Second instalment in the series. You don’t have to read the first to understand but if you haven’t, you just might want to.

Anyway, enjoy 🙂


Destinies are sometimes changed by those split-second decisions we take without thinking. Decisions that define life…or death. Running to the toilet to have a quick pee at the last-minute, missing your flight, and later finding out about the plane crash that could have taken you with it. Things like that. We never know what can come our way; we humans! We just allow these decisions shape th course of our existence.

How can i explain the split second decision i made?
Dear men, do not trust them; the beautiful ones!
She was a beautiful one; too beautiful.
Have you ever seen eyes so dark, so intense, you get lost staring into them? Those pupils with hidden depths that trap and swallow you once you dare look into them? Long, jet-black hair parted at the centre, framing that gorgeous face. Rosebud lips naturally pouted, made to be lusted after.
Porcelain doll.
So perfect; So fragile.
I was unable to breathe, afraid a little exhalation would break the trance and prove the image to be a mirage.
Oh! If i had left the grocery store earlier!
If I hadn’t missed the bus!
If the nasty old lady had moved her trolley faster on the pedestrian crossing.
If -so many Ifs- maybe we wouldn’t have met.
Maybe my mundane and vain existence would have remained the same.
“Hello” she had said in a friendly voice when she noticed my covert glances.
My mouth had gone dry.
‘She just spoke to me!’ My mind screamed excitedly.
We began talking.
Magic. I took her to my house and made mindless love to her.
A woman i just met!
She had me; hook, line and sinker.

Her name alone brings to mind that slender, flexible body; her heat.
Instant arousal.
She comes every night; same routine.
Mindless sex.
Then she’s gone like an imagined gust of wind.
She invades my day dreams; my dreams at night.
I imagine i see her everywhere.
Did i call my boss Zanda yesterday?
I think i did.
Yes, it is that bad.
Somewhere in my subconscious, i accept the fact that I’ve lost my soul.
I know she isn’t human; and this isn’t just a flight of fancy.
I know.
She has opened my eyes to another side of the world best left alone and I’m not sure if I’m ready to come to terms with it.
Suddenly the shadows aren’t merely shadows.
I think i see things.
She knows that I know. How many times have I asked her?
“Just what are you?”

She just smiles and replies “You don’t wanna know”

But I do.

This night, I wait for her.
I slipped a copied key of my apartment into her hands before she made her hasty retreat, telling her to come anytime she liked.
I hear the key rattle on the lock and my heart skips several beats in excitement. My mouth goes dry and I swallow a gob of saliva to moisten my patchy throat. I hear her light footsteps making her way to my bedroom.
I quickly remove my underwear and wait, naked.
She comes in and flicks the switch, bringing light to my dark room, and my world.
“Natalya.” she whispers, rolling her tongue over the ‘l-y‘ in that seductive way that makes me temporarily hot and insane.
Something’s different.
By now, we should be entangled in the sheets.
“Baby you ok?”
She doesn’t reply.
She just stands there, resting at the door, staring at me.
She throws a bag on the bed. I pick it up and look in. White sheet?
“Change the sheets sweetheart.”
I nod and get to work, suddenly excited about this new change. What does she have in mind? My naked body is flushed with excitement and arousal, breasts swinging like pendulums as i tuck in the last side.
“Lie down”
I obey.
The chill air in the room plays on my areola, making them pucker with goose bumps; nipples painfully erect. I see movements at the periphery of my vision and a second later, i feel a depression on the bed.
She stares at me with those liquid death eyes of hers, using the nail on her index finger to trace a light path around my body to my abdomen. I close my eyes in delight and squirm, eagerly waiting to feel that finger go lower…and deeper.

I open my eyes sharply and watch as the skin of my abdomen breaks, leaving traces of blood in it wake. I look at her sharply and she stares back, daring me to scream.
I put my head back down, suddenly resigning myself to my fate.
Am i surprised?
I’m not sure.
Love is deadly, after all.
I’m absurdly willing to die, knowing she was the one that ended my life.
“I love you” i whisper as my last prayer.
She stops.
It takes me several seconds to realise i won’t be dying.
Without a word, she leaves me, door closing silently at her wake.
I sit up.
Was it what i said?
I know i should be happy for being spared.
What is this absurd feeling?
Anger? Abandonment?
Tears prick my eyes as i quickly don a shirt.
‘A bit too late for modesty’ a cynical part of me comments as I push my hands through the arm holes.
I walk to my bathroom to wash my face. Eyes red, like my hair. Green eyes watery and sad. I raise my shirt to look at the injury she inflicted on me.
It isn’t bleeding.
I probe the opening, gasping at how deep she cut me.
I should be bleeding profusely.
The cut seems to be darkening and clotting on its own.
By the time I’m done drying my face, i check my latest incision.
Later in the night, the meaning of the mark would dawn on me.
She has marked me as hers.
She has made me part of her; whatever she is.
I’m part of the dark.


Yes, tomorrow brings you 3. 🙂