A week already! Yaay!

I’d take the relationship angle on this one.
Cheating is wrong, plain wrong. It’s heart breaking. If you have chosen to be in a relationship, it is your duty as a human being God created, to be faithful. Relationships to me, are commitments. Commitments are oaths. Cheating is the breaking of an oath. If you weren’t going to be faithful why bother?

I’ve heard guys say ‘They were tempted’ and because of their weakness they fell. Well get a hold of yourself! Many men have been tempted and have been able to resist temptation!
Married men who cheat disgust me. I’ve been approached once by a married guy with two kids. Yes, I gave him a tongue lashing! You are disrespecting your wife! You’re making a mockery of the vows you bloody took! One guy told me he might not get married. I asked why and he said he fears he might cheat on his wife. Apparently, he lives with an uncle that cheats on his wife on a regular and he’s scared he might do the same. Need I say I was terribly disappointed in humanity when I heard this? And I’m sure that woman loves him! Even if she’s a troublesome woman, you have no right to cheat! Sort it out like a fuckin’ man and stop jumping up and down! Are you a bee? Pollinating flowers like no man’s business. Baka!
If you know you cannot remain faithful to your gf/wife/’guy’, then effin’ stay single!

Then for women, what reasons do you have to cheat? Your man doesn’t pay you attention? He doesn’t satisfy your needs? You fell in love? Still not reasonable to excuse your cheating! If you have a problem, thrash it out with him like a mature person. If you feel breaking up is the best thing, then do. He’d be sad yes, but even more sad if he ever found out you were playing ‘away’ match! Oh and to make it worse, WITH HIS FRIEND! Hia!!!!
Then for married women, I have nothing to say but AVADA KEDAVRA!!! You should be ashamed! Totally! I can’t even begin to imagine how stupid you’d be to be sleeping with another man when you have a husband! Does that tickle your ears? Do you like the sound of that? Tufia! May God have mercy on you!

I’m not done o!
Men and women that assist in the cheating process. He knows she has a bf. She knows he’s a married man with children. He knows she’s another man’s wife. All of you, consider yourselves judged!

I think I turned this into a rant. It hits close to home for me. No, I haven’t been cheated on, I just had the family divided because someone couldn’t keep his fuckin’ pants on!

As usual, if you don’t like what I’ve said, KILL YOURSELF! I’d send flowers to your funeral and dance naked on your grave!

See you tomorrow.