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Am I real?
Is there more to me?
Are you wondering why I’m like this?
Did I choose to be me?
I didn’t. I was human like you; once.
A long time ago.
I looked like you.
I shared your emotions.
I had my mama and papa, siblings too. I was the apple of my family’s eye. The youngest and prettiest child. ‘My pretty’ my mama would say lovingly as she brushed my unruly black hair with her worn out thistle comb.
I was also the most foolhardy. I mean, who leads a stranger  to their abode?
I did.
You see I was traipsing through the woods, humming a merry tune as I picked up some mushrooms for lunch, putting them into my basket.
“Those are deadly.” A gravelly voice suddenly said, breaking my reverie.
I had jumped in fright, spilling most of my harvest. My eyes widened in dismay and I quickly scrambled after the rolling ‘shrooms. The stranger appeared before me, silently sliding down the tree trunk he was squatting on.
“Let me help you.” he said and before I could voice my objection, began picking. I stopped and watched, amazed at how good and strong he looked.
“All done!” he had said, smiling at me.
I coloured slightly and hid my face shyly behind my hair.
“Thanks” I mumbled, picking up my basket and getting ready to leave.
His hand stopped me by the shoulder.
“Wait” he murmured.
I turned.
“I’m a little hungry you see. Haven’t eaten in a really long while. Do you think your family would mind if I dined with them?”
I had paused, my childish brain, thinking. I knew we didn’t really have enough but he had helped me and if mama had taught me one thing, it was to repay good with good.
“Well…” I began looking down, suddenly ashamed. “We don’t really have much.”
I heard him sigh softly and my head quickly shot up.
“..B..ut I’m sure mama won’t mind when i tell her you were kind to me!”
He grinned, thanking me profusely; and so, hand in hand, I came home with Destruction.

The shock.
The horror.
I watched my family die before me.
I watched my mama get cruelly penetrated by the most vile of instruments, other worldly.
All I had, taken away from me because of an act of kindness; human kindness.
By a sordid stroke of luck, he took me away, instead of eating me.
Maybe he was full.
My small body had been rigid with shock and fear, broking no resistance as he lifted me on his shoulder.
He took me to his abode, an abandoned house that had fallen into disrepair. I had no idea where I was. I was left to the mercy of hunger for days. I only woke up to a bowl of water every morning.
I cannot remember how I managed to survive but I remember his smiling face as he brought me flesh some days later, my first real meal.
Of course I had no idea what it was, other than the fact that it was deliciously roasted.
“What is it?” I asked after I was sated, my first sentence since my kidnapping.
He smiled at me “Flesh”
I didn’t retch. I think some part of me knew already that it was something bad.
He liked me.
I think he did anyway, I mean I’m alive aren’t I?

He liked me enough to use me.
So, I wasn’t for food; for sexual gratification.
I should have contemplated suicide, but no, I wanted to live.
I don’t know why I did really. Nothing was worth living for at that moment after all.
I was glad when he changed me.
My eyes lit up when he said he wanted me to be special.
I think I had already lost my mind then.

I had become tired of being human.

And that is how I turned out to be what I am.
The eternal hunger for flesh.
There is no fighting it.
There is no starving it.
I did try to eat animals when I got old enough to leave, to explore the world on my own. (Did I mention I stopped aging once I hit 21? I’ve been 21 for a very long time. Cool eh?)
Horrible, the taste of animals I mean.
How you enjoy steak is beyond me.
But humans; oh humans.
How do I describe the taste? Like a virgin’s first kiss. Like the first orgasm. Like heady, fine wine.
All these talks of food has made me hungry.
Need to go get nourished.
Before I leave, let me say this:
I was only 10 when all these happened.
You see, I can’t be blamed for being what I am.
Do remember to forgive me if I ever decide to hunt you down for food.
It’s not my fault.


5..tomorrow. See you then 😉