This is not a post.

Ok it is but i’m pissed so i have no ‘topic’.

Consider this quality time wasted.

Oh come back.

I’m just angry. Charging port for my blackberry device just decided to self-destruct. I watched some rogue videos on Youtube ‘teaching me how to charge my phone without the port’. Yeah, I’ve chewed wires (and swallowed metal shavings I’m sure) and no, no solution. They were wrong. So I’m going to be without a phone for a quality number of days (until i can either buy a travel charger or a new phone). Oh and did i mention i’m broke?

Why do gadgets frustrate me? I hate them all -.- Choosing to go bad just when my account is tryna stay above waters. Mehn I don’t blame babes that invoice guys shaa. If i get bobo now, no be to call am demand for new phone? Yeah right. I’m too proud and stubborn for my own good. Can’t get a new phone now. It would have to be in January.

Why am i telling you this? Because this is my anger therapy. I’d get pissed and smash stuff if i don’t write it down. My boss better not piss me off today. I wee transfer this aggression eh..MSCHEW.

Anyway, my stomach’s aching now. I might just be dying from ingesting chewed wires.

If you don’t see a Day 23 post, you know what happened.

See you….somewhere.