Well. hello there! Since my creative mind is closed down for repairs, I’ve decided to go for the 30-day challenge. This ought to be interesting…i think.


Oh my.

1. I hold conversations in my head. Actually that happens whether I’m alone or not but it tends to be longer and funnier when I’m alone. I imagine clones of myself, lounging around a cafe, discussing everything, from the latest news, to ethical questions. I guess it’s one of the ways i come up with my opinions. I use my other ‘selves’ as sounding boards. Very interesting girls, my clones. Did I mention they all speak to me in different languages? Awesome babes!

2. I hum random songs, from my usual RnR to soundtracks from old Nollywood movies. Music sticks to my head  lot, good and bad. When i’m alone, the most random songs just play in my head.

3. Laugh. Yes, I laugh when I’m alone. Mostly either because of point number 1 (i crack a joke in my head or think up a ridiculous idea) or 2(the stupidity of the song i’m humming). I laugh out loud and this tends to turn into an awkward moment when someone walks in on me and gives me the ‘O_o’ look. 😦

4. Sometimes, i zone out. I stare into space, thinking about nothing. I lose awareness of my surroundings.

5. I give my body parts voices. Like a puppet show. My toes talk to one another. You’d be surprised how many stories I’ve come up with doing this! Ok you won’t, its just 1. The Curious Case of a Dead Butcher. 😀

6. When I’m alone at home, I march around….naked. (Watches bride-price turn to ash) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) But it’s fun. The way the ‘body parts’ swing makes me giggle. 😀

7. I’d just tag this last one as ‘The Rest’. The rest of the crazy shit I do.

That’s it for today.
Well, First day of the last month eh? Any plans?
Ignore that. I stink at small talk.
JANA! (See you in Japanese) 🙂