Life goes on doesn’t it? We all gonna die one day. Heck she’s even lucky to be rid of the troubles of the world.  Ah well.

Thanks for the well wishes and hugs. Accept my heart-felt appreciation.

So, topic for Today: MY FAVOURITE THINGS

Favourite body part: Definitely not my ass. I’d say my eyes. I think they’re nice even though my brother says they’re beady, shifty and dead.

Favourite book: I cannot have one. No true bibliophile should have one. What i have are favourite books from authors. My favourite Charles Dickens’ is A Tale of Two Cities. My favourite Dan Brown book is Deception Point. Fave Jeffrey Archer’s First amongst equals. Fave Dean Koontz’ is a tricky one. I’m in love with all his books….except Sole Survivor. My fave Stephen King, another hard one. Well you get the idea.

Favourite Actor: This one changes according to the movie I watch. Right now, it’s Rowan Atkinson (Johnny English reborn was the last movie i watched). I fear after i watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie, it would be Robert Downing Jnr. Dude’s very….interesting. If i was made to choose on the pain of death though, it would be Johnny Depp.

Favourite Actress: Helena Bonham Carter. Easy. Love her.

Favourite film: Not a huge fan of films but I do enjoy classics especially the adventure genre.

Favourite colour: Lapis lazuli. Google Image is your friend. :p

Favourite lie: “I don’t know”

Favourite truth: “I don’t know”

Favourite band: Disturbed.

Favourite food: Nigerian: Anything (asides amala) with ogbono soup. Intercontinental: Chinese cuisines.

Favourite quote: “I like big butts and I cannot lie”- Sir Mix a Lot. 😀

Favourite favour: “Can you do me a favour?”

Favourite words: “Buttocks” “Ennui” “Susurrus”

Favourite Phrase: “Can’t be bothered”( Efe can confirm this one. Lol) “Oh well”

Favourite bible quotation: Job 11 vs 12 : “”An idiot will become intelligent When the foal of a wild donkey is born a man.” I find it so hilarious!

And I’ve run out of things to ‘favourite’.

Another week, another bout of struggles.