Well, asides my age (obviously), a lot has changed.
My attitude towards life definitely’s been fluctuating. I’d say it’s a tad worse now. Sometimes I’m highly motivated, sometimes I just sink into a limbo state of mind. Two years ago, didn’t have much of the problem. I was always pushing. Ah well.

Had a blog two years ago but it wasn’t for stories so closed it down. Atleast I can say I’m a tad more regular now.

Towards my faith, I’d say I’ve become stronger. This is funny considering my state of mind. I guess two years ago, I was overly independent and overly ‘in control’. Wanted things to go the way I had planned. They didn’t. It’s kinda made me realise how worthless man’s effort can be if it’s not directed by a Supreme being. So kinda rediscovered my faith. Believed more in The Ancient One (and less in myself I think 😦 )

I’m a lot warmer than I was two years ago! Warmer and nicer. Always had this ‘Forbidden’ air to me then. People found it hard to approach me. Never ‘smiled’. Too serious. Now, I’m just a happy hobo 🙂

I draw a lot less now ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) but on the plus side, I read/write a lot more. My writing has improved immensely too! Yay 😀

I’ve gotten even weirder. My taste in music has gone crazier. Then, I listened to various genres. Now, \m/-.-\m/. My obsession with anime’s still the same as ever! Tee Hee!
I’ve got a lot more friends now who share common interests. Yay you guys 🙂 mwah!

Relationship with the family’s better. This, I’m terribly glad about.

You know, its really funny how much better I’ve become and how that is inversely proportional to my state of mind! The happier I am, the darker I become :s I need a psychiatrist! LoL

Ok done writing.
Need to get out of bed.
There’d be a story from Dionysus this night!
Have a wonderful weekend!