know it. You are now a slave to this Place. Your soul will be trapped here and your only hope of escape is for you to kill as many trespassers as yourself before the next Equinox. This Place belongs to Us and no humans are allowed!”

With that, the lights went off.


Police went to the circus two weeks later for their routine inspection and found decaying rotten corpses and body parts. Forensic experts were called to examine the scene.

Soon the lights of the Circus started flashing……

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