There he was just minding his own business, going about his daily routine with his friends. Suddenly, some huge men from nowhere came to abduct him. He struggled hard to pull free but they were just too strong. His limbs were bound with ropes and he was carelessly tossed to be back of their truck.

Surrounded on all sides by steel, his heart rate tripled. He knew it was going to be a long ride to his doom. Fear congealed at the pit of his stomach. He cried out for help but none was coming. An hour later, he alerted them that he needed to use the bathroom. It was almost like they couldn’t understand what he was saying. Unable to hold it in, he let out his excrement at the back of the truck.

The truck finally comes to a halt. He heard the doors of the truck open, spewing its occupants and he tensed up. Should he make a run for it? Was he going to be able to escape? Before a clear plan formulated in his mind, the back of the truck opened and they dragged him out of the van, sliding him on his dung.
It was almost dark. He couldn’t see any distinguishing landmarks to know where he was. They pushed him into a huge compound and carried him to a tree, tying him there for the night. He wanted to protest but didn’t have the strength. Long journey with no sustenance. He could only let out a feeble plee for mercy.

Mercy, they showed him. They gave him food which he ate up in a hurry. They left him to feed and the men disappeared into the compound. He called to them in panic, as he was left alone in the dark, nature tormenting him with the blistering cold and the insects feeding on him.
A time for sober reflection. That was what he saw this as. He thought back on his life, his mistakes, what he did and didn’t do wrong and soon before he knew it, fatigue got the better of him, sleep taking him away.

Morning came and warming sun wolke him up. He looked around, and saw himself surrounded by people. Everyone smiling, ignoring the fact that he was bound to a tree. He looked to his left and he saw a big pot steaming with boiling water. He knew what was happening. Surely they weren’t going to do that? This had to be a joke!
The next thing he saw caused his heart to race faster and he struggled to break free. It was a slim man with very mean looking with a sharp knife approaching him. He struggled, screamed at the top of his lungs to no avail, everyone just seemed to be staring at him; laughing as they carried on their daily routine. The man unfastened the rope from the tree and he tried to run but that was no use as his feet and arms were shackled. He fell to the floor and the man carried the loose end of the rope and dragged him on the ground to a drainage area. The sinister man held his head back exposing his neck and placed the knife on it.

He screamed, pleaded but they all just ignored him.
He watched the knife in disbelief as it went back and forth, across his neck. The pain hit him few seconds later and he screamed in agony, jerking.
Back and forth, the knife continued as his neck was slit open, blood gushing out like a broken tap.
His screams soon turned to silent whispers as his windpipe was cut.
Slowly, he departed his lifeless body and his spirit was still present to see what this wicked man was doing to him. He saw his legs and arms still jerk slowly even though he was dead. The Man then carried the hot water and poured it on his lifeless body, using the knife to scrape his skin. He then carried another tool and used it to make a hole on him, then put his mouth in it, blowing air in his corpse making it bloated.
They soon started cutting pieces of his body and throwing it into boiling water, opened him up, removing his bile
He watched the man admire his horns as he removed his head off.
He sighed.
“Lived, a ram. Died a ram.”
His spirit bleated one last time, before he disappeared forever.

The End.