My exam yesterday went well thanks for asking. Yes, i assumed you asked. Bite me…please 😀


I’m going to tweak the topic to encompass all my X’s (and P’s (-_-). Now that I think about it, they weren’t as many as I always thought, the real ones.
So yeah to my X’s I say Thank you.
I consider myself blessed to have known them. Some girls have gone through heart break and all that but not I. (Wait, I think that’s because I did the breaking up each time :s)

To J, my first male best friend. We were better as friends. We gave the ‘relationship’ thing our best shot. Didn’t work so we returned to being best friends till date. Totally dependable guy.

To U, my ‘school junior brother’. I swear it almost felt like incest what we had (not sexual!) Lool! You had your faults but I tamed you. 😀 *cracks whip*. We’re still in touch, still good friends.

To E, I ran away didn’t I? X_X. I had a massive crush and when I finally had you, I got bored. The chase is forever better….(Tigress things :D). Haven’t seen or spoken to you in almost 5 years. Long time. Ah well.

To T. You’re an exception. You really have pissed me off. So I left you for reasons best known to me. Couldn’t you just cherish the memories?? You had to be persistent. We could have been friends but you kept asking why I left. I left because I was bored! You bored me! You were an easy catch. We didn’t even share anything in common. Ah well. Glad you’re gone for good. Even more glad you left on your own. Deleted me off facebook though LOOL! Nigga please!

To C.S.B. Long distance mostly suits friendships I guess. Again, I left without a well-defined reason. Gave up. I could only try for so long. We’re still chums so I’m glad!

Then to my internet P’s, you have all been wonderful amusements! Nothing like a long distance P. Loool! Is that even called a P? That should be called a Q or some other befitting alphabet!
To my future P’s, I can only smile at the iniquities we shall engage in…online of course :D. Iniquities being book/anime discussions O:)

I do not plan on having any more X’s. My mates are getting married and bearing children and I’m here counting X’s. My village people have hidden my destiny inside the Ark of Covenant ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ). I shall not be a steady attender of any ‘I MUST MARRY’ convention in Jesus name! *Congregation screams Amen. One or two fat women fall under the anointing*
It’s all Anointing until somebody gets hurts. Then punches are thrown. Shii just got real! Halleluyah! -_-.
I’m drifting.

I’m done!
Happy Sabbath! (I’m a Jewish Christian but that is for another day)