Well, as the title says, this is about the life of a Mantis…in pictures. This was inspired by the villain himself, Preying Mantis…and my boredom at work -_-.

This Mantis, like every other human being,loves to start its day in the loo, paying homage to the white porcelain god. Its favourite read of course, is the Mantis Daily, a newspaper filled with interesting news and the latest blog posts.

Don’t we all love refreshing baths? Well so does this Mantis! It relaxes in this luxurious bath tub, plotting evil for all mankind on Blogsville!

Mantis is sadly a single parent. All that bile chased its partner away, leaving him to rear its offspring, baby Mantis. Baby Mantis was enrolled into a kindergarten for Insects to get it away from the house so that its lone parent can finally relax and cause mayhem on the internet.

After school runs, our Mantis comes home to make a quick-lunch. That way, it doesn’t have to be disturbed in its part-time job as a villain. Ladies, our Mantis is a good cook so holla at it if you need help around the house sometimes ๐Ÿ˜€

After cooking, we have the infestation/Mantis flu on the comment sections of our blog posts.

Before we end this, our Mantis has a word for us!


Thanks Mantis san! Buggy schwaaan!

The End!

(P.s: photographs culledย from Dailymail.)