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What does justice even mean ? On what basis do we place our ideas of right and wrong? On religion? On personal beliefs? On What ?? ANSWER ME!!!

“I.. I.. don’t know” she said, tears running down her face.

She was strapped to a chair in the basement of Mr X house. They had met at a club, they vibed, had a couple of drinks and Mr X was charming enough with a little grit to get her moist between her legs. She went home with him, looked at his house, pretty decent and neat. Before she could explore any further, he grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the wall, pushing his pelvis into her. Her heart raced as the mixed feelings of fear and sexual desire fuelled her loins. He kissed her on the lips to calm her and wasting no time, his hands found their way into her, slowly stroking, leaving her moaning. Her noise of pleasure increased in volume and as she was about to climax, he took off his pants, ramming himself into her. It was not long before she came, and came again as he drilled her on the wall. Suddenly he hit her sharply on her neck, rendering her unconscious.

“I mean I’m gonna kill you now and no one is gonna stop me. Do you know how that makes me feel ?? Sick! Fucking Sick! How can I do this and get away with it? Does anybody Care? Will someone save you from this?

“Please…. Please…”

“Don’t beg me. I’m just like you. Just a Pawn in this sick twisted game called Life. I mean I look normal and sane on the exterior. I don’t look violent; nope, I look very innocent, like I couldn’t hurt a fly. Who the fuck can you trust in this life and who is innocent? Someone could pick me up on the street and do this same shit to me and I know for sure that no one would rescue me. No one! Do you believe you’re gonna be rescued ??”

She sobbed harder.


“I.. I don’t know.. Please.. I don’t know..”

“Its either a Yes or a No. Don’t let me have to cut off something off yo; Perhaps your pointy little nipple. Yes or No?”


“So you trying to tell me that you’re gonna escape from this? Ha! You make me laugh! All you humans and your blind faith. You just believe what serves your fucking selfish interest best. You have no idea how its gonna happen but you just blindly believe it to be true because it serves your interest, so it is with everything you humans do. You believe what serves your own selfish agenda, everything else, you discard. Its not your fault anyway. We were all hard-wired that way. Now you don’t even care who saves you, you just wanna be saved. You don’t care if he did come in here and I slash his neck while he’s trying to save you, all you care about is your escape. Anyway, nobody knows you’re here. Its just you and I. Hmmmmm. Do you believe in God??”

“Yee.. Yesss..”

“Do you believe He’s gonna save you ??”

“I… I don’t know”

Mr X picked up a butcher’s knife and hacked the wooden table, the blade entering deep into the furniture leaving her terrified and shaking.

“Next time, its not gonna be the table if you answer any of my questions with I don’t know.”

He struggled to pull the blade out..

“Noo!.. Noo!!” She whimpered, weeping profusely

“Tell me why He wouldn’t save you”

“B.. B.. Because I’m a sinner..”

“But Christ is looking for sinners to be saved, so why not You ? Maybe this is gonna be your big testimony in church about how you escaped a psychopath about to Gut You, maybe God would give me a heart attack or cause a Lightning bold to strike Me dead as I’m about to chop up pieces of your flesh.. Maybe a Miracle would happen, maybe not.. We are all sinners so please, give me another reason.. The buddhist is a sinner, the muslim, the christian, the pagans, the virgins, we are all sinners.. We are all self serving narcissistic pricks is what we are.. We all want whats best for ourselves.. Thats selfish desire and thats a sin and every fucking being living on this earth is a slave to his or her desires.. Anyway, what did you do that was bad ?”

“I… I go to parties, I take drugs n I watch horror movies..”

“Big deal, is that it.. Better give me something quick before i start cutting You”

“I.. oh no, I..I’ve never told anyone this”

“Do tell.. Its not like as if you’re gonna see anyone else ever after tonight..”



“I… I… I stole earrings from a store and got away with it.. I still feel guilty anytime I see them”

“And this is why You call yourself a sinner ? Let me tell you something baby, the true sinners are the ones who tell you to stop sinning.. Its Fucking human nature to do the opposite of what we hear… They fill you with guilt by telling You to stop what you’re doing and Your Ego rebels.. This conflict creates a vicious cycle of guilt and escape from guilt that never ends.. You feel guilt for what You do n you seek absolution.. True absolution is you alienating yourself from yourself, to kill your ego.. It is impossible to live in an ego driven world without an ego. The feeling of guilt is the biggest sin of all.. That feeling is the root of all evil, to avoid it, to subdue it, to pretend its not there.. That guilt n we all feel that guilt.. Why? Because we’ve been lied to.. Our Ancestors have perverted our true instincts and caused us to bury them within. Now, all thats left is guilt because of rules foreign to our souls. We feel ashamed for our feelings because they have been poisoned by Liars who think they know what right n wrong is.. One Lie believed is the beginning of all Problems.. It is a fucking hydra and the more lies told, the more heads pop up from the hydra.. I could say Life is a Big Lie because no one knows the truth.. I could also say that everything is Good because it was created to happen. I mean good and bad only exists when you use yourself to judge external events.. If its soothing to You, You call it good.. If its not, You call it bad but Every Bad, Everything you call Bad is good to someone else, at least one person and If one person considers a Bad thing Good, then all things are Good, Which is Why I’m gonna kill You Now.. Its for a good purpose.. Maybe your siblings would hear the news and get their childish hearts crushed and your death would inspire them to do great things, Maybe become the next Joel Osteen. Who knows”

He picked up a dirty white cloth from the table and covered her head.

“Please Pleeease..”She wept

“Close Your Eyes, don’t fight it, just Relax…”


Someone took the mask off her head and she saw her friends laughing like hyenas. Mixed feelings whirled around her, the very thought of slashing all their heads off flashed many times in her head. A small grin came from her face, still trembling with fear before she remembered she was naked. She asked for a cloth to cover herself

“You should have heard Yourself.. Oh.. Please..Oh Pleasee.. Hahhhaahhaaahaa..”

“Happy Halloween babe.. told you we could scare the shit out of You, acting all numb to horror movies n shit.. Haha”

“And Who is He.. *Pointing to Mr X*. that bastard has to go to jail for what he did to me”

“Whoa babe, we told him to do it… He’s a Pickup artist… Real smooth with the ladies..”

[Lady Friend] – Yea, real smooth hahahahaha

“I’m gonna kill You Guys, I swear to God.. someone untie me.. I’m gonna kill you guys”


Sorry. Tired. Early apologies.