Cold, hard concretes and metals, imposing themselves on the skyline.
“It is our time to shine!” They boasted arrogantly to the few trees that were still fortunate to be standing.
They rejoiced at the demise of their green predecessors.
They stand like a million shards, fallen from the sky, sticking to the Earth like numerous pins on a pin cushion.
Higher! Higher!
They grew even higher, each competing to be the tallest building in Europe.
Foolish humans with your fancy machines!
Make us higher!
Let us reach into the skies and colonise it!
Let us obstruct the sun!
We are immortal!
We are not trees. We do not need the Sun!
We will last for all eternity!
Let us be worshipped like gods we are.

And one and two, and soon and soon.
Their wishes would be met.
Long roads, tall buildings on both sides.
A sandwich of coal tar concrete and metal.

And one and two, and soon and soon.
We would become caged birds. We would remember what it felt like to feel the sun on our skins. We’d peer surreptitiously, hoping to see something other than slabs and more slabs of concrete.
We would one day view the skies with a telescope.

Inspired by the horrible day I’m currently having. Trapped in traffic, surrounded by buildings, cars, and more buildings.