I go by the maxim ‘Too much of everything isn’t good’. Same could be said for drugs and alcohol. Drugs do have their uses..or did. Morphine is used for painkillers during surgery. Opium was used in days gone by seers. Opened their inner eyes. (Me thinks they were just high!) And cocaine was doled out to soldiers to keep them alert…so I read.
Getting addicted to drugs remains the problem.

I’ve never taken drugs so I have no idea how it makes people feel. I’m keeping an open mind and believing a little weeding does help…somehow.
Class A drugs are of the Devil though! I recently read on the effect of a certain drug Krokodil. Terribly disgusting. It causes the flesh of the user to rot and fall off! Saw pictures. Why would you put yourself through that just to feel the high?? I don’t understand.
Then there’s Angel Dust, PCP. Highly dangerous. Side effects include permanent brain damage! Good Lord knows what chemicals are mixed into the shit those fools push into their systems.

In my own opinion, I’d say stay away from drugs.
It’s an expensive habit. Drug addiction would reduce you to the most common and lowest of criminals; stealing from the disabled and old people to fund your ‘fix.’
I know some would say they won’t get addicted or what they take is harmless. “It’s just weed.” “It’s only crack”. One day you’d be tempted to ‘try’ something harder. “Just once” you’d say. ‘Just once’ is how the story of most drug addicts start! Be careful. Use that grey blob between your ears. Don’t damage it.

Then to alcohol.
I drink socially. I’m not an alcoholic. Again, the maxim of ‘Too much of everything..”
Alcohol is processed by your liver. The more you drink, the more work your liver goes through. ‘Body no be firewood’ is just apt. The liver serves an important function; getting rid of harmful biochemicals in humans. Excessive alcohol intake damages the liver. Go figure.
Asides the damage to the human body, getting drunk makes you irrational. It can get you killed. (Don’t drink and drive!) It can make you say/do things you’d regret. E.g Getting horrible tattoos, shagging an ugly babe with crabs, shagging an animal, rape, murder.
Alcoholism is a problem. Don’t forget that!
Moderation is the key. Know your tolerance level. Stop!

I really don’t know if it’s written somewhere in the Bible not to take drugs or drink at all. I know it says something in Proverbs about drunk being foolish. Be that as it may, we have been given brains. We have the ability to make a choice.
Choose to destroy your life with an addiction, that one consign you o!
I have said my own!

Got an exam this afternoon. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚
Say hello to the weekend!!!!
See you tomorrow!