This question gives me the ‘shakes’. I’m eternally grateful for all my five functioning senses! To give one up is just…. What would I choose?

My sight? NO! I might as well be a vegetable! I can’t read? Or stare at people? Or draw/appreciate art? Mba! Hell no! Kill me instead.

My hearing? This, I might consider. I love my music so the prospect of eternal silence is crippling BUT I’d give anything not to hear my name being screamed by mother. Tee Hee.

My sense of smell? NeVER! I love smells. Good, bad, I love! It’s interesting! I think I might have been a sniffer dog in my former life! LOL.

My taste? Nah. I like my food. I’d be depressed if I couldn’t taste anything I ate!

Touch. No. No. I love touching 😀 that is all!

At the end of the day, I’m glad I have them all. Some don’t. Some are too dead to sadly.
Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of a school mate’s death.
Victim of a vicious stabbing. Even sadder, the culprit was his friend. Why was he stabbed? Over a quarrel on facebook.
Of all things!
The culprit’s serving a 14yr jail sentence now but because he’s under 17, his records would be expunged I think.
Ah well.
RIP Salum.

Let us be grateful for everything we have, no matter how small.