The beginning of the end…


“Who’s she?”
“How am I supposed to know! Just…just found her here…”
“Well what?”
“Well we can’t just leave her out here can we?”
“Yes we can, Martha.”
“Don’t be a dolt Ralph! We can’t leave her here in the bushes! Foxes can take her for dead and bite you know?”
“How do you know she’s dead?”
“She is?”
“Well no. Her eyelashes flickered a little when I saw her…”
“More reason why we have to take her in!”
“Martha, this isn’t like your normal stray cat or dog you know. This is a human! We can’t just take her in!”
“Oh pish posh!”
Martha took the lady’s hands and tried dragging her.
Sighing, Ralph took hold of the lady’s dainty legs and together, they carried her into the house.

Voices. Male. Female.

Martha propped her on the largest sofa in the living room, covering the lady with quilts. Her skin felt too cold.
“Turn on the heating Ralph” she called from the living room.
She heard him mutter about bills as he switched the heating on. Martha shook her head.
He could get on her nerves sometimes.
Sighing, she straightened, bending her back to ease off the aches that came from lifting the lady. She wasn’t so young anymore. She ran a hand through her grey head of hair loosening the plait she wove to hold them together.
Noticing the disarray the lady’s back hair was in, she smoothed it, marvelling at its silky texture..
“One fine lady you are.” she murmured.
How had she gotten to the clump of trees near their apartment?
Martha could not deny, she was excited.
What was this fine lady’s story? What did she have to tell? What horrors?
Martha retired from journalism a few years ago and she missed her job; the search, the hunt for news.
Yes, she was itching to know what this lady had to say.
Humming, she left the living room to the kitchen. She had to prepare something for the lady when she eventually woke up.

Must. Tobacco. Pie?

“She hasn’t woken up yet. You sure we shouldn’t take her to the hospital?”
“Don’t be silly Ralph! I’m sure she would be fine. She just needs warming up. Did you feel her skin? Cold. Poor girl’s been exposed to the elements. Who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t taken her in.”
Ralph huffed in impatience.
“We are not doctors Martha. I say we take her to the clinic. It’s been almost an hour now..”
“Oh hush you worry wart…and don’t touch those pies just yet Mister!”
He muttered and went back to the living room to continue his vigil, watching the lady.

Must wake.

“Ralph? What is it? Are you ok?” She ran into the living room, looking at her husband anxiously.
He nodded and pointed at the lady.
“She moved. Her fingers. Twitched I think.”
Martha’s eyes shone in delight.
She went to the slumbering lady and peered into her face.
He was right. Her facial muscles were moving. Her lips twitched.
Her nostrils were flaring. Her eyeballs roved in their lids, restless.
“I think she’s waking” she murmured, not taking her eyes off her.
Suddenly, the eyelids peeled back and Martha shrieked in horror.

Red eyes.
Martha stood up sharply, stumbling into Ralph who was had been behind her.
The lady looked at her naked self, and after a few seconds, cast her terrible gaze on the old couple.
Ralph’s mouth widened in shock as he watched her skin…disintergate? Fall away? Melt?
She was turning red.
Pulling Martha’s arm frantically, he made to run away.
Martha was frozen still with shock and refused to budge.
He shook her shoulders gruffly screaming in her ears to move it!
The few seconds he took to do that cost him his life.
He should have saved himself.

With inhuman speed, she knocked them down, decapitating them.
Zanda stared at the body-less faces frozen in horror.
Who were they?
Where was she?
She shouldn’t have killed them…at least she could have gotten some answers from them before doing the deed.
Too late.
She was hungry.
When was the last time she ate? She couldn’t remember.
“I almost thought I really died” she whispered sadly, before leaving the living room.
She climbed the stairs, hoping it would lead her to a room with clothes. She couldn’t leave naked.
In the room, she saw her reflection in the mirror and paused.
Memories slowly came back to her and her lips twisted into a smile.
“I really lost it eh? Falling in love with myself. Ha!”
She chuckled, eyes watching her reflection do the same.
Suddenly she stopped.
Turning, she picked up a perfume bottle and hauled it at the mirror, watching it shatter to numerous pieces.
“Now, you’ve stopped laughing eh? Silly bitch!”
Zanda paused.
Did she just call her reflection a bitch?
She chuckled.
“I think I’m losing my mind” she whispered sardonically, and got to the business of hunting for clothes.
Few minutes later, she came back down in clothes that sagged off her.
Martha had been a buxom woman.
Her nose twitched and she went into the kitchen.
Not her food.
She went back to the living room where the newly dead lay.
Now, that was a meal!
With hindsight, she began undressing again.
She couldn’t afford to stain the clothes she was wearing. They were the most presentable in the woman who was Martha’s wardrobe.
“I guess I’m back eh?”
She watched blood drip off her fingers and finding it absurdly funny, she began to laugh.
“Back and mad! Oh humanity’s in trouble!”
She threw her head back, shoulders shaking in mirth.
Back and mad.
Barking mad.

The End.


Well, we’ve finally come to the end of this one! My thanks to everyone who read, commented, liked, retweeted, tweeted and all. Thanks a lot. I might be having another series soon. How soon? You’d just have to stick around to find out! :p 😀 Really, thanks for reading!