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What do you see when you look at that glass in your bathroom just above the sink? Perhaps you have it in your room and it mimics everything you do while looking at it. You see something both amazing and frightening; a vision of yourself. Looking a little closer, you realise your image is reversed and your right hand is on the left, your left hand is on the right, right eye, left and left eye, right. We see a mirror but we can never fully see how people see us, how they picture us in their minds when their eyes lock gaze on us. A picture is distorted, the image in a mirror is reversed and so all we have left to see ourselves are the minds of other individuals. Each individual is immersed in his/her own subjective world and what is called objective reality is just an illusion, a chimera, a lie; It doesn’t exist.
How can we claim to know what is outside of us when all we have are our five senses to guide us? These  senses are hard-wired inside of us, connected to our brains and nervous system. Take away these five senses and we become blank, dead. All we would have left are our memories and imaginations which are completely subjective.
While we could all come close to seeing ourselves the way we are through a mirror, it was not so with Daphne. Daphne was found by Ms Thornberry sometime in 1966. She was taking out the refuse when she heard the cries of a baby somewhere in the bushes just near her shed. As she moved a little closer, the cries started becoming louder. The weather was chilled and left the skin with goosebumps. Ms Thornberry felt a liquid drop on her forehead. She wiped it with her left hand; water. She looked up at the sky and an outpouring of rain came down, the lightning illuminated the night. As the rain picked up and the wind became more fierce, Ms Thornberry was having a hard time hearing the cries that were coming from the bushes. Each drop of rain was like ice falling from the sky and as it hit her skin, it left her bones frozen. She still went further into the bushes as she had already come too far. As she went deeper, she saw a baby lying naked on the floor; the rain had turned the sand to mud and the babies body was drenched in a brown sticky goo. She quickly rushed to carry the baby and placed it underneath her cloth, into her bosom to protect it from the rain. She carried the baby back into her house and quickly gathered wood to burn at the fireplace. She sat in the fireplace with the baby to keep both of them warm. Ms Thornberry could tell from the baby’s genital that she was female and would later call her Daphne. The baby crying ceased crying and a strange smile was left on its face as Ms Thornberry placed Daphne near the fire.
Ms Thorneberry noticed some strange things about Daphne as time went by but she chose to ignore them. Daphne seemed to always cry when near water and she seemed to always be happy near fire. She noticed this the first time she found Daphne when she was trying to bathe her and wash off the mud from her skin. As soon as she took her from the fireplace and into the bathroom, the smile left Daphne’s face and she started crying again. She also noticed a strange deep voice that came and went as Daphne was crying mostly at night; The voice was too deep for a baby. What finally scared Ms Thornberry out of her wits was what she saw when Daphne was 10 months old…
The day was just like any other day, Ms Thornberry cooked her meals, did her knitting and watched her favourite shows on Tv. She heard Daphne crying and realised she had soiled her diaper  She changed the them in the bathroom. As she was carrying Daphne back to her crib, what she saw next caused her heart to beat so fast it almost exploded in-between her breasts. As she was carrying Daphne back, she passed in front of a mirror and the Caucasian blonde baby she was carrying on her arms had changed to a black daemon with a tail, dark yellow eyes and horns. Ms Thornberry dropped Daphne from her arms and she started crying as soon as she hit the floor. She looked at Daphne on the floor and she was normal again, crying but in the mirror, she saw the dark evil baby laughing with saliva dropping from its mouth with its sharp yellow teeth. She ran out of the house to a church nearby, the only church in the small town of Reldington.
1972, Ms Thornberry had left Daphne with the church as she was frightened of the child. Apart from her evil reflection in the mirror which grew as she grew older, she was a very obedient, meek and nice girl. The church people believed that evil had no power over good and that light always overcame the darkness. They believed Daphne was a good girl who the devil marked as his own to prevent the world from seeing the light and the beauty that was evident within her soul, something the pastors claimed to have seen spending time with her. All mirrors in the church were destroyed and this was to make Daphne forget. Even though Daphne could not see the evil people saw when they looked at her reflection, she couldn’t see herself. She looked at the mirror but there was no image, just pieces of cloth hanging in mid air from her invisible body.
