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Topic: HOW WOULD YOU SPEND £10,000

I’d start by saying 10grand is TOO SMALL! IN THIS ECONOMY? HIAN!

That being said, if i truly was given this money, i’d divide it in half and give my mum half. Maybe it would make her relax more and worry less. Providing for four kids on your own isn’t easy so it would make me feel good, giving back.

£5000 left.

Church tithe’s £500.

£4500 left.

Books. I’d buy loads of books, old and new worth about £1000

£3500 left.

I’d give a friend of mine in need of an eye surgery £2000. Not enough but it’s something.

£1500 left

£500 to my siblings because they’d nag me anyway. Lol

I’d save the rest.

If on the other hand I was given a hundred grand, I’d definitely be including a power bike to my expenditure list! 😀

Enjoying your Xmas preparations? Xmas cheer? Well take  my middle finger, thank you very much! -__-