Hello! It’s Monday. TGIM? No? Well yes for me! Weekend was a tad dull.
Anyway, topic for today: ON DISRESPECTING PARENTS

I’m Nigerian and if there’s one thing one should know about Nigerian parents, it’s that you should never disrespect them. That is like booking a one way ticket to Purgatory. It is wrong to disrespect your parents. No reason can justify it! In the Bible, it is the only commandment with a promise! That’s how important it is.
“Honour your father and your mother so that your days would be long in the land which Yahweh has given you“- Exodus 20 vs 9 or 10.
It’s wrong.
I cannot imagine myself being rude to my mother..and I’m good at imagining ways to die.
I see kids in this country swearing at their mothers and telling them to shut up.
No fear!
My mother slapped me once for murmuring angrily. Let me paint a scenario of a ‘Shut Up’ situation.

Mum: Chioma blah blah blah
Me: Mummy just shut up for fuck’s sake!
Mum: What did you say??
Me: *runs to China*
Two years later. Knock on the door.
Me: Nihao
Mum: *with machete* Chioma What did you say to me???
Me: mummy biko…

And I’m hacked to pieces like an Ileya ram -_-
I respect my father too even though at the lowest point of my life, I was ready to cuss him out. I just couldn’t.
It’s all about proper home training! Teach them. Discipline your child if they misbehave!
If we can’t teach our children respect, what would they pass on to their own kids?
From disrespect, it would turn to beating up the parent or threatening them.
The good Lord knows I’d instill knowledge into my kids. The day they dare disrespect me or their dad, I’d package them and send them off to their granny for punishment.
Always ask yourself this when you want to be rude to your parents “How would I feel if my child said this or did this to me?”

Anyway, that’s it for today. Thank God its Monday! Money to be made! đŸ˜€