Hello Humanity!
This is not a story. As if i had to say that.
I like celebrating the achievements of my family and today is another ‘Aren’t We Awesome?’ day.
My brother started a Neo-Jazz-Hiphop band. Yeah that’s what i call it. So yeah, he started this with his friends late last year. They call themselves Psylus.
Whatever that means.
I watched and listened to their recordings few days ago and i was totally impressed!

Therefore, decided to share the YouTube links to their available videos.
Psylus at Round House

Psylus night-busking at Waterloo

You can check out the collaboration they did with a Hiphop group Refractory on their website: http://www.psylus.co.uk

They are all between the ages of 17-21.
They’re going to be big!!!
Oh and my brother is the one on the drums. đŸ˜€

That being said, have a lovely day! I most definitely won’t.