Waiting for a ‘Merry Xmas’ post right?
I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m Jewish-Christian so forgive me if I don’t understand your cheer.
When I tell people I don’t celebrate the ‘feast’ they all go “Aww. You’re missing o!”
Missing what? Chicken? Beef? Beer?
But i have  those every other day.
What is Christmas? And no one please give me that tadodoole about it being a season of ‘Giving’ yada yada.
And no, it’s not the ‘birthday’ of Jesus either. Camon what are you? 12?
So let us be real. What exactly is Christmas and why do you celebrate it?
It’s not in the bible so no one give me a dose of Christian codswallop. What value does Christmas have? Why do most people die during this period if it’s really a religious do?
What does Christmas really mean to you beside the merriment? Is the merriment the only reason people celebrate it?
That ladies and gentlemen, is a question I’d love an answer to.
I’m not blasting anyone’s belief. I just seek insight because I read the same bible you read. Get me?

My phone is going haywire with Season’s greetings. Well I’d just have to ignore all that.

Although I cannot wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’, I do wish you all enjoy your holidays and stay alive! Anyway, I wasn’t going to do any special story but it seems co-writer Dionysus did so I’d be posting that later today.
Drink responsibly.