“Hey-lo” said the Igbo man.
Joke of the day! 😀
Straight to topic! : MY INSPIRATION

On earth, the one person that inspires me is my mother. Never really realised this until recently. I don’t understand her and we are not close. Difference in personalities. But I do envy her strength, her willpower, her ability to unfazed by challenges. Many people tell me I’m strong but I don’t believe them. Compared to me ma, I’m a puny weak child.
Also her strong faith in Yahweh just blows me away. Every time I pray, I ask for faith and ability to trust Yahweh like my mum.
She does inspire me not by her words, but by her actions. She never let separating from her husband get in the way of her dreams for herself and us. Really.
I do feel guilty most times because she never was my favourite parent but I’m coming to appreciate the things she does for us.
Just yesterday, a part of me was criticising what I saw as her ’emphasis of making it’. You know, financially. But I guess that’s our difference in personality. I’m not big on riches.

My mum inspires me to push for what I want. From her, I’ve learnt not to listen to what EVERYONE says. She’s taught me to be focused in life. She’s inspiring me to trust implicitly in Yahweh. I’ve always been a ‘I can do It on my own’ kinda person’ but now I’m learning to demand less from Yahweh and listen more to what He’s got to say to me.
My mum has kept us going as a family and I’m glad she’s mine.

Although I’m not as outgoing as she wants or outspoken and although my way of approaching problems differ from hers, I love her.
I cannot be my mother.
I’d be better than my mother.
That is what she wants from me.

I’d probably not tell her this because I’m ‘awkward’. Maybe I’d pick up the courage to one day.
Wanna get her something for her birthday in two months. No idea what yet! :s

Anyway, that’s it for today.
A special birthday shoutout to my big sister, and my new friend and rocker, Joe. Wishing you two the best Yahweh has to offer for his children!
Have a spiffing day!