This is not a story! Hold on…am I saying this too often? 😥 This isn’t a funny post either. Let’s just say this is a sort of Movie Review. Never done any before so I might be VERY unconventional in my approach.

The movie in question is : The Woman in Black.

Watched it yesterday with my brother, who by the way was watching his first horror movie in a cinema. Wimp. -_-. Before yesterday, we checked the reviews for the movie, and frankly, they were bleak. Many criticised the lead actor Daniel Radcliffe, saying things like “The role was to big for him”. I was really reluctant to see the movie but my brother who owns the only mumu button I have, pressed and pressed it. It worked when he said the magic words; “I will pay for my own ticket popcorn and drink”. Yes, I shouted a loud Hurrah and agreed to go.

Fast forward to yesterday. We were late. Movie was to start 4.30pm and we were just getting on the bus by 4.30pm. We were almost running to the cinema when we alighted from the bus. We purchased our tickets and all and ran into the screen room 2. Movie had already started so it was dark. I tripped and fell down. -_-. I picked up what was left of my dignity and sat down. Brought out my drink from my bag (because I refuse to waste £4.60 buying a drink at the box office when a can of coke is £0.60p. I’m Igbo mehn. That is a Yoruba behaviour -_-) and settled down to watch the movie.

That is the background. Now, the movie.

I would not reveal any spoilers (go and watch it!).

First thing I’d say is, the critics were not fair to Daniel Radcliffe. (For those who don’t know, he is The One Who Lived. The Chosen One. Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movies (which I must add, were horrible compared to the books. Why was Voldemort looking overfed in the last installment??). So yeah, you know the guy. The truth is, he didn’t really have much to say in the movie. The movie was more of the sound effects, smokes and shadows. Judging him therefore as wooden, was unfair. I’d have to admit his ‘I’m scared!’ face looked more like ‘I’m scared?’. Yes, there is a difference you donuts. His delivery may have been stronger perhaps but I really think he was ok. There were times I found myself wondering when he’d wave a wand and do some magic; then I remembered I wasn’t watching him as Potter but as a guy named Arthur. If i was to rate his acting out of 10, I’d give him a 6. Ok I’d be kind and add a 0.5 for being cute.

The plot: When my brother told me the movie was adapted from a book, first thing that came to mind was ‘BULLSHIT’. Movie adaptations suck (apart from Lord of The Rings. Reading the whole series in one go gave me a headache. At one point, I had no idea WTF Tolkein was on about). Because I have not read the book, I cannot say if this was another run-of-the-mill-bullshit adaptation. Because I’m kind, I’d give a very brief preview. Arthur (Radcliffe) basically got this house he has to sell and stuff in some village.The village people are superstitious folks (like my village people. I can write this because they can’t read. :D). The house’s got bad history so they begged him not to go there an all. They won’t say why. Arthur did strong-head and remained. Then he saw the Woman in Black and things began to happen. Children dying. blahblah. It’s some guy who’s son died that helped him. His wife claimed that her dead son was inside her and her husband thought she was crazy. The wife then explains, in the boy’s voice, what was happening. blahblah. Go watch the movie jo!

It was very Victorian. I loved the picture quality. Very dark and dreary. The scenery was very apt. Sound effects were on-point. People kept screaming in the cinema hall (and i kept laughing. :’D). Shadows. Lots of shadows. Your mind is kind of forced to complete the picture which is what contributed to its ‘Scare factor’. I can’t help but feel that without the tricks of lights and all, the movie would have fallen flat. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. One of the scariest moments was when Arthur spends the night at the house. The scene of the rocking chair..Lawdy, that was freaky I wouldn’t lie. There was something I loved at that point. The room had loads of stuffed toys in it; monkeys, hares,etc. When Arthur was passing them with the candle, the light was reflected in their black eyes and as he moved, it almost looked like the dolls were alive, with yellow pupils moving. I almost got up from my seat and started clapping but since I’m not Nigerian (-__-), I stuck to nodding in approval. That was just too cool!

Overrall, I did enjoy the movie! Wasn’t horrific but yeah, it had its creepy moments. Plus, watching my brother freaked out was just too hilarious! }:D

Out of 10, I’d give the movie a 7!

Ok, my boss just asked me what I was typing….and I said i was finishing my course work. x_x

This is where I draw my curtain but before I leave, I want to say I’ve taken up a lil Photography (I’m an amateur o!) and I’m not using one of those fancy things awon boys and gehs are hanging on their necks. Oh no. I’m using my Samsung Galaxy S2 camera (don’t laugh at me 😦 ). I’m still trying to work on a story for the blog. If it takes any longer, I’d just put up some of my snapshots for washing. (Notice i didn’t say criticisms. :P)

That is all!

So long!