Dionysus here!


Five College kids Johnny, Kyle, Cory, Jenny, and Jolie decide to do something strange for once in their lives, to break out of their routine.

Kyle, the wannabe Rockstar takes them in his Van.

Johnny is the Jock. The guy who’s cocky, played football, screws cheerleaders and is loved externally but hated within by many. Jolie and Johnny were dating before she caught him cheating on her with her best friend. She severed the relationship with her friend but couldn’t get over her obsession for Johnny. She still acts hurt about the incident but inside, her hormones are raging wanting Johnny to just see through her self-imposed guilt and ravish her like he always did before. She just wished he did her like before, kissing her on the lip to silence her while she was talking incessantly about nothing in particular. She wished he would come abduct her from her dorm room window with his ladder at night and shag her on the wet lawn. She hopes this trip would rekindle their flame.

Jenny wears the image perfectly of the Good Girl trying to Save the Bad Boy, Kyle from Himself, never winning of course. Kyle, the wannabe Rockstar, partied hard, lots of drugs and booze. He is always in a haze but all his inebriation seemed to have a positive effect on his music and she loved his music. She believes he would be something big. Smart girl she is, always trying to use her wits to decipher and fix the mind of her Bad boy lover, finding out that she’s starting to lose her wits.

Cory is ‘The Friend’. You know that guy who you tell all your secrets to; that guy who seems to always be there to hear your complaints and rants and tells You the right thing to do but never gets any girls ? That’s Cory. His situation was like the Pretty Girl with her Ugly Friend. Ever noticed that Pretty Girls always have Ugly Best Friends? The Ugly Friend serves as the voice of reason telling her, herboyfriend is no good. The Pretty One listens but then goes on and fucks the Boyfriend anyway. She then goes back to the Ugly Friend to tell her he dumped her while the ugly friend wipes her tears. Of course, the Ugly friend is wishing if only a guy would look at her and find her attractive and just fuck her; she’d be okay. Back to Cory. He is the nerd with a lot of knowledge. The kind that speaks off point about facts long forgotten, video games, etc. You know the kind of guy that draws awkward stares when he talks. He is somehow the friends of these cool kids.

They begin their journey to this strange circus closed down because of the gruesome Murders that took place sometime in the past. Some believed it was a pure act of evil as police could not explain what kind of monster had the strength to rip people apart so grotesquely. Flesh ripped out from joints, organs and intestines 20ft away from the decapitated body, blood stains. No one was ever charged with the murders.  The circus was closed and hadn’t been open since. It is getting dark n they were running out of things to say so Kyle tells Johnny about his secret stash of pot in the back pocket of his seat van. They roll one up, light it and pass it around each taking one deep toke. Light-headed, they start giggling at nothing in particular.

On the road, they see a hot hitchhiker; female, blonde. She stands in front of the road and flashes them her tits, her red nipples looking pink from the light of the van on her. They are all high so they picked her up,I mean, why not? She tells them she likes to roam around in the open, no cars, no people, no names, no places just the open road with nothing but nature. She takes these trips once in a while as a form of catharsis, to dissociate from her ego created for her by society. She smells pot in the van, rolls an extra for herself and partakes of the plant. They soon arrive at the abandoned circus ground. The air is dank and windy, litter floating, sitting on the air like a ghost was handling them.

Jenny – “This place is creepy!”

Kyle –  “Yeah it is, freakin’ Awesome!”

Johnny – “Yeah dude!”

Jolie – “I think we should just go.”

Cory –  “Guys, common! The Incident was in 1964. Are we gonna keep living our lives in fear of the past? Are we gonna be the generation that just reads magazines and talk about stuff but do Nothing ? Common! Lets experience it for ourselves rather than just falsely believe everything we hear.”

Hitchhiker Babe – “Preach!…….. Nerd!”

(They all burst into fits of laughter)

They enter the Circus. Cory turns on a switch and it lights up the whole Circus. Even after being abandoned for a while, it still looks as if it were still in use. The decaying that usually occurs in a place uninhabited hasn’t happened here. It feels full of life. Kyle could have sworn he saw something move in the shadows but couldn’t tell whether it was the pot causing him to hallucinate. Soon, he and the hitch-hiker go into a bathroom. They giggle as she unfastens his belt. He doesn’t resist as she pulls his pants down and starts sucking. He gets hard and turns her around, taking her from behind. During the act, the toilet lights flicker and suddenly, the place is plunges into darkness momentarily. The lights come on only for Kyle to see he is fucking a headless body, blood splattered. He pulls out in sheer terror and before he can scream, he slips on her blood spilled on the floor and falls hitting his head on the toilet floor rendering him unconscious..

The remaining four are together, exploring the Circus, telling themselves it wasn’t that creepy. Soon, the lights starts to flash and they hear maniacal laughter echoing from the background. Johnny grips Jolie’s hand in fear and starts running. Soon, she stops feeling the pull of him and realises Johnny’s hand had been severed along with his other body parts scattered on the floor. She screams in horror as Johnny’s lifeless arm holds hers in a tight grip. Her other hand trembling, she manages to unclench his fingers from her left wrist, the menacing laughter still ringing louder. She breaks down crying, paralyzed by fear. Jenny, who followed them, holds her by the face, telling her to snap out of her fear else. After much reasoning, she finally got up and they both start running. They find the exit door but as they run towards it, it slams shut.

Bravado forgotten, they both begin to cry, shaking in fear. Soon, the flashing lights are minimized to a particular place upstairs. They look up and see Cory. His eyes had turned white, red veins on his face; his voice, deep, evil and echoing.

Cory – “Welcome to the end of your life as you know it. You are now a slave to this Place. Your soul will be trapped here and your only hope of escape is for you to kill as many trespassers as yourself before the next Equinox. This Place belongs to Us and no humans are allowed!”

With that, the lights went off.


Police went to the circus two weeks later for their routine inspection and found decaying rotten corpses and body parts. Forensic experts were called to examine the scene.

Soon the lights of the Circus started flashing……