No, this isn’t a story.
I just realised that Phantompages is a year and 4 days old today.
It’s been 369 days since i opened this blog.
This is a special thank you to everyone who’s helped me come this far.
All my guest writers: Dionysus, Newton, Edwin, Titaenium, Count Oblivion, St. Gothica, Joe Jawfu, Kenny, My twinnie Grey Genesis, Joseph Parker, Tic Tac Foe and Joshua Lean. This is a thank you for all the contributions you all have made here. I enjoyed working with and hosting you all here and I hope we can do it again this year!

To my readers, I’ll mention names but that would mean forgetting some people. I know you all.
This is a heart-felt thank you. The encouragement brought this blog this far. The comments, the likes, the wash, the marriage proposals (ahem -_-).
Thank you.

To other writers, whose works have inspired me, thank you. More ink to your pens.

This is another special thank you To the following people:
Ekwe, Edwin, Betty.
For allowing me bombard your mail boxes with some of my stuff.
Ekwem, thank you very much for Invasion. You helped it become one of my favorite babies.
Edwin, oh Eddie. Where do I start? Our children speak for us. I love you! :*
Betty! Berry! Lol. Thanks for wanting me on board the Decades II project. And also, the recent helps and recommendations. You’re a gem.

Lastly, Preying Mantis.
You’re still an ass but you’re a good ass. And I love big asses. You got a big ass? 😀 *wink*

That is all really.
Do check out today’s post, Ruqya.

Arigatou Gozaimasu mina san!