One day when Daphne was having her bath, the usual uneasiness crept in her soul as she was immersed in water. She had learnt to handle it better though through age. As she was laying in the bath letting the soap caress and clean up all the dirt from her body, she started feeling cold. She ignored it for a while but the chill got cooler and she tried to stand up but it was too late. The bathing water had frozen into ice and she was stuck in it. The water vapour in her breath had cooled and smoke was coming out of her mouth. She tried to scream but all she could do was shiver. As she looked at the ice beneath her, pangs of fear went through her veins as she finally saw the evil reflection everyone saw of her when they looked at her mirror image. The black grotesque image smashed out of the ice with pieces dropping on the ground shattering like glass and all the evil came out like a big black shadow and entered into Daphnes mouth.
She fainted…
1988, Daphne was now a minister in the church at Reldington. Ms Thornberry did come for sermons but she always kept her distance from Daphne. After the incident in the bathroom, the pastors had called what happened to Daphne a miracle. No longer was there any evil reflection in the mirror after she woke up from the bathroom incident. They also noticed something different about Daphne but it didn’t bother them then. Her meekness suddenly vanished and was replaced with boldness. Her humility disappeared and she became more self assured. Her voice had changed from a lullaby to a soothing melody that spurred one into action rather than sleep. The crowd was always eager to hear her message as she spoke directly into the hearts of the congregation; her sermons were more carnal even though she always had bible passages to back them up. She was spreading the gospel but it was not one of peace, humility and docile submissiveness but one of dominance, power, sexual freedom and overcoming. She made references to passages like Psalm 137:9, Proverbs 5:19, Leviticus 26:7, Ezekiel 23:19-21 in her sermons. The good girl Daphne was was no more as the daemon had completely possessed her body and soul that day in the bathroom…
By 1996, Daphne had opened her own church and the small town of Reldington known for its puritanical inhabitants and boring routines had become more promiscuous, more sensual and the people had become more liberated mentally as well as physically. Daphne was a goddess when she was on the pulpit. Men lusted after her, women admired her confidence, children looked up to her as a role model, grannies looked at her as a daughter. Everyone looked at Daphne but what each of them saw was not the same person. No longer was her image in the mirror evil but now, everyone saw her not as she were but how they wanted her to be. She represented the most carnal side of every human being. She was lust, selfishness, whims, desires, pleasure, and more to every human being. These feelings were aroused by just her presence. One felt he/she could indulge in whatever they wanted to whenever she was around. Praise and worship was so sensual in her church, nobody wanted to sit down. Vulgarity was used in her sermons and the old prissy people seemed to find it amusing and were not offended by it. Whenever you entered her church, it was like all morals, all conscience, all weakness based on caring for your neighbour just vanished. It was a magical experience in an apathetic world devoid of any wonder.
The Priests in the old church at Reldington town knew there was something wrong about Daphne, something unnatural. They sensed it before but ignored it because of her meekness. No longer was she meek but she represented the symbol of sensuousness, licentiousness and depravity of the highest kind. She had perverted the teachings of the bible so much that sex seemed natural and celibacy seemed stupid and unnatural. She had attributed violence to power and ‘turning the other cheek to weakness and stupidity’. Yes, the people of Reldington were hearing the word of God but the word of God is anything someone with a silver tongue can bend, twist and contort to suit their own selfish carnal beliefs, something Daphne did. Someone could be having sex, a totally ungodly act and be moaning Thank you Lord!, Yes Jesus!, God it feels so good and other inanities during the act. Someone could be fighting on the street and claim he was fighting with an evil morally unjust person when the bible clearly states turning the other cheek. The church knew it had to stop Daphne before it was too late.
“Daphne, I took you in as a daughter, nurtured you, cared for you and accepted you when no one cared. Your parents even left you for dead wherever they are; may God have mercy on their souls. What is this you are doing, I no longer recognize you”.
“First of all old man, I didn’t ask anybody to save me did I? You humans always try and use guilt to manipulate people. I’m not falling for that shit”…
“Humans?.. You talk as if you’re not human”
“What I am is irrelevant. That is not the point. You’re missing the point. You call yourself human but what does that mean? Even You don’t know what a human being is. Because you give something a name does not mean you know what it is”
“What is the point Daphne, please tell me. Make me understand”
“Understand? Then again, another label. What does it mean to understand? Is understanding not an excuse for thinking of something else? For instance, What good is understanding that your wife would be raped by a murderer, fucked right in front of you while you’re tied down and they force you to watch? You understand she’s screaming, you understand she’s in pain but what can you do? That is the question. That is the only question you humans should bother yourselves with. What Can You Do?
