26th of December. Boxing day.

A day for opening presents. Why is it called Boxing day then? Maybe because of the reaction of kids when they realise Santa didn’t get them anything they had wished for. Well they should be happy. Harry Potter got grey socks and toothpicks for Christmas…or so J.K Rowling said.


Today’s topic : YOUR SIBLINGS

I happen to be the first child of my mother but i’ve got two elder sisters. They are married with kids now. And they are a few years older than I am. It would soon be my turn to get married. I need to be quick and choose a suitor before old, hungry men start coming to the house looking for a flower to pluck. Like WTH! You are not looking for a wife but a plant? Well, we don’t have a garden but we do have some ugwu in the kitchen so i’d definitely point them to that!

But really, i always imagine some 50-something year old man, looking for a third wife to use for money ritual, to come looking for me. Hia. I’d give him 3 envelopes and ask him to pick one. Evnvelope A would have Pepper spray written inside. B- Baseball bat, C- Rat poison. \\(-.-)//

I’ve gone off point. Back to my siblings.

I have an immediate younger brother who’s a cool guy. A budding musician (jazz-hiphop…whatever that is) and one of his hobbies includes making fun of me. He’s funny so i don’t mind. We throw shots at each other when we’re not busy discussing depressing issues like the uselessness of life or the illusion of wealth. Trust me, the boy can depress an optimist!

Then my sister. Well. According to Ekwem,  i make her sound like a retard when i talk about her. But she’s not. We’re just two totally different people so we don’t gel. She believes in things like ‘Role Models’ and chides me for being such a horrible one. I believe in ‘Everyman for himself yo!’ and I’m branded as Selfish. She doesn’t understand my sense of humour one bit. And she finds Linda Ikeji’s blog funny. Really? And i’m not?? kmt! What she wants is a girly big sister to discuss girly things with. What she got was a weirdo who is scared of people and watches anime all day and night. Can you blame her for not liking me? 😀

Then, the last but the best! He too does think I’m a weirdo but that’s why he loves me. lol. He does like my stupid antics and he’s the only one i really let my whole guard down for. Sometimes, he walks into the kitchen when i’m cooking and forces me to waltz with him. And we’d be singing the most random of songs! We used to make amazingly stupid videos before but now, we don’t even though we say we will. He’s very likeable and a talented performer. Sings acts and is into sports and i go for every show of his. One of his friends thought I was his mother once! 😥 Why evils?????? Do i look old or what! 😥 Anyway, yeah. He’s my favourite sibling and I do tend to spoil him…when i have the money. My sister thinks i don’t care about him because i never nag him to go sleep early. Hell, I never sleep early! I don’t like nagging much anyway.

Anyway, that’s it for today!

While most of you stay home, sleeping off the excesses of yesterday, I’ve got work to go in for. I refused a break because i need the cash! Want to treat myself to something nice by the end of the year. Dunno what yet though! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your holidays.