Today’s post is ‘pseudo’ erotica, titled after my favorite X-Men character and inspired by the usual culprits (sue mey neowwww!!!) Lol.


Let your eyes, rove, rove, rove all over me
Let your fingers brush against heightened skin
And let them come away, dewy with my anticipation

Let your teeth scratch, scrape, tickle the insides of my thighs
Let your tongue follow the trails that lovers before have left behind
And let it find my ruby fountain and lap at my most hidden treasures

Let your lips touch, taste, savor the moistness of mine
Let your stubble brush against my neck
As you kiss your way down to my nipples,
Pulsing little beacons of heated desire
Reward their diligence with gentle kisses

Let my legs wrap, squeeze, pull you into me
And let my enthusiasm keep you in
As my nails tattoo my desire on your back
And my hips buck to guide you deeper
And I sing arias of my passion and your prowess

Let my pleasure start, stop, build momentum
As you tease me endlessly
Sliding in, pulling out, coating my doorways
Make me beg and make me threaten
But listen not
Hold out till I quiver in frustration
Then oblige my wails, fill me and sate me

Let my climax creep up and consume me
And let my rivers flow
And my body shudder like the earth does
When Gaea trembles to Ouranous touch
But don’t leave, stay in me
Sate me for as long as it can
Let your salty skin comfort me
And lull me to pleasurable slumber.