“Why use crass language Daphne, this is unlike You.. This isn’t you”
She guffawed.
“You are such an idiot. Unlike me? You don’t even know me. You stupid humans think that just because someone smiles to you, that person is nice? You think that just because someone is polite to you, the person is a saint? Let me tell you sugar, where I’m from, the most diabolical evil people are the ones that usually smile and appear docile, meek and polite. That guy smiling there is in so much pain, in so much sorrow and he needs to smile to keep himself from killing someone or ending his own life. That girl over there that looks so depressed is actually happy, very happy. She’s just protecting herself from her fellow dumb humans by wearing a cloak of solemness and sadness. Inside, she’s as happy as a thousand orgasms happening simultaneously.”
“You always answer my question with other questions Daphne. I want you to stop this madness. This isn’t the way the church is run.. This is blasphemy!”
“Who made the rules? You? Me?, I don’t know. Who says the church is meant to be run a particular way? You think that because your sermons are masochistic, there is any nobility in them? You think that because your messages appeal to weaklings, there is any truth in them? They are indeed lambs of God, designed to eat, shit and follow. I know a God exists but what do you foolish humans call him? You call him Fear. You worship Fear. A pastor gets your attention not because he is saying anything special you don’t already know but because you are afraid of public speaking and he does something you fear. You humans don’t worship God, you’re afraid of going to Hell. By proxy, you humans worship Fear of Hell and not God. I simply preach a message of self empowerment and self reliance, something much more significant than your stupid sheepish congregation waiting for a God to take away all their problems, give them all the money while they sit back on their lazy ass, fold their arms and call it faith.”
With this, the priest stopped talking as he knew he couldn’t win Daphne in the arguments. Her points of view although morally wrong seemed so rational he had no good arguments to match hers. He brought out a crucifix and a small vial containing holy water. He sprinkled some holy water on Daphne and prayed with the crucifix
Her laughter turned harsh.
The water steamed a little on her face before turning into ice and dropping on the floor. She collected the crucifix from the priest’s hands and mimicked him in his prayers. The priest was shivering. While the priest closed his eyes, praying profusely in shaky whispers to his Maker, Daphne stabbed the crucifix into his throat. The blood rushed from his neck gushing, smearing the hanging Jesus, before he finally dropped dead.
MURDERER!!! Someone yelled. With this, most of the towns people rushed to the church where Daphne was. It was night time.
She KILLED HIM!!! SHE.. My wife.. NO!!, where is SHE??!..
The man no longer saw Daphne but instead, he saw his wife. So did the others. One person saw his brother standing in front of the dead priest, another saw her small daughter, another saw her grandma…
YOU KILLED HIM!!! Daphne Yelled.. All of You!!!.. She started to take the form of everyone in the church one by one as she spoke.. ALL OF YOU!!!.. Her voice had morphed and turned deep and menacing. She finally revealed her true form stretching a distended body, covered in black coarse fur, horns large on her head, complete with yellow eyes and teeth.
The church door slammed shut and there was a stampede. She broke open the roof with her fist and the night sky was filled with red clouds. The lightning was of a green colour and suddenly, the rain started. This time, it wasn’t water dropping from the sky but fire; molten magma. ALL OF YOU!!!!! The fire descended upon them as their flesh was peeled from their skins with each drop. Terrible screams filled the church to match their agony. When the storm was over, all that was left were bones and sizzled human organs and body parts all over the church.
Those who were still alive in Reldington never saw Daphne again. Many thought she had died in the church with the rest of the locals but till this day, nobody knows her whereabouts. Reldingtion went back to normal as Daphne left and the people continued their puritanical and impoverished lifestyles…
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Now the announcement…
Had a brainstorm whilst reading Edgar Allan Poe’s horror classics last month and decided to ‘make them my own’.
What does that mean?
Starting from Next week Wednesday till Halloween Wednesday, I will be bringing you three stories inspired by E.A. Poe.
Modern. Nigerian.
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