Hey there.
No small talks.

1. I’ve never screamed out loud in fear before. Never.

2. I love the sense of smell. I sniff at everything and everyone. I’d never enjoy a food I can’t smell.

3. I’m horribly morbid. I’ve been told I’m a ‘defeatist’ and my best bud says I’m ‘negative’ but I’m just a morbid dark weirdo is all. I’ve been putting conscious effort into being more ‘optimistic’ but bleh! It’s all doom and gloom for me.

4. I’m a ‘starer’. I enjoy looking at people from a distance. Just watching behavioural patterns. Interesting thing to do.

5. I have an obsession with skinheads. It had to be said! I’m not thirsty!

6. I was once a tad too interested in serial killers. I read a lot about them! Now, not so much.

7. I cannot dance. I stink. *sigh*

8. I laugh a lot but hardly smile.

9. I’ve got a non-sexual attraction to women. Really 😀

10. I’m fiercely introverted. That accounts for my few friends. 😦

Oh well. If you need to know more, marry me! :p