Kinda upset and disappointed in someone I regarded as a friend. I mean I’ve known her since primary school through to secondary school. For reasons best known to her, (maybe I wasn’t cool enough) we kinda stopped talking much. Her birthday’s today so I wished her a Happy birthday. Don’t know why. Was hoping we’d have a decent conversation I guess. But…didn’t happen. Now I feel stupid.
Not like she remembers my birthday.

Sorry needed to offload that.


Ok I picked that randomly.
1. My ideal man has a name but I’d call him SK. 😀 No, you don’t know him! :p

I’m not sure what my idea of ‘ideal’ is. He should be taller than I am, (I’m quarter to a dwarf ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) )
Ummm. Cute. My idea of cute is warped. So is my idea of handsome. I find Orochimaru sexy after all (Naruto) ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ . But SK is a handsome man though!

Definitely must be an avid reader or/and anime head or/and rocker. Important! SK has all three :”>.
His ability to make me feel relaxed is essential since being outside kinda gives me ….
Must be able to tell me the truth, even the painful ones. No flattery or platitudes.
Humble. A bit annoying just to give me something to punch him for. Loyal to his friends. Nice to waiters. Love children. Be nerdy like me. A bit crazy. Good crazy! 😀

I’m rambling.
Before someone says “No guy is like that”, you’re wrong. There’s a guy like that. Yes, SK. My lover. 😀

Tomorrow, I shall draw the curtain to this challenge! Yay! I bet Mantis san said yay too -_-

Stay alive.
A happy New year (of the Gregorian (?) Calendar) in advance!