Our Incubus, Eddie-san is here again. Enjoy 😉


He talks to me with slow, deliberate cadences. He watches me with knowing eyes, watching for my sign. He shuffles a stack of tarot cards with flourish. He’s Marius et je suis totalement enchanté avec lui.

C’ete une petite féte, small, personal and heady with bloodlust. Obviously glamoured paramours wiggled tiny bosoms and puffed up little pouts, like diminished peahens. I stood in the corner, completely disinterested with the spectacle. Their overt displays of sexuality jarred me and I shuddered at their image they presented. I couldn’t be part of the spectacle; I had my dignity and not even for the folk would I debase myself so.
A practiced hand grabbed my arm, firm but non intrusive. I was intrigued but slightly miffed.
“Are you cancerian?” The unaccented words came deliberately.
“What?” I said, even though I heard perfectly what was said.
“You heard me the first time but I’ll repeat the question again, are you a cancerian?”
He nodded. “What day?”
He beamed. “I’m a cancerian too.”
I turned to him. He was a head taller, with the lithe athletic frame of a ballet major draped in a taselled cowl. There was a languidness to his gait and the way his midnight eyes caught mine and dared me to turn away. I’m a feminist so I held his gaze.
“You have the cancer spark.” he pronounced with a smirk and looked away.
“And you have a lisp.” I retorted. He parted his lips, revealing distended canines. I tried to hide my smile but he saw.
He stretched out a hand, I grabbed it firmly. He turned it over to expose the spanish rose sigil tattoed on my flushed flesh. I could feel the tension in his muscles. Even with my fingers clenched around his, he was still in control. I smiled and eased my hand off him and he rubbed gingerly.
“A cambion in these parts. Je suis tres amusante.” he said.

I blushed. Very few could sense my demon half as it swam in my blood and suggested dark things to me.

“You must wonder, how I knew. I have the gift of Sight, very little is veiled from me.” he shuffled a pack of tarot cards. “And I know what you want the most from me right now…”

He led me to a pitch black room and pushed me onto the bed. With flourish, he threw off his garb, revealing his beautiful body underneath. His torso had the smooth yet structured muscle definition of an adonis crafted by a sculptor’s loving hand. Inverted love handles opened up to powerful thighs and a phallus that made my blood hot with unbridled lust. He reached for the light switch but I shook my head in protest. Neither of us needed it. In a fluid move he picked me off the bed and pinned my arms to the wall. I draped my legs around his waist, planted my feet over his cold buttocks and ground him into me.

“Don’t rush…” he whispered in my ear, “…savor it.”

He brought his lips close enough that his gravitational force seemed to pull mine to his. I leaned forward to steal a kiss and he pulled just out of reach. I tried to push further, but my restrained hands prevented any satisfaction. He taunted me with deliciously red lips and breathed on my moist lips. The demon groaned inside me. I wanted him and he knew it.

I started to protest when he sandwiched me against the wall and shut me up with a expert’s kiss. He sucked on my ample lower lip and darted his serpentine tongue between my teeth. I caught a clump of his mane and reciprocated with as much pressure as I could muster, drawing him into me. He tickled the roof of my mouth with his tongue and teasingly pulled on my lip with his teeth, tearing little lines on it with his pointed canines and eliciting little whimpers of delight. My scored lips turned our oral jousting into a buffet of iron and sickly sweet platelets. He groaned and ground into me as his fangs protuded and his arousal grew and his eyes colored crimson.

“Your blood,” he murmured as he nibbled on my left ear, “It’s like finely aged wine. It sings on my palate.”

“My pedigree spans a century. My fae blood is undiluted.” I murmured back, and dug my fingernails into his perfect trapezius muscles.

My clothes provided no barriers to his roving hands as he tore through them like rice paper. My moist flesh grew slick and slid over his frigid unyielding torso and I lost a little more ground to my feral side. He bit a finger and put it to my lips and I suckled on it. The high was instanteous, the glamour magic intensified my lust and I swooned.

“I want to mark you.” he whispered, urgency tinging his usual languor.

“Then take me as you do.” I replied in a voice that was barely mine. “Tip me off the edge, awaken me!”

He bit into my neck as he entered me and my knees wobbled as my body exploded with an overload of emotions, headrush of endorphins chasing the venom as it rushed to my brain, paralyzing me in a state of rigor. Marius thrust with each pulse, the intensity of his thrusts quickening in response to my heartbeat. My body feebly struggled to respond to his passionate ministrations, shuddering as no other action was possible. My body began to die, a blue patchwork rising to the surface, my youth being sapped away. Marius noticed but he couldn’t stop, demon tainted Fae blood was like an elixir that silenced the restraint of even the oldest of dhampirs. He fought himself and withdrew from my neck for a few seconds as my body weakened into a lost vitality and finally gave in to the compulsion singing in my blood, sinking his teeth into my left areola. At the brink of death, with all my human frailty sucked into the one who fed on me, the demon shook off it’s fetters and awakened. My head moved of its own accord to the bloated arm holding my hands above my head and bit into the blood vessels at the elbow. It broke the spell. Marius gasped, unhinged his jaw from my breast and tried to backpedal away from me, but the demon had begun to feed and wouldn’t be stopped. Controlling my hands like liana tendrils, it swapped the confused dhampir and toppled him onto the woodpanelled floor, somehow managing not disengage out coupling. The dhampir’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he relived the attack that turned him, spurred by the bucking of my hips. I dont know how my lips found my way to Dhampirs carotid artery, but the blood flowed stronger there and the Marius’ pleasurable gasps spurred the demon on. My body absorbed all blemishes and bruises Marius had inflicted from taking me so brusquely against the stuccoed wall and I cackled at how light and supple I felt. Spurred by the demon; I sucked harder and rode the dhampir and his gasps devolved into choking sounds as his lungs collapsed and his chest cavity caved in. His bones grew frail and cracked and his muscles became a matted pile of mush. And a powerful orgasm washed over me in waves of spasms as the last drop of my enigmatic lover’s blood teased my palate.

I stood and admired my now bone white skin and perfect belly. Sans the twin points of red on my nipple, I was unblemished. I picked a tarot card from the pile strewn across the floor and turned it over, it was a demon arisen. I smiled. My sleeping cambion had awoken into a lustful succubus.