Topic for today: PLACES I’D LOVE TO VISIT

First place is Japan!!!!!!
I am obsessed with Japan. Too many animes. They are an interesting people. Their cultural heritage. A country where honour is above all. The language too portrays respect. E.g, you cannot call someone by their first name unless given permission. It is the surname and a suffix -san.
Haven’t really tried the food so I’d definitely be doing that when I eventually get there!

I love China.
I love their food. I love their historical achievements. They were more advanced than the Western civilisation in their hey-dey. I love the music. I love the food. The language sounds interesting and I want to learn Mandarin one day. I love the food.
And I love their martial arts!!! I love the food too! πŸ˜€

Another country, Morocco. I want to visit Morocco because I love the name, Morocco. Stupid reason but :p

I want to see the pyramids in Egypt! I want to inhale the hot desert air and feel the stone that were once touched by an ancient people.

I’d love to explore the Amazonian jungle. The flora, fauna and everything inbetween! It would be great fun if I could go with someone special and we can engage in interesting activities in the humid, noisy jungle :D. Might even see Preying Mantis’ relatives! ( :p ) Lol!

New Zealand!
I just want a couple of hot big boned Zealander lads to perform the Haka for me! Very virile men….never you mind! πŸ˜€

North and South poles would be interesting places to explore. Death-defying too!

I’ve fantasised about trekking through the Gobi desert. Or I get a camel. πŸ™‚

I’d hold here.
We shall be having a guest blogger on later today hopefully!