Third day of the challenge.

I’m a big fan of geeks/nerds. I don’t care what field, I just adore people who know a lot about particular subjects or areas. I love learning so I clearly am attracted to guys/girls I can pick up titbits of knowledge from.

I also am attracted to talented people; art: performing, visual, literary, all kinds. I’m a big baby so when I see people with the ability to do amazing things, I’m just transfixed.

I love weirdos. I’m attracted to a person who isn’t afraid to be different in a sensible way. Being weird for me is actually quite wide. Could be their taste in music, dress sense, et alia.

Mysterious people attract me. I just love not to be able to analyse a person (and trust me, I’m pretty good!) I like the idea of unravelling mysteries; makes me shiver in excitement! 😀

Lechers. X_X I’m an Ero-sennin so….. 😀

I’m drawn towards understated beauties. Somehow, I’m a tad put off by ‘Hot boys/girls’. They are eye candy, yes but I hardly feel attracted. I tend to get attracted to people because of their eyes, or their smile or their finger, or butt; ordinary things like that. Little things that can make me smile really.

As for personalities, I really don’t know. That is random for me, depending on my mood when I meet them. I hate arrogant people though; can’t stand them.

That’s it for now I suppose.

Happy Sabbath!
Enjoy your day!