Apologies for the silence. Been having horrible days. Stress. Pressure.
This isn’t a story. In fact, what this is, I have no idea. I read an interesting abstract post this morning and for reasons unknown, I’ve decided to write anything that comes to mind.
Warning: This post would make no sense.
Welcome to My Mind.

Welcome. You came. Kiss me. You know you want to.

His lips dissolve in mine.

Sweet. cloying.

He’s right.

His kisses are like honey.

I hate honey. Gives me a belly ache.


He pulls my hair. They leave my root and take a new life of their own.

They turn into little black snakes, entwined on his fingers.

I snatch them from him and bite their heads off.

They turn back into their harmless form: strands of hair.

His strong hands hold my jaw with brutal force and he stares into my brown eyes.

I stare back and stick my tongue out at him.

He sticks his out in reply and I pull it out of his mouth deftly, with unusual speed.

He smiles, blood slowly dripping from his mouth.

I throw his tongue into my mouth.

Chew. Swallow.

He shows me a new tongue, regenerating.


He bends his head and drops wet, bloodied kisses on my face.

I can feel them drip down my skin.

I cup his muscled buttocks and pinch playfully.

He stops smearing his liquid life on my cheeks and then proceeds to spread more, as he kisses down my neck.

I run my hand across my face and bring it up to my eyes.


I smile and lick my hand clean.

He stares into my eyes.

The door opens but he doesn’t hear it.

Do you love me?

I ask him.

He smiles. Of course. I’ve always done. I will. Forever.

I smile and hug him close, my chin on his shoulder.

My smile turns into a smirk as I stare at her.

She stares at us in disbelief.

Do you really love me?

I ask again, looking into her eyes.

More than life itself.

His voice is muffled but his message is loud enough to be heard.

I watch her eyes, water in horror and heartbreak.

She leaves but he still doesn’t hear the door as it slams.

Suddenly, he begins to melt in my arms.

Soon, I’m drenched in a pool of blood, hugging space.

I drop my hands back to my sides, throw my head back and laugh.

He said he loved his wife. But he belongs to me.

Every man belongs to me.

Take all. Give nothing back.

I am, after all, The Succubus.