This was a poem @Newton_Samson sent me ages ago! Can’t believe I never posted it. X_X! Do enjoy! 🙂

She waited until night fall
Very close to their favourite wall
She waited for his love call
And she heard nothing, nothing at all

She tried not to remember
But the day was in November
The same month he met her
When he came newly, as a corper.

He strode into the village in his khaki
His beauty like the fabled Fulani
She wanted to be his houri
From then, all she wanted was Lamidi

He taught her all about lust
Feelings, she thought were lost
She forgot all about her husband’s trust
giving her all to take every thrust.

How they all despise her
Women spat when they passed her
Every foul name they called her
Is it her fault that he loved her?

He promised to take her away
Back to the city where he had his way
Where they would live on his pay
Where even the gods don’t have a say

So she waits at the mango tree
The place he made them three
Now she and his child free
Her emotion in turmoil she wants to reel.

He has gone
Her burden she bears alone
To her husband must she atone?
Who can blame her if she has a heart of stone?