Thanks for sticking around to continue this…weird journey.


My first solo hunt.

How can I forget them?
How can I forget eyes that first widened in disbelief; same eyes, later pleading mercy.
Mouths that first rounded in shock; same mouths later calling on the name of the prophet from Nazareth. The one that saw himself as the Son of God.
Well, he sure didn’t save them.

They were newly weds, these ones; got married that day. Sneaked into the garden where they were saying their vows, to watch. I was quite taken with the pretty flowers and dresses. That didn’t distract me from my plan. I was hungry after all and a gathering of people was like a buffet to me.
Pick what you want Zanda: the short, fat vicar? The crying mother? The jealous woman at the back? My mouth watered at the prime choices I had, spread before me.
I watched as the couple left the make-shift altar, beatific smiles.
They saw me where I was hidden, savage little me with my dirty dress and unkempt hair. I remember the bride, whispering to her husband and he too looked in my direction. I could read the look on his wife’s face.
“Who’s that filthy savage child?” it clearly said
That really annoyed me, and I decided they were going to be my choice. That vicar really should have gone on his knees at that moment at the altar, in thanks to his God. Fat ponce.

I slithered away and followed them, unseen.
I had to be patient though; I had to hold on till they were done with the wedding reception. It was late then; dusk. My element.
I merged with the darkness and watched them as they got down to their night business. Those two wasted no time I tell you.
It was obvious they were virgins; fumbling, nervous laughter, her cry of pain as she was deflowered.
They quickly got into the rhythm and soon, were moaning in what could have been joy…and release.
I got bored.
It’s funny how the act of copulation reduces you to mere lower animals.
Grunting like pigs, pumping like dogs.
And the shaking afterwards? Like a pigeon after being drenched in rain.
No wonder you’re an alternative food source.

I became brazen. I sat on their wedding bed as they were in the shower.
A cloud of steam announced their arrival and a shriek, the fact that they had seen me.
I smiled at them.

“How on God’s earth did she get here?” the wife screeched to her husband as they circled the bed, watching me warily.
I crouched on the bed, still smiling.
They were unnerved.
What was I about to do?
What was the savage wedding crasher about to do?
At that very moment, hunger pangs gnawed sharply.
I stopped thinking.

I left my human form and pounced, knocking them to the floor. I was so tempted to eat immediately but something stopped me.
No, not yet.
Their fall rendered them unconscious so I tied them up to their wedding bed.
I was a savage wasn’t I?
Well, I had to show them just how ‘savagery’ I could be.
I wanted to watch them suffer; wanted to see the look of resignation to death in their eyes.
You think you’re better than me huh? With your fancy clothes? Fancy airs?
Well who’s going to get eaten now!
Pain is pleasure
Heard that phrase from my master; I found out what it really meant that day. The stirring I felt in my loins as I butchered them.
Of course I destroyed their voice boxes first; couldn’t have them screaming.

Good time, that was.

I ate to my fill, tieing leftovers into the bed sheet.
Blood soaks quite fast you know.
I watched in fascination, the swirls of red on white.
I was enchanted.
It was like Art!

My first ones.
My first victims.
Not going to forget them in a hurry.


Our savage’s journey isn’t over yet. 6. 😉