“Hell-oh.” greeted the Grim Reaper to his sinful victim.
My joke of the day.
Well, sometimes these things never work. Anyway in no particular order.

1. Food.
I do indulge in comfort eating when I’m sad or depressed. Not so much food but eating does make me smile. Especially if it’s an Asian cuisine. πŸ˜€

2. Books+Music
These work when I’m sad not angry. Fantasy fiction perk me up! I just lose myself. Music as well. Whenever I’m upset, I listen to Disturbed. Awesome band. Mad love for the lead singer David Draiman. Even did a vector art of him! πŸ˜€

So yeah, listening to them brings a smile. Heavy metal in totality cheers me up!

3. Working out.
This is for anger. Sometimes I get so pissed off, I get my hula hoop or I do jumping jacks till my muscles start complaining. Works every time but It’s not every time I go into angry workout mode. Sometimes, (like yesterday) I just curl myself into a fetal position on the bed or floor and just think evil things.

4. My little brother
He’s my ultimate cheerer-upper. He’s the only one that actually gives a shit about me at home. When I’m upset he comes up with this stupid indian accent, asking if I need a hug. Cracks me up every time! Or he makes of me till I’m forced to retaliate and we both end up laughing. Sweet boy. πŸ™‚ He isn’t so little..a teen now and taller than I am πŸ˜₯

5. Art..sometimes!
When I’m angry I draw. The problem with this is that sometimes I’m not satisfied with what I’m drawing and that just makes me madder! >_<!

6. Random conversations.
I've got my Rock Republic family on bbm and they are fun so sometimes, they cheer me up. Then there's Ed my incubus :D, Samuel my best friend and 'lover', Ekwem, Samson my emo, geeky pal and the list rolls. Sometimes, they're not there when I need them the most 😦

So yeah! That's it for today!
See ya!!